China Passes “Law on the Status and Rights of Military Personnel” No Scolding the PLA

The U.S. C-17 “Air King” transport aircraft recently landed in Taiwan, Chinese netizens scolded the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese side today (10) passed a new bill, explicitly ordered the Chinese people shall not in any way derogatory military, Chinese netizens think this law is “can not scold the People’s Liberation Army law “The law was passed today.

According to the Chinese official media “Xinhua News Agency” reported that the 29th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress voted today to pass the “Law on the Status and Rights and Interests of the Military”, which protects the honor and reputation of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) by law, stipulating that no PLA officer or soldier can be revoked without going through legal procedures. The law stipulates that “honor” earned by PLA officers and soldiers cannot be revoked except through legal procedures, and that no member of the public or organization may in any way denigrate or degrade the honor of military personnel, insult or defame their reputation, or intentionally destroy or deface their honor marks.

According to the official website of the National People’s Congress of China, prior to the adoption of this law, Liu Jixing, deputy chairman of the Legal Committee, reported the results of the deliberations on the draft “Law on the Status and Rights and Interests of the Military”, which states that in order to protect the status and legitimate rights and interests of the PLA, as well as to motivate the PLA to fulfill its duties and missions, and to make the PLA a respected profession in Chinese society, there is It is also expected to promote the modernization of national defense and military through this law.

Many Chinese netizens were puzzled by this, with some leaving a comment on Weibo saying, for example, “What should we say if a soldier has an affair of his own? The military wife can only (handle) quietly by herself?” The company’s main business is to promote the development of the military. What? Outside said you glassy-eyed, now really do not give scold “,” speak a few sentences how, the bottom line or to say clearly “,” the United States continue to go to Taiwan, you do not speak, told us also can not speak “.