The deep-seated causal factors behind the Fudan bloodbath

In the afternoon of June 7, 2021, after the Fudan bloodbath, when police questioned Jiang Wenhua at the scene of the murder motive, the young teacher, who has been somewhat balding, slightly gagged, and then mentioned that he was “framed a lot and treated badly in the college, which has continued until now …… “

From Jiang Wenhua’s calm and collected answer can be seen, its decision to kill with a knife does not seem to come from a momentary impulse, and the party secretary Wang Yongzhen read the decision to dismiss, perhaps only the last wave of the security valve that broke down Jiang Wenhua’s heart.

Looking up Jiang Wenhua’s curriculum vitae, one can see that he entered the mathematics department of Fudan University in 2000 and became the first recipient of the Fudan President’s Award in 2004, his last year as an undergraduate. In the same year, he went to Rutgers University to pursue his PhD in statistics, and after receiving his degree, he went to the National Institutes of Health and Johns Hopkins University to conduct postdoctoral research. Jiang has been a great success in the field of statistics. In the field of statistics, Wenhua Jiang is considered a rising academic star.

However, it is shocking that such an outstanding senior student has evolved into a murderer in the current system. So, what are the triggers behind the Fudan bloodbath?

The deepest reason: the lack of morality and faith, the demonic change of the human heart

First of all, Jiang Wenhua’s knife murder is just one example of the many horrific and vicious killings that are taking place today in the broader context. In mainland China today, bloodshed is frequent, violence is rampant, constantly impacting people’s moral bottom line, reflecting the demonic change of the human heart.

For 5000 years, the people of China have been faith-based and moral. Under the regulation and restraint of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, people cared for each other, people were sincere and kind, and they were able to tolerate things, and the society was peaceful and tranquil.

In just a few decades after the Communist Party usurped power, it has destroyed the traditional culture, promoted “atheism”, “falsehood, evil and struggle”, advocated the philosophy of struggle, staged repeated campaigns, killed bloodthirstily, and persecuted tens of millions of people, while destroying the morality and faith of Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party’s dictionary is full of the following

The Chinese Communist Party’s dictionary is full of fighting, and all it shows is coercion and violence, for example, the forced demolition of people’s houses and the violent suppression of petitioners. People who have been submerged in the violence and coercion of the CCP will think of violence and how to rule people first. As if this is not enough, the CCP keeps instilling and strengthening the culture of war wolves, “Chinese people do not eat this”, “Chinese people are not to be messed with”, etc. These evil party cultures are like the seeds of poisonous plants that take root in people’s hearts and eventually bear inevitable The final result will be evil.

Nowadays, in the social “jungle” of the Chinese Communist Party, more and more people advocate social Darwinism, everything is money-oriented, they can do anything to achieve their goals, they have no integrity and tolerance in the past, they cannot tolerate things, and they can fight over trivial matters. In 2011, Wang Jiajing, a Shanghai resident studying in Japan, stabbed her mother, who came to pick her up, nine times over tuition fees. her stomach and spleen were punctured and her right hand was fractured ……

If Jiang Wenhua and Wang Yongzhen, either one of them could have faith and agree with the traditional culture of “good is rewarded with evil”, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, “do not do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, etc., then perhaps we would not be here today. Then perhaps this tragic case would not have happened today. Undoubtedly, the Chinese Communist Party, which destroys people’s faith and morality, is the culprit of the bloodshed.

The Evil of the Chinese Communist System: Reverse Elimination

Under the rule of the CCP, “falsehood, evil, and struggle”, reverse elimination is prevalent on the mainland, which is reflected in various fields, especially in the past 20 years.

In official circles, people who are good at slithering, playing tricks, scheming, and having no moral bottom line often win in the power struggle. For example, those who are good at persecuting Falun Gong and suppressing “Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance”, and who have a bigger blood debt, are more qualified for promotion, such as Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Li Dongsheng, Zhao Leji, and so on; and Wang Huning, who is “good at reading words, guessing what the boss wants, and controlling the language for his master,” and Wang Huning, who is “good at reading words, guessing what the boss wants, and controlling the language for his master. “For example, Wang Huning, who is good at reading people’s opinions, guessing the wishes of the top, and controlling the language of the master, and Zhang Weiwei, who is an expert in disparaging the United States and a publicist in licking the Communist Party, have been rewarded and reappointed by the Communist Party. In contrast, it is very difficult for a good and upright person to survive in the official circles of the CCP.

In the business world, companies that give up their moral bottom line and listen to the Party tend to get bigger, as exemplified by Huawei, WeChat, and Shake, which help the CCP monitor the people, and accordingly, Ren Zhengfei and other so-called entrepreneurs have become the favorites of the CCP authorities. On the contrary, if a person does not collude with the government and business, and does not grovel to the CCP, it is difficult to have a foothold in the business world, and he will even be looted and persecuted by the CCP. For example, Sun Dawu, a liberal businessman and founder of the top 500 private enterprises, has been repeatedly kidnapped and framed by the CCP.

The same is true in universities and academic circles, where nepotism and cronyism can make researchers, even if they are not good at academics, prosperous. The most typical, for example, Jiang Zemin’s son Jiang Mianheng, after a doctorate in the United States of America’s obscure universities, returned to China in just a few years, the vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and then the president of the Shanghai branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and served as deputy director of Shenzhou V, Chang’e project, Shenzhou VII. And those who do not know how to camp, but have the real talent of excellent scholars, but often marginalized, reduced to highly educated “leeks”, either depressed to swallow their own bitterness, or forced to embark on the road of no return, Zhejiang University jumped to his death Turtle Dr. Tu Xuoxin, and the knife murder of Fudan teachers such as Jiang Wenhua, are typical examples.

The case of Tu Xuxin is probably not new to most of our friends. With a double bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University and a doctorate from Northwestern University, Tu Xuxin signed an employment contract with Zhejiang University with great enthusiasm, but when he found out that the verbal promise of Zhejiang University was just a scam to lure him into the job, he could not accept the cruel reality and wrote in his suicide note: “At this moment, I think the initial decision was made hastily I am grateful to some friends for their advice beforehand. The reality of the academic world in China: cruel, faithless and ruthless. Although ignored because of my self-righteousness.”

According to Free Asia news, Jiang Wenhua was suppressed by Wang Yongzhen after he was in the Fudan School of Mathematics, resulting in restrictions on his application for projects and assessment of the title of associate professor. According to the latest news from a mainland WeChat group, the mother of Jiang Wenhua’s classmate revealed that Wang Yongzhen had plagiarized Jiang Wenhua’s thesis and later dismissed him for insufficient academic achievements, which led to his death.

The Chinese Communist version of “promotion or leave” scam and trap

The “Tenure Track” is, in fact, a Chinese version of the North American “Tenure Track.

For example, the longest tenure for an assistant professor is usually no more than 6 years, and if you cannot be promoted to associate professor before the end of your tenure, you will have to leave; if you can be promoted to associate professor, you will generally become tenured, i.e., permanent. Moreover, there is no target limit for promotion to a tenure-track faculty position; as long as the applicant meets the criteria and passes peer review, he or she is generally said to be promoted.

This system is highly respected in North America because, on the one hand, it can effectively screen out the corpses who waste resources and select high potential academic talents to ensure the academic reputation of the university; on the other hand, the tenure system also provides generous treatment for the truly outstanding teachers, solving their worries and allowing scholars to concentrate on research.

In mainland China, young faculty members in “promotion-or-go” positions “undertake most of the tasks, but are so powerless that they are nearly voiceless in the allocation of resources …….” “In short, their general state of existence is summarized as “two big and three low” – high workload, high psychological pressure, low status, low title, and low income.” (“Worker Bees: An Account of the Survival of Young University Teachers”)

Moreover, the promotion standards of teachers in mainland universities are often uncertain and irregular, and will rise as the level of newly introduced teachers rises, so that the overall water rises; at the same time, the promotion of mainland teachers relies not on the peer review by experts in related fields in North America, but on the mechanical counting of papers and projects, and of course, the administrative review by party officials, which is subjective, random and unfair. The subjectivity, randomness and injustice are thus increased.

What’s more, many universities in mainland China deliberately set up “pressurized” traps, obviously only one “pit”, but invited 10 “carrots”, forming a vicious competition. After five or six years, only one can stay to get promoted, the remaining nine were dismissed, while the nine left a lot of scientific research results attributed to the university, for its university ranking and get more research funds to do unsung contribution. And those 9 people, the loss of will and ambition, the harvest is resentment and hostility.