India Deploys K9 Self-propelled Guns to Border Areas in Response to PLA Threat

Although China and India have not refuted the fire at the border, but the tension is not resolved, India recently deployed Korean-made 155mm caliber heavy self-propelled artillery “K9” to the border area of Ladakh, and the Indian Army Deputy Chief of Staff Mohanty also visited the scene; foreign media reports said that India’s move may be in response to the recent military actions of the PLA.

According to foreign media reports, the Indian Army has released photos revealing information about the deployment of K-9 heavy self-propelled guns in Ladakh, and Deputy Chief of Staff Mohanty was also present. According to the report, China’s PLA Xinjiang Military Region has recently deployed more PCL181, PCL-161 vehicle-mounted artillery and PHL-03 long-range self-propelled artillery; the Indian side has responded by deploying this 155mm heavy self-propelled artillery with high mobility imported from South Korea.

Although the two sides are not at war, the local atmosphere is still tense and both sides continue to increase the deployment of troops and heavy weapons. Previously, India was exposed to the deployment of K-9 heavy self-propelled artillery towards the area of Ladakh’s Lecheng to test its highland performance, but the Indian military did not respond positively, and this is the first time the deployment images were released.