Since when do we not have the patience to make food

Hu Lancheng in “this life and this life” there is a paragraph written: “Mother told me to cut mulberry leaves, according to her kind of a handful of neatly cut fine, because the woolly silkworm still mouth small. She taught me to wash cabbage by the stream, to dig up the petals to wash clean, to pick tea on the mountain, to pick a clean branch before climbing another one to pick.” When reading this paragraph, my heart has long moved to the kitchen, where a pot of stew is extremely dawdling soup, in my opinion everything because of the turtle speed of the casserole, I have begun to calculate whether the next time to cook soup has to be replaced by a pressure cooker.

The other day a friend told me with great enthusiasm, he bought an automatic stir-fry pot, “you know how amazing it is, with this automatic stir-fry pot I do not need a wife who can cook, supermarkets have ready-cut dishes, just pour it in, then pour the oil, salt, soy and vinegar, the lid is closed, a few minutes after the dish is fried.” I asked him how the taste of the dishes stir-fried in the automatic wok, he skimmed, “Not bad,” and added, “The main thing is to save time!”

Since when do people have no patience to make food? If I am at home by myself, I definitely use instant oats for breakfast because it is really convenient, boiling water for a few dozen seconds to get it done, and then cook a few eggs in an egg cooker. The kind of breakfast that has its own boiled porridge, its own fried eggs and scallion pancakes Yangchun noodles, will always be my next and next determination. If I have to burn vegetables, scrambled eggs with tomatoes must be the number one involuntary choice.

In my hometown, families make their own preserved goods for the New Year is probably the custom for thousands of years, and sausage is the main force of preserved goods, after the winter, casually sweep each household, the balcony must be lined with a series of dozens of hundreds of oil strained face of the sausage army, tripe, pork tongue and gizzards are also interspersed.

The best way to do sausage is to use the thigh of a pig, the meat has tendons. The meat on the leg of the pig are picked off, finely sliced into thin slices, this time often requires patience, I remember when I was a child to do sausage is a few relatives together, the women of each family are on the battlefield, the house is the sound of knives and cutting boards intimate contact. This work often takes all day, and at dusk and sunset, the cut meat is finally mixed with salt and white wine, and then poured into the casing a little.

The first thing the owners of each house do is to put the sausages out in the sun, and the first thing they do when they come home is probably to visit their sausages. The first thing they do when they come home is probably to check on their sausages, whether they are oily or not, and whether they have got the smell. If it is suddenly windy and rainy one day, there must be many people rushing home with dark clouds – to collect the sausages, in order to come to the New Year’s Eve friends and relatives to drink the New Year’s wine, congratulations and fortune, and then boast of their own plate of wax. I remember that my acute grandmother, one year or very early in the morning, I guess the north wind has not yet scraped, her family’s balcony hanging out of the sausage, later laughed that certainly picked the city to do sausage first, sausage out of the sun, the southwest wind for several days so that her whole dozens of pounds of sausage are rotten and thrown away.

In my hometown, there is an important preparation before the New Year is to make rice wine, to make wine this thing is much simpler than burning a table of dishes, but the important thing is to have patience, patience to wait for good wine. Many people usually start making wine a few months before the New Year, and wait a few months after the New Year, when the rice wine is green and white, and the entrance is sweet. And really good rice wine so early can not drink, rice wine into the second year will become yellow, in the third year, rice wine becomes red, like wine like red, like onyx like red. This homely wine makes people feel like a country maid in the field, if it is put into a deep house for a long time, it will probably have a little bit of Missy’s quiet and delicate posture.

My grandmother is a spirited and lively Hunan woman, she often regularly calls for meals at home, Qingming to do rice fruit, Dragon Boat Festival to do zongzi, the summer to do rice flour meat, the old man will have advance plans for each season. I remember that in the old days, when the snails were in season, my grandmother would organize a one-day “snail feast” for the whole family. The snails had to be bought several days in advance and kept in several large pots with a little sesame oil, and the snails would come out bubbling and spitting out the mud and sand. Of course, the children’s favorite thing is to watch the “snail killing”, which is usually done by their great-uncle, who has a special guillotine for killing snails, and he “presses” the snail on the guillotine board, and with a click, the end of the snail is cut off. Cooking the snails is also a time-consuming affair, using various ingredients such as star anise, cinnamon and dried chili peppers, and cooking them until it’s late in the day. In retrospect, I’d like to thank the snails for making that child of that time, stuffed with anticipation and cravings for many days.