Do not take advantage of the big loss will not eat

The workplace will be tempted by a lot of inside and outside, keep in mind one thing: your earnings must match your ability, if the earnings greatly exceed the level of your ability, then many times will be a scam!

I had dinner with a young girl and saw some of my previous shadow from her. Because I just came to Beijing, so the income is not ideal, and then I do some other projects to do as a supplement. Because I was working in a law firm, I was more in touch with resources, so I wanted to do some sewing. When we had dinner, we were talking about a multi-billion dollar project, about urban construction, a few phone calls, and then we had to travel to let two interviews.

Experienced big bear teacher naturally know many of the problems, and then casually asked a few questions: 1.

1, this project is so big, why do you need to intermediate it?

2, urban construction requires such a high qualification, the country has so few qualified, people can not find their own?

3, even if things are successful, you know how to collect the cost of intermediaries? Directly into your account, you dare to receive it? How to go through the accounts know? You can invoice it?

4, if not to you, you have any way to clamp down on both sides?

After listening, the girl was a little confused, and then asked me: “How to do it?” I said, “You just give the phone to both sides of them and let them talk.” Then do as you are told, and five minutes later, the phone calls from the other side and says that the conditions there are really impossible to accept, so let’s leave it at that, thank you very much. The problem is over, and there is no need to take time off work to travel to meet or anything else, it is so simple to solve.

The young girl asked: “How did you know it would be like this?” I said, “This kind of thing is always like this.”

Another thing comes to mind, this one a little smaller. Someone asked me to borrow money, said the interest rate is very high, can give more than 30%, probably a unit to purchase large printers, a total of more than 200,000. One party is a unit of people, a party is a printer manufacturer, the profit margin can do a lot, is the need for money turnover. Several parties are very familiar with the people, there must be no problem, I said there must be a problem, such a high interest rate, but also to borrow more than 200,000. Later, the result was that the money could not be repaid, and another of my classmates who agreed to borrow money was pitted. Later this person paid back with his own money one after another.

Such a story when you think about it is still a lot, for example, a project, the state approved money, tens of millions of hundreds of millions of dollars, just short of 500,000 need to get through a joint, and then you can arrive, you pay the 500,000, you can finally give you a million and a half, and then there are a variety of assets to do what is guaranteed. Then someone really believed.

Then say a reliable, a friend, after work, in the circle of friends to sell face masks, now a month has been sold 300,000, and then can probably earn 100,000. A friend, work to, in the circle of friends to sell clothes, a month can also earn a few thousand ten thousand.

Of course, whether reliable or not, it is not really recommended to put too much energy into things outside of work, especially if there are still huge expectations. Because these expectations and earnings expectations, will disrupt your inner rhythm, the work began not enough intention, and then the work attitude and efficiency will be affected. In the end, because big things are basically very difficult to succeed, so you get nothing while your own work will not take off. So be careful of these gossip lures. You have to understand one thing, your earnings must match your ability, if the earnings greatly exceed your ability level, then many times it will be a scam. Many people have lost their families because of this, including some private lending.

And if you must do something of anything, choose something small within your means, earn some small money within your means, when you use the level of 10,000, do eight thousand things, everyone will feel very satisfied. And you use the level of eight thousand, the pursuit of 15,000 results, that is sure to end up everyone is very painful.

And the best way is that you do something that is related to your work and will help you a lot. For example, provide some extra services to your customer, use your good to help him solve some problems. For example, when you do something, piggyback on it to promote and advertise your company or product. The best result is to make your own hobbies, interests and company values unified, so as to form a synergy, so that you go faster and higher.

The workplace will be tempted by many inside and outside, keep in mind that, do not want to take advantage of speculation, you will not eat a big loss.