The beauty of it is that everyone suffers in the end

When I was a child, I was indeed just in time for that decade of reflection soon after, there are books of memories everywhere, and do not stop, magazines in large numbers, are old artists retrospective or confession, but also at the time of high school students, later to the countryside and then return to the countryside. The tone is reflection, repentance, warning, of course, it is not easy to say that it is absolutely sincere, so much so that seven or eight years old I always had a question, as if everyone said they were victims, what about the perpetrators?

And then I thought about it. It is important to know that some sports, the beauty is that everyone ends up being victimized. There are those who have always been beaten, and there are those who started out beating people and then were beaten, but few have not suffered. Compared to those things that are clear-cut, this kind of thing highlights a twist.

Some people are more unlucky, already in leadership positions at the time, detached from the people, and are fought at the beginning. Others started out as people and were very involved in fighting others, but the situation changed so quickly that they were on the opposite side of the struggle overnight. There are many memoirs of such people, who used to invent those heart-breaking remarks, but now they are asked by others, they can’t answer; they used to block other people’s mouths, they still feel proud, but then they were blocked by others, they know that the suffering is unbearable; they used to fight others shouting smash your dog’s head, until they were classified as a dog, only to call for civil and not military combat. And the people are not much better, at first is very happy, school is not, the result is not a few years were driven to the countryside to accept the poor peasants re-education.

This incident made me understand one thing, that is, when making rules, do not think “if I so screw others how enjoyable”, but to be vigilant “in case I am so screwed by others will be how bad”. In other words, the rules are the bottom line, is used to protect people, including themselves. You call for lynching, lynching others to enjoy, but from the probability, you yourself will be more than a few hundred slices of the possibility. Even if the probability is extremely low, even if it is wrongly accused, but the abolition of lynching you can at least rest assured.

The wind and water rotate, you can guarantee that you have better luck than others? Always strong? The old idiom “invite the king into the jar” is also this meaning, I repost an explanation:.

According to the “Zizhi Tongjian – Tang Ji – Zetian Huang Hou Tianhua 2 years”, someone denounced Zhou Xing for plotting rebellion, and Wu Zetian ordered Lai Junchen to interrogate Zhou Xing, who did not know yet. The court asked Zhou Xing, “What if the prisoner refuses to confess?” Zhou Xing said, “This is easy to do, take a large urn, surrounded by charcoal fire, put the prisoner inside, what will he not admit?” Lai Junchen asked people to bring a large urn, with fire on all sides, said to Zhou Xing: “I was ordered to come to trial buddy, please brother into this urn.”

However, the noble ancient Manchus were committed to solving problems with the system much earlier. Ancient Manchu hunters share bear meat, cut meat to share the meat of the hunters, to be the last to take the meat, so that the meat cutter to try to be fair. This practice also alludes to this truth. Ah, the wisdom of the ancient Manchu, simply even some modern people look to sweat miles.