Fake bar mike real actors

The plot came to its climactic moment, and the number of people online in the live room plummeted from more than 30,000 to more than 70,000.

“Today you must compensate for the money, not less than 250,000, or we will make things bigger and make your reputation stink on the street. “Live, a man saber-rattling to the male anchor said. The story is that the man’s wife fell in love with the male anchor, flew directly to the city where the male anchor is located, and broke into the live room, forcibly interacting with the male anchor pinch face and arms. Subsequently, the husband also sought here, asking the woman to go home, but the woman sat on the ground excited resistance, and loudly begged the male anchor to retain her.

This scene is happening under the camera, just like a reality show.

The male anchor looked at the camera and asked, with an innocent expression on the air, “Family, what should I do? “The fans in the live room swiped to answer that “You can’t lose money, you’re not wrong. “” You must pay for the money, it is wrong to let female fans into the house. ” A variety of different voices filled the screen.

The fans’ emotions were fully mobilized, and the live stream was buzzing with pop-ups and rewarding gifts flying around. But unfortunately, it was all planned, “Husband “, “wife ” are the “actors” that the anchor paid to hire The “husband” and “wife” are all paid “actors” for the anchor.

In this business, they have an official title, called “wheat hand The “live assistant” is also called an emotional actor. The main man is a man of the world, and he is a man of the world, and he is a man of the world, and he is a man of the world, and he is a man of the world, and he is a man of the world, and he is a man of the world, and he is a man of the world, and he is a man of the world.

The above-mentioned dogma will be staged in the live room of the emotional anchor every day, mostly some bad drama, such as “anchor marriage record “, “the mistress vs. the original mate “, “husband cheating”, “poor man marries rich woman”. These young people will know the truth when they look at the plot, but the middle-aged and old people in their fifties and sixties are watching The young people will know the truth at a glance, but the middle-aged and old people in their fifties and sixties are happy to watch, and are very happy to send pop-ups and reward.

These grandparents are so popular that the emotional anchors are making a lot of money. It is understood that “Sichuan Coke “The actual fact is that the actual people are not only the most effective, but also the most effective. “and other head emotional anchor each “play “earn at least 300,000 yuan, the two fan volume is 28 million and 17 million respectively.

On May 17, fast electricity directly banned the account of an anchor named Yin Shihang, banned for up to 630 years, because on May 15, its use of marriage to create gimmicks, malicious hype selling goods, vulgar acting and false propaganda in the live broadcast. According to statistics, the amount of goods brought by its live broadcast that day exceeded 40 million yuan.

This by “acting “The net red live to create a gimmick is not a few, “live acting Behind the “live acting” is also therefore derived from a complete industry chain.

A report released by the China Performance Industry Association Network Performance (Live) Branch shows that the scale of live webcast users reached 617 million in 2020, accounting for 62.4% of the overall Chinese netizens. In comparison, other forms of entertainment on the Internet such as long-form video and graphics are inferior to live streaming, both in terms of user volume and increase in online hours.

People who are active in the live streaming industry have unearthed all kinds of traffic codes, such as wheat hand and emotional anchor.

A person who understands the wheat hand industry revealed that only in Jitterbug and fast hands, there are nearly 2,000 live broadcasts every day, each live wheat hand in a short period of time can not be repeated, so the demand for wheat hand in this industry is huge. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 40,000 wheat hand in the industry, and there is a special “wheat hand home “to do intermediate docking, such as seeking cooperation, sharing resources, etc..

Mc hand is the latest live attraction traffic weapon, relying on them to grow up emotional anchors, but also become an important faction of the live jianghu. For example, the emotional anchor “Sichuan Cola The first of these is the “Sichuan Coke”, which was the runner-up of the 2019 and 2020 annual contests on the Racer platform. In the top 10 of the 2020 Racer annual contest, emotional anchors occupied nearly half of the mountain.

But behind this industry chain, there are also many problems and risks hidden. The water can carry the boat, but also can overturn the boat, by playing “rubbish The “start of the wheat hand and emotional anchor, will also sink because of the increasingly stringent rules of the platform. How to be able to “reasonable” under the rules The “gold digging” is the problem that this industry needs to think about at the moment.


The bottom of the wheat hand industry

WeChat Zhang Xiaolong once said, live than the production of short video is easier because shooting a short video is required to have content ready, and live is not required to prepare the content, it is the daily chat, which is a very huge difference, directly lower the threshold of live, live in the future is likely to become a lot of people in the use of personal expression.

Live broadcast should be no “book “, and the real thing that happened, but the industry has developed to this point, no prepared live has been difficult to attract attention, most people see the live, are prepared and planned. In a way, today’s live broadcast is more like a reality show.

“I’m a mistress, I know I’m not bright and shady, but also very disgusting and funny, I don’t want to be a mistress, but I already am, because I love him too much. But I know that this is not an excuse, much less a reason I can use to prove that I did not mean to be a mistress. “

Playing the “mistress ” for Qianqian is not a difficult task, Qianqian has also played the domestic violence suffered “wife ” and like the brother-in-law’s “sister-in-law “, the most a can earn 300 yuan, the least single wheat, also have more than 20 yuan of income.

Qian Qian earns not much, because she is a personal part-time wheat hand, know the anchor resources is not much, usually can only take some small loose orders, and most of them are cooperated with the anchor.

Some of them are organized.

Li Cheng has been in the business for almost two years and has a team of 18 people, including writers, field controllers, operators and assistants. He has more than 800 McDonald’s under his hands, of which the most commonly used actors have more than 300.

Li Cheng’s original role is to plan the script and actors, field control and other work links, a single planning price ranging from 3,000-6,000 yuan, he took this as his full-time job, a monthly net income of more than tens of thousands of yuan. After enough understanding of the industry, Li Cheng also registered a company, want to operate on a larger scale.

According to Li Cheng, online, the industry common price of a single person wheat is 25 yuan per hour, double wheat per person per hour 70-80 yuan, three people wheat per person per hour 200-240 yuan; offline actors are relatively more expensive, will be based on the degree of wheat hand show face to determine the price, such as wearing a mask is three to four hundred yuan per scene, all show face is 800-1000 yuan, if involved in transportation, accommodation, it is another reimbursement. Sometimes the anchor will also send additional red packets as tips for the good actor.

Li Cheng said that the wheat hand under his hand, the monthly income of six or seven thousand dollars is not a problem.

The main type of content performed in the live room is mostly cheating, family education, property disputes, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships, blood relations (such as incest), and so on, although the plot sounds cliché, but does not prevent these plays can firmly seize the hearts of some love to watch the hilarious grandparents.

This gives rise to another point of opportunity behind the emotional live industry chain – the script.

According to Li Cheng, the price of a script in the industry in about 25-50 yuan, a script can be used repeatedly in different live, wheat hand if they will change the script, appropriate to add some plot, and can be used a few more times. “Some wheat hand in order to save money, will also write their own script, but this also depends on how well the wheat hand to write the story, write a bad script, the anchor is not willing to take. “Li Cheng said.

According to industry insiders, a good script and a good story contains the following elements: first, the plot should be reasonable (there are also live broadcasters go the odd route, this is not in the scope of the discussion), do not be too far from life; second, to have a central idea and theme, such as motherhood, feelings, understanding, can not say half a day, the audience does not know what you want to express the theme; third, the story should be paved, there is a process, there bursting point, there is an end; fourth, more wheat to have a reversal.

“Almost every emotional anchor in Jitterbug and Racer will find the wheat hand to cooperate, the head anchor is also the same, according to the script live, the more bizarre blood, the more can trigger the resonance of the watchers. “Li Cheng said. “Some viewers actually know it is fake, but they just like to watch, but also like to participate in the development of the plot, because there are more concentrated, more conflict, more grounded plot than the TV series in the live broadcast. “


Mai hand into the “internal volume “

Do wheat hand seems to be no threshold, as long as there is time, there is a cell phone can be connected to the wheat, there is a will confide in the mouth can be, such a “low standard This is a low standard, so the wheat hand industry influx of people who want to earn some pocket money on the side.

Wang, who lives in a northern county, has been retired and idle at home for nearly two years, and every day, in addition to laundry and cooking, she will also be fixed at seven o’clock in the evening to watch the live emotion on the snapshot, which is the biggest pleasure in Wang’s life at present.

Until one day, the unit former colleague Uncle Li asked her if she wanted to do a part-time wheat hand to earn some small money, Sister Wang only know that the original live parents are the show.

Uncle Li has been doing single wheat for some time, but single wheat earning too little, a down mouth dry, but also thirty to forty dollars. Double wheat income is higher, but need to find a partner, often see the emotional live Wang is the most suitable candidate. After two people partner, the most a double wheat each income of more than 200 yuan.

Wang Sister, Uncle Li so part-time do wheat hand grandparents in the minority, as long as someone to bring into the business, you can work part-time. There are also many young people doing wheat hand, they have a common portrait characteristics, that is, mostly from the sink market. After all, in the average hourly wage of more than ten yuan in the county, wheat hand such an hourly wage of several dozen yuan work has been considered very good.

But also because the threshold is too low, so the wheat hand industry into many “not professional enough The “not enough professional” wheat hand. “Now the wheat hand industry is too chaotic, what people can be on the field, it is reasonable to say that the wheat hand at least emotional mobilization and language expression are no problem to be on the field. “Li Cheng complained. When Qianqian connected to an emotional anchor voice link, the voice actor’s talent found a stage to play, she sometimes complained accusations, and sometimes in some key episodes to show softness and seduction. “Show more details where the relationship takes place “, the field control of the live room sent a message to remind Qian Qian, because the field control found that the number of live online is rising rapidly, it is easier to mobilize fans’ emotions at this time to play rubbish.

“If you have more anchor resources on hand, then you will earn more, I only have two or three anchors on hand, no big anchor resources, so earn less, and then do a period of time I do not want to do. “Qian Qian told Burning Finance.

The Mac hand must always update their own anchor resources to ensure that they have a single to take from time to time. The resources are hidden in some WeChat groups and QQ groups, which are explicitly priced, such as 5 groups of 15 yuan and 12 groups of 30 yuan. The company has a lot of people who are interested in the company’s products and services.

“All the order-taking group inside, a anchor to a new group, with a period of time without using, so the group orders will be less and less, this is all normal. “An industry source said that anchors also need to constantly update the wheat hand, so that the live room has new faces, so that the audience is constantly immersed in the new story.

In Hengdian, Zhejiang Province, some “horizontal drift “will also be in shortage of money when enlisted to sign up wheat hand, but some anchors feel that their performance is too pompous, too many physical movements, too fake, there will be more than 50-year-old mother pretending to be a young woman in her 20s; some other wheat hand peers said that The “professional actors” acting skills may be good, but it is not easy to impress people, or professional wheat hand effect is better, if a wheat hand If a McDonald has experienced cheating, bankruptcy and other dramatic situations, then his performance will be more realistic.

There are too many wheat hand, the anchor even began to pick the wheat hand accent, “recently not to take the northeast accent, suspend a few days, Henan accent and Hunan accent to. “An anchor in the wheat hand group to send a single stressed.

Mai hand competition is becoming more and more fierce, some Mai hand in order to “escape from the inside volume “, intend to transform to do emotional anchor.

In March 2020, after doing more than half a year of wheat hand, A Lai wanted to switch to be an emotional anchor. This northeastern man has a strong accent, he said he once gave “Qinghe Li brother The “McDonald’s”, that his role is a cheating husband, an hour and a half down, he earned 500 yuan, but that live only gift bounty hundreds of thousands of yuan.

This is a huge gap of interest, contact more, wheat hand inevitably will have an imbalance in their hearts. A Lai think to do emotional anchor is not much complicated, will chatter, will grasp the emotions, will guide the topic on the line.

He and the head of the wheat hand organization inquired, the other side said, to create an emotional anchor, may invest two months time and 20,000 yuan is enough, and shake fast, fast hand is relatively smooth, generally as long as the number of live room online reached about 3,000 people, you can quickly cash through live with goods.

China’s live industry has experienced from show live to game live to live with goods, each content stage has derived a huge business opportunity, but the above live content, there are certain thresholds, and even require special talent and ability. According to Wired Insight, the cost for a head agency to incubate a realizable web star is around 3 million yuan, and the termination fee is 8-10 million yuan.

Compared to other types of live streaming, emotional anchoring looks like almost the lowest barrier to business.

A Lai began to act. After raising the number for two months and accumulating 2,000 fans, A Lai invited people to plan a script and collaborated with three mahouts to create a family ethics drama in which the wife could not give birth to a son and left the house, and the husband and mother-in-law persuaded one to let the other go. The family ethics drama of “the wife can’t have a son and wants to leave home, the husband and the mother-in-law persuade one to let the other go. When the broadcast began, the number of people online only eighty to ninety people, but with the crying scene and the outbreak of conflict, the number of people online reached up to 6000 people, a live broadcast directly up to 5000 people.

But the luck did not continue. The next six months, Alai’s live whether the increase in powder or the number of people online in the live room, are stuck in about 1000 people. Later, he also tried to do rural public welfare live, to send clothes and stationery boxes to poor children in rural areas, but also tried to send a dinner to the homeless, but the popularity is not always on, and the expected huge reward did not come.

“It seems that the emotional anchor is not so good “, A Lai concluded. He decided to continue to take McHan’s single, at least to earn a little money.

It seems that the wheat hand industry is expanding, but in reality, the demand gap for good full-time wheat hand is still very large.

A emotional anchor told Burning Finance, not to talk can come to be a wheat hand, now the most shortage of will change the script, the scene is strong, the play is wide wheat hand. “Many of the wheat hand think they can usually talk can earn this money, but really on the field, will find that they do not even eat the script, the business is not skilled at all, let alone acting natural. “The anchor said.


Survival in the cracks

If previously, for emotional live, the platform’s posture is still relatively ambiguous, then now, the platform is more opposed to, not only the mouth tighter and tighter, the management of the live room is also increasingly strict.

Industry insiders, this type of live has advantages and disadvantages, the good side is the high viscosity, good activity, reward and bring good results; but the disadvantage is the existence of hype, acting script and fraud and other acts, and will let the platform reputation damage. “At present, compared to the flow, the platform is more love feathers, so the governance will be greater. “

For example, an emotional anchor found that Jitterbug moved to let the anchor off the air. In the use of taboo words, the appearance of sensitive words such as police, mistress, etc., may face a warning or seal the live room, demonstration of the fight and other actions will also incur the same risk. The scale of Racer is a little larger than Jitterbug, but for the hype and vulgar performances, Racer’s attitude is also resolutely off the air or even block the account.

In July 2020, the official account of the Racer community issued a penalty announcement, focusing on banning a number of high traffic accounts involving vulgar live content, including 11 accounts with millions of fans and 3 accounts with five million fans. This is the 12th time in the past six months that the official Racer has publicly released a list of accounts banned for special governance.

In March 2021, Jitterbug announced the third phase of “selling misery with goods, acting hype “irregularities special, and banned 350 accounts, including 10 super million fans account. In the announcement, Jitterbug stressed that the “selling misery with goods, acting hype “class account will be resolutely combat, and continue to increase governance, once found such malicious hype account, will be permanently blocked processing.

Mai hand in the platform policy adjustment, business ups and downs. But the wheat hand and emotional anchor is highly bound, as long as the emotional anchors have traffic anxiety, the wheat hand will always have room to survive.

Nowadays, for most anchors, it is no longer a cost-effective thing to invest a lot of money to buy traffic, buy recommended positions or a certain advertising page, with the relevant conversion rate continuing to be low. In the fast hand, an anchor with another anchor to play live play PK, in the live room to send red envelopes, to guide the rise of powder, he found that the average rise of 1 fan almost need 2 yuan, but now, has risen to four or five yuan money.

In contrast, if the live script is well planned, wheat hand performance is effective, relying on the relationship between the fast and WeChat fission, the same can achieve a notable increase in powder.

Traffic means interest, as Li Cheng said, a live room online number of 100,000 + emotional anchor live with goods, a night can earn at least 300,000 yuan. The latest killer app for anchors to attract platform traffic, as opposed to buying traffic packages and sending red packets and other means to increase the powder, cooperation with the wheat hand, more cost-effective, the quality of the user profile is also better, more convenient for late traffic cash.

But this business also has a lot of problems, for example, wheat hand play more, it is easy to be recognized by fans, resulting in the anchor reputation collapse. In addition, the lines of the wheat hand is often in the rubric, will also trigger the platform’s punishment. How to tend to avoid harm and turn this business into a bright means of attracting traffic, still need to think deeply.