God has opened a pharmacy

  1. Cut carrots are like human eyes, with pupils, irises, and radiating lines.

Scientific studies have shown that large amounts of carotenoids promote blood flow to the eyes in the body, protecting vision and making the eyes brighter.

  1. Tomatoes have four chambers and are red in color, which is the same as our heart.

Experiments have confirmed that tomatoes are full of lycopene, high cholesterol patients to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, you may want to eat more.

  1. A hanging bunch of grapes has the shape of a heart, and each grape resembles a red blood cell.

Grape juice is rich in polyphenols, which can help the body fight cardiovascular disease.

4, walnuts are like a miniature brain, with a left half-brain, right half-brain, upper brain and lower cerebellum, and even its folds or folds are like the cerebral cortex.

Now humans have known that walnuts contain more than 36 kinds of neurotransmitters that can help develop brain function.

5, fava beans and other legumes look a lot like human kidneys in shape, and they can indeed help maintain kidney function.

6, celery and many other root vegetables look like human bones, and they do strengthen bones.

Human bones contain 23% sodium, and these foods also contain 23% sodium.

7, avocados are a variety of pears look most like the uterus, can protect women’s uterus and cervical health.

Studies show that women eat an avocado every week, you can balance estrogen, lose excess weight from childbirth, and prevent cervical cancer.

Miraculously, the growth period of avocados from flowering to ripe fruit is also exactly 9 months.

Any of the above foods contain more than 14,000 photolytic chemicals that make up the nutrition. (Modern science has only studied and named 141 of them).

8, figs are like men’s testicles, figs are full of seeds, and they grow in pairs.

Studies have shown that figs can enhance male sperm vitality, increase the number of sperm, and treat male infertility.

9, sweet potatoes look like the pancreas, and in fact, they do balance the glycemic index of diabetics.

10, Women’s ovaries are only the size of an olive, but they are the most tumor-prone organ and have the most types of tumors, more than 30.

Eating more olives can help ovarian health and prevent various ovarian tumors.

  1. Oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits look like female mammary glands.

In fact, they help with breast health and the flow of lymphatic fluid in and out of the breast.

Oranges have the highest antioxidant content of any fruit, containing more than 170 different phytochemicals.

When consumed, orange complexes should not be thrown away to relieve the symptoms of breast enlargement.

  1. The grain of onion looks like human body cells.

Studies have shown that it removes waste materials and harmful free radicals from all cells in the body.

Nature’s gift to mankind, caring for the environment is protecting yourself