It’s the turn of the fighting manga “Fist Wish” to insult China, Pinky attempted to “stop pirating Chinese” boycott

Whose turn is it today to “insult China”? Taiwanese netizens shared a post from a large Chinese forum, “Post Bar”, and organized a lazy bag, saying that the fighting manga “Fist Wish Asura” created by a Japanese manga artist was certified by Pinky as an insult to China, and also rehashed the author’s old works to find fault. In response, the Chinese pirated manga translation group claimed that it would stop the “Chineseization” boycott, and also said that it would write to the author to request a script change and promise not to repeat the crime, in an attempt to “stop the piracy infringement practices” to boycott the original work.

The netizens in PTT with the title “[creamy] Chinese netizens: will contact the author of the boxing wish not to provoke a * country” to organize the “boxing wish” insulting Chinese lazy bag; “boxing wish” by the Japanese cartoonist “three meat must rise – tooth bar son” The original PO said that a Taiwanese fighter character “Xiao Liu” in the comic juxtaposed Taiwan with China, “Mongolians choked him not free, he choked Mongolians have never been to Taiwan, was found to be slippery (insult to China)”.

The original PO said that a Chinese person said that “from now on, no more Chinese translation (meaning unauthorized translation of the original work, change of work and public dissemination)”, and also said to contact the author to ask the other party to modify the script, but also to set up a letter of commitment to ensure that they will not repeat the crime.

In this case, Pinky also played the old accounts of the master, said the original author of the old works have “Sino-Japanese war, stagnant Taiwanese Japanese group Wolf crowd with Chinese boxing massacre of Chinese people”, “the author of the previous work of the Taiwanese characters choked ‘in my country Taiwan ‘ dry fight is to do whatever”. In this regard, the original PO laughed and said that Pinky was praising the author for his “correct political values” a few months ago, but who knew that he would become insulting to China.

However, the original PO also found that there are normal Chinese netizens to leave messages, “Why should the author care about a group of foreigners watching pirated copies”, “the animation rights in the Netflix manga has not been introduced to China”, he said, these Chinese netizens “do not know when the account will be reported. He said that these Chinese netizens “don’t know when their accounts will be reported and mourned”.

Chinese people once again attempted to boycott the original work by “stopping piracy infringement”, laughing at our netizens, “You will have to breast-slip (insult China) sooner or later”, “Why not breast-slip (insult China) at the beginning The first thing you need to do is to add a line of “breast-Chinese” to save you (Chinese) from pirating the Chinese version”, “another foreigner to unlock the achievement of breast-Chinese, every foreigner must go through”.