Spend 253 million pounds! British made “no bar window beauty” prison net criticism: live better than the people

Britain recently built the first privately run, costing £ 253 million prison, is expected to be completed in October, January next year to move in. This prison windows without iron bars, the windows can see the river, there are TV and gym, the government hopes to respond to modernization, rehabilitation of criminals, but at the same time attracted a lot of public backlash, “the prison life than innocent people did not commit crimes better.

According to the Mirror, the prison, completed in October, will be the largest prison in the United Kingdom, can accommodate 1680 prisoners, the prison is the use of recycled building materials, the roof also placed solar panels, the building structure is not the common prison “K-shaped structure”, but a cross-shaped structure, which compresses the length of the corridor, will make the guards and prisoners This compresses the length of the corridor, which will allow the guards to have closer contact with the inmates, and this structure can expand the outdoor space, according to the builder, there are gardening areas and 4 soccer fields, which will train the inmates’ vocational skills and make a connection for the life out of prison.

The interior of the prison is beautifully decorated, the windows are not the traditional iron bars, but the windows without bars, looking out there is a beautiful river view, at first glance, it looks like an evaluation of business hotels, the prison authorities said that in the past the prison was often criticized for overcrowding and unhygienic, “set up in response to the future of modern, high-performance prison, can clearly rehabilitate offenders”, and said this The prison will not hold felons, and to ensure the safety of the public in the process of rehabilitation of criminals.

But this plan is not bought by the public, “life in prison is better than the life of innocent people”, “prisoners may not have to live in an unhygienic and dirty environment, but prison should not be a pleasure, but a punishment that makes people not want to come back. Look at the fact that there are soccer fields, garden centers, and landscaped houses”, “Prisons and other criminals are the source of crime, but they have the top luxury of TVs and computers”, “Many retirees would like to live in such a nice environment. Too bad we can’t provide them with a similar environment with 3 free meals a day”, “Human rights for the victims?” .