Love does not go well, visit the bookstore

Falling in love but things are not going well? Maybe it’s time for you to visit a bookstore.

Ten reasons why people who love to read can be wonderful lovers

  1. Readers are smart, and people with high IQs are undeniably sexy

Recently, at the National Teen Choice Awards, Ashton Kutcher said in his acceptance speech, “The sexiest thing in the world is to be very smart.” He wasn’t alone in thinking this – research shows that one of the most attractive traits in peers is intelligence.

It’s a fact that reading makes you smarter. Not only do people who read regularly have higher GPAs and test scores, but they also have a broader knowledge of a variety of topics. Not only that, but getting into the habit of reading for life can help delay dementia because reading keeps the brain active and flexible.

  1. People who love to read can think quickly and independently, and their active imagination can help them find creative solutions

People who love to read remain comfortable in tricky situations. Individuals who spend more time reading usually have better analytical skills, and they are able to quickly assess and analyze problems and skillfully find appropriate solutions. On top of that, the brains of people who love to read are usually extremely imaginative because they are often exposed to different worlds, celebrities and perspectives in fiction. Their creativity will undoubtedly make your life, conversations and bed life incredibly interesting. After all, with a lover who loves to read as a companion, you can never predict what will happen next.

  1. Never forget an anniversary again – people who love to read usually have a better memory

People who read books have to remember every reversal of characters, scenes and plots, and their brains are in overdrive building new and constantly reinforcing old neuronal brain connections. As a result, they usually have a better memory for everyday matters.

  1. Bookworms are less stressed

Reading is a stress-relieving pastime, and people who love to read will always seek the help of books when they want to loosen up their nerves and find relaxation to relieve stress. This is also good news for their significant others, because too much stress can greatly reduce libido, and thus stressed couples have less intimacy and more fights.

  1. praiseworthy vocabulary + storytelling qualifications = great conversational partner

There’s nothing worse than an awkward conversation on a date. However, people who read a lot have a broader vocabulary and are more talkative than those who rarely read. As a result, your conversations will be more colorful and engaging. People who love to read usually think about life in a unique and insightful way, and this thinking can lead to challenging and exciting discussions.

  1. Reading enthusiasts have a strong sense of culture and art

Compared to those who don’t love books, good readers are usually three times more likely to devote themselves to the arts or to enjoy a concert or visit a museum. Can you say: “Great date tonight”?

  1. People who love to read are more likely to be successful in their careers and have a satisfactory income.

Many employers say that lack of reading and writing skills is one of the biggest problems for new employees, because efficient readers are usually more likely to be appointed. Moreover, these people are more likely to obtain management positions and, most importantly, they usually have higher incomes. 8.

  1. People who love to read are more likely to fulfill their civic duties

Active readers are not only more likely to vote in elections, they are also twice as likely to volunteer. Not only does charity make you more attractive, but couples who work together in charity are closer and more emotionally connected.

  1. People who love to read are more understanding and understanding of others

Studies show that regular readers of fiction are more empathetic and able to understand the thoughts, feelings and worldviews of others. Empathy is crucial in relationships – in general, it means shorter, more peaceful arguments and happier, longer-lasting relationships.

  1. People who love to read are passionate and energetic, intelligent and introspective

If your significant other is a book lover, you are really lucky because they have an incredible mind, imagination, wit and heart, and they can bring challenges that you have never experienced before. They have experienced many kinds of life in books, and then will happily share them with you. They will want you to be a part of their world and their story. With them, you will be able to time travel in a magical world full of imagination and write your own beautiful story all the time. I promise you: every storyline reversal, every character character flaw, every afternoon spent in the bookstore, every late-night discussion about stacking books as you go along, is absolutely and indisputably worth it!