Family with young children, Guangzhou couple traveling to Shanghai was quarantined

Kaiser loved “Happy Endings,” a movie starring Tom Hanks, but she could never have imagined that one day she would become a “character in the show in the movie.

On May 31, she and her husband boarded a flight to Shanghai. The business trip was scheduled in early May. The chairman of the client company was going to attend, and both of them, who were in the same company and in charge of the same project, had to go.

A few days before the departure, the epidemic situation in Guangzhou was already very bad, with new cases being reported every day. To be on the safe side, they had their first vaccination on May 27. Two days later, the nucleic acid test was done again.

Kaiser thought about finding other colleagues to replace her, but they also had families, so someone had to carry them.

Thinking that it was just a matter of one or two nights, they left the children with their grandmother and flew to Shanghai.

Kaisre’s family had to pay the mortgage until she was 70, so she had to go to work as a couple.

Before leaving, Kaiser arranged for diapers, June 1 gifts, milk powder stocking, etc., and then gave each child a big hug.

From Shanghai airport, no one checked the whole time. When they arrived at the hotel to register their ID cards, no one asked to see the health code either, and the hotel front desk staff didn’t even wear masks.

On June 1, the Kaiser couple worked until 10 p.m. If the work had ended earlier that day, they would have been able to fly back to Guangzhou that day, and there probably wouldn’t have been anything to follow.

They first booked a large China Southern Airlines 777 flight at 8:00 a.m. on June 2. In those days, the weather in Guangzhou was bad, and they thought the big plane might not be cancelled, so they could get home early to see the baby. But I didn’t expect the big plane to be insured, so I finally switched to the 6:20 p.m. flight, so I could get home at about 10 p.m. and still make it to bed in time.

In the early morning of June 2, Guangzhou Liwan District Baihe Dong Street, Zhongnan Street from the medium-risk areas to adjust to high-risk areas. kaiser home in Liwan another street, but foreigners which care about these.

The hotel attendant knocked on the door that morning and asked about the situation, what city she was from, whether she had been vaccinated, and looked at the green code and pass card. Afterwards, she thought, if she hadn’t said she was from Liwan, she might have been fine. But she thought that Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city, so she wouldn’t do anything wrong, and that she had a nucleic acid test report and had been vaccinated.

After dealing with the waiter, Kaiser thought about opening her son’s children’s day gift at home in the evening, so she made a special phone call to him.

After the waiter left, he called Kaiser a few more times and asked some more detailed questions. Finally, they were told to stay put, saying that someone from the CDC and the Public Security Bureau would come by later.

After waiting for more than an hour, a Shanghai cell phone number called in and said it was the driver of the transit bus, telling them to get ready, put on their masks and grab their luggage and get ready to go downstairs.

Up until that point, they thought it was just a walk in the park.

Once downstairs, they were taken to the car and headed straight to an isolated hotel in Songjiang University City. “Throughout the process, none of the official staff have shown their identity and told the reason. “There was only one driver in the car, but one asked three questions.

Kaiser thought, so it is to test the nucleic acid. Good, too, can prove their innocence. Half an hour later, the isolated hotel arrived. When she got out of the car, she noticed that there was a police car following her.

When she entered the hotel, she only saw a waiter and the isolation point doctor. There was still no one to communicate with them, the doctor just took out a bunch of papers for them to sign.

Kaiser asked the doctor to show the government documents. “How can we give it when so many people have to be quarantined and every one of them has to be taken? “After the doctor finished, several people in epidemic-proof uniforms urged them to hurry into the room.

Kaiser and Mr. Kaiser were quarantined separately, door to door in their rooms, but not allowed to visit each other. They were told they could not leave the hotel until the afternoon of June 14.

The two men paid a total of $7,000 for the quarantine. 250 per person per day, of which $200 was for the room and $50 was for three meals ($10 for breakfast and $20 each for lunch and dinner).

At this point, the two in-laws woke up like a dream and realized that they had to save themselves – the children were at home nursing, the elderly were not well, and the nanny was only responsible for the daytime chores.

The company’s leadership was contacted, friends were called, and 12345 was called, all to no avail. kaiser is a listed company, the president personally did some work for this, including mobilizing colleagues to find out if there were relevant documents. on the evening of June 4, the president also forwarded relevant articles in his circle of friends, shouting across the air to the Shanghai side, so that they do not treat differently Guangzhou people, but it was obvious that the local prevention policy would not be the least bit relaxed as a result.

Throughout the afternoon, the soldiers were in disarray. I called home and begged my aunt to stay home for the night. Auntie also said that she was righteous and said that this was the way it was, so what could be done. Kaiser was touched and felt guilty about it.

At night, Kaiser cried like a dog when she and her son were on video. Seeing their mother in tears, the children looked puzzled. “Mom, what’s wrong with you? “They were young, one over seven and one over a year old, and didn’t yet understand what it meant for their parents to be isolated. In the video, they kept happily shouting “Daddy! ” and “mommy “.

In the afternoon of June 3, Guangzhou adjusted the area of closed management and closed control management. the Kaiser family is located in Liwan District, Shi Weitang Street, was also adjusted to the closed control management area, people only enter.

The food and vegetables around the area were swept away, and the grandmother, with the children, was not able to go out shopping. By the time she could go out, nothing could be bought.

When Kaiser left the house, he thought he would teach him when he returned to Guangzhou, but he didn’t think he would make it back.

After a colleague heard about it, he drove to Liwan without waiting for the end of the day, intending to send some food to her family. But at that time, the Fangcun area of Liwan has closed the road, can not enter. Kaiser and the colleague had not known each other for long, and had only met three times in total.

That afternoon, Kaiser was anxious and anxious to the point of no return.

The child’s grandmother is in her sixties and is not well. She has to work during the day, and although it is a relatively flexible insurance job, she also needs to do paperwork and communicate with customers, plus she can’t sleep well at night with the baby.

Kaiser’s parents are in their seventies and live alone in the Haizhu district, where the epidemic has not yet affected much. Her father has brain atrophy and is getting worse every year. Her mother was only discharged from the hospital in mid-May, having had knee replacement surgery, and is now recuperating at home in bed. So far, Kaier has not dared to tell her parents about her quarantine. When asked these days, she could only tell them that she was too busy at work and had to travel in Shanghai for a long time.

Her brother, a public official in a special unit, could not return messages for several days, and could not help at all.

Kaiser’s request for help in the group was seen by Mr. T, a Guangzhou-based self-publisher, who wrote an article on his public number “No Serious Speech He wrote an article on his public number “No Serious Talk”. The property owner of Kaiser Bay knew about her family’s situation through the article, and immediately visited her home and sent meat and vegetables and other supplies.

When she found out that her children were short of milk powder, the property quickly got two cans of milk powder and sent them over, and refused to charge for them. In the past, Kaiser always disliked the money smell of these property salesmen, but she never thought they would be so humane this time. She thought that she could tear the “money-making” label off them. She thought she could tear off the “money-making” label from them.

Daeva’s classroom problems were also solved. The classroom teacher mobilized the family committee as well as the fathers of her classmates to help explain, and the neighborhood social worker came to the house to teach the children how to access the Internet class.

With the enthusiastic help of family, friends and neighbors, Kaiser’s family’s difficulties, in general, have not been a big problem.

But there is no mother who does not worry, especially in this situation. In the past few days, Kaiser has been sleeping very poorly, always half asleep and half awake. In the mind, like a walking light – how to feed the child how to put to sleep, how the health of the elderly, how to buy food ……

But there are some good things that happen.

She has a habit of taking a lot of old clothes with her on business trips and then throwing them away for a day. when she was ready to return to Guangzhou on June 2, only a T-shirt and a pair of shorts were left. In the end, she could only wear her underwear because the T-shirt was also washed.

In desperation, she asked the client of this project, “I’ve been in quarantine for 14 days, can you give one or two pieces of clothes to wear? “Without a word of nonsense, the client took the address, selected a few sets of clothes and immediately arranged for express rush delivery. The clothes arrived the next day, and the moment he got the clothes, Kaiser immediately tears down.

Some old colleagues and classmates, who usually have little contact with each other, also came to greet and care after knowing this matter. They worked hard to find various channels and then told her where to buy supplies and so on. What touched Kaiser the most was that her friends left their home addresses and phone numbers, and sent them by courier, and then they found a way to send them over.

All these little bits and pieces brought her to tears.

Although she and her husband were close to each other, the narrow aisle was like a galaxy separating them. The two can only communicate through WeChat, or video chat to relieve their boredom. Every day, they have to open the door quickly and take away three meals a day, and just at that moment, they will look at each other through the cat’s eye.

The two would also share with each other how to dry their clothes indoors, and when the sun came out, they would rush to remind to take them out to dry.

Kaiser praised her husband for his steady mind that has not fallen apart.

They are a husband and wife, and also like teammates. Kaiser often runs into her husband when he goes out in the morning and just comes home.

The two of them were in isolation this time, and when they were chatting, he told Kaiser that he would take it as a supplement to accompany you during your monthly checkup. It’s not that he didn’t want to accompany her, but he was too busy at work and it was too difficult to work as a worker.

She missed her children, her family and friends, her company and the food in Guangzhou. During the quarantine period, she could only eat the meals provided by the hotel every day and could not order take-out because the hotel people did not want to deliver. She especially wanted to drink Guangzhou’s soup. Guangzhou people don’t drink soup, it’s hard to top that.

She thought about it and when she got back, when the epidemic was over, she was going to have morning tea to celebrate. Their whole family loves dim sum. Her parents love to go to Wanyi Xuan and she loves to go to Liwan Lake. It was also planned that after her mother was discharged from the hospital, she would take her to many places for tea and take her to see the first CG movie of Cantonese Opera, “The Legend of the White Snake”. “Unfortunately, everything has come to naught. “

Every night at 8 p.m. is the time when Kaiser and her two children are videoed. You can only video once a day, because the elderly put together two children is also quite tired.

Perhaps still small, quite miss their mothers, the youngest child to see their mother crying also followed. The oldest will not cry, he knows he is now the biggest man in the family, and is very strong.

Kaiser hopes that time will pass quickly, and that the dust of the times will be blown away by the wind, so that the isolation will end sooner and he can return to Guangzhou and his children.