What is the poisonous vaccine of the Chinese Communist Party?

It has been one and a half years since the CCP virus ravaged the world, and it continues to mutate and mutate, and the number of infected and dead people is increasing every day, threatening the lives of human beings all the time. During this period, the Chinese Communist Party, the main culprit of the virus plague, has been outstanding in that it has developed so-called vaccines in a short period of time and forced people to be vaccinated at home, and has launched large-scale vaccine diplomacy abroad, providing “vaccine aid” and exporting vaccines to many countries in its boastful lobbying, but many situations and scandals and deaths have occurred. It is alarming that the vaccines of the Chinese Communist Party are poisonous vaccines.

The poison lies in the poor research and development technology of the vaccine

The Chinese Communist Party claims that the virus vaccines it developed are inactivated vaccines, but what do you mean by inactivated vaccines? The process principle of inactivated vaccine is to kill the live virus and put it into the human body before the immune cells to produce immunity.

Specifically, the CCP treats the survivors of the new coronavirus as living organisms, collects the residual virus from them for inactivation, and then replicates it with other drugs to make a so-called virus vaccine. The efficacy of the vaccine is determined by the response of the recipient.

This is the most primitive, inferior, and risky technology used to develop vaccines in the world today, and of all the countries in the world capable of developing vaccines, Communist China is the only country that has developed inactivated vaccines.

Since CCP makes vaccines from viruses taken directly from patients, the biggest risk of the vaccine is that if the inactivation process is not complete, it is the same as injecting a live virus directly into the body, resulting in infection. This vaccine injection into the vaccinated person can only be counterproductive, the vaccine is induced and catalytic, the vaccine becomes a toxic vaccine, and the evil consequence is that the vaccinated person who was not a virus patient also becomes infected or asymptomatic, the milder person becomes seriously ill, and the seriously ill person dies directly.

The poison is in the side effects of vaccine overload

It is a common saying among Chinese people that medicine can cure diseases, but it also has side effects, and medical science also believes that medicine has side effects, but if the side effects exceed the therapeutic effect, such medicine is poison. The side effects of the virus vaccine developed by the Chinese Communist Party are so severe that it cannot be called surprising.

Tao Lina, a former immunization expert at the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention, posted the manual of the domestic vaccine on the Internet, revealing that there were as many as 73 side effects after vaccination, ranging from the common headache, fever and fatigue to loss of vision, loss of taste and even severe urinary incontinence, which made him call it “the most unsafe vaccine in the world”. As you can imagine, vaccination with such side effects far exceeding the standard is not a poison. The disturbing situation is not an isolated case.

Pakistan, which has been using the CCP-produced vaccine since early February, is currently experiencing a third wave of the epidemic, with the infection rate in the country rising to 11 percent, the highest level since the outbreak. More than 20 cities have been “closed” due to the severity of the outbreak.

Pakistani President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan have both tested positive for the virus after being vaccinated against the Chinese national drug.

According to the information released by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention on May 28, the adverse reaction rate of the domestic vaccine is 11.86 per 100,000 doses, but the actual rate is higher than that, and the official information is only used to fool the WHO.

According to public information, only one domestic adenovirus-vectored CCP pneumonia vaccine has been approved by the State Drug Administration for conditional marketing, and this vaccine is the “KvisaTM” adenovirus recombinant vaccine jointly developed by Chen Wei’s team from the CCP military and Kangxino Biological Co.

Toxicity in vaccine counterfeiting

Historically, when human beings had large scale plague, after the plague and the plague, human beings did not develop any vaccine to fight against and defeat the plague at all, although many folk medical people cured some patients during the period, but it was only an appearance, it was never the plague that spared human beings before it suddenly returned, not the human drug vaccine that defeated the plague. So human beings in the face of natural disasters and calamities simply can not develop any effective vaccine, people know the Sars and AIDS virus, and so far no vaccine has been developed.

Today’s global plague is probably the biggest plague in human history, not to mention the fact that the virus is constantly mutating and changing. Under such circumstances, if any vaccine can be developed by the CCP, it will only be counterfeit and shoddy goods, which will not have immune functions but only destroy the human immune system.

For example, in Hong Kong, there are 68 cumulative cases of death after vaccination. There are also 5 pregnant women who had miscarriages, accumulating 19 cases.

The Thai national women’s volleyball team was scheduled to participate in the World Volleyball League on May 25 and was vaccinated with the China Kexing vaccine before the tournament, but now 26 people have been diagnosed. They had to withdraw from the upcoming World Volleyball League to be held in Italy at the end of this month.

In countries with large areas of vaccination, such as Chile, Pakistan, Turkey and Brazil, the number of confirmed cases has increased rather than decreased, and netizens are surprised, saying that “the Chinese vaccine is more like spreading poison.

The poison is in the real purpose of the Chinese Communist Party’s vaccine development

Under the pandemic, the real purpose of responsible governments to develop and import vaccines is to sincerely save people’s lives and prevent epidemics, while the CCP is not. Its purpose is to make a fortune out of the epidemic, to show the image of a great power in fighting epidemics, and to cover up the CCP’s role as the culprit of the global epidemic. No matter how much its war wolves hiss, no matter how much lobbying it does with its big foreign propaganda, no matter how many vaccines it “aids” to the world, it all works around this purpose.

In fact, it is showing the post-crime psychology of the Chinese Communist Party as a poisoner, with the tactics of concealing, denying, shouting, seducing, and messing up, repeatedly denying that it is a poisoner and creating a mess in an attempt to muddle through. Wouldn’t that be a lie? At present, many countries that have introduced the CCP vaccine are constantly being poisoned by the CCP virus and suffering from the poisoning of the CCP vaccine at the same time.

According to media reports: After the Chilean population received the first dose of the Chinese Communist Party’s domestic Koxin vaccine, confirmations rose as high as nearly 30%. on March 17, Al Jazeera News reported that despite the vaccination of a significant portion of the population, Chile’s intensive care units were overcrowded, sparking a public health crisis. Dr. Sebastian Ugarte (Ugarte) told Al Jazeera that the country is almost dead with patients over the age of 70, the vast majority of whom have been vaccinated.

Former Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra and his wife were among the first foreign dignitaries to receive the Chinese-made vaccine, and on April 25, Vizcarra tweeted, “Despite taking the necessary protective measures to avoid bringing the virus home, both my wife and I have tested positive. “

Pakistan’s infection rate rose to 11 percent nationwide during the third wave of the outbreak, the highest level since the epidemic. Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan both tested positive for the virus after being vaccinated with the Chinese Communist Party’s national drug.

Nearly one million people in Hungary, with a population of more than 9.77 million, have been vaccinated with China National Pharmaceutical Group’s vaccine, but the country has the highest mortality rate in the world. Many countries have called off the Sinopharm vaccine for a time because of serious adverse reactions.

Poisoning the ugly souls of top Chinese Communist officials

At present, while the mainland officials are propagating the compulsory vaccination of the public with domestic vaccines, the top CCP officials are secretly importing advanced American vaccines to inject themselves, and the middle and lower officials are waiting for the imported vaccines. It is ironic that the CCP is forcing the people to watch the drama “Anti-American Aid” to arouse their patriotic sentiment against the US, while praying for the US to import advanced vaccines to protect themselves. This kind of dark psychology and ugly soul only proves that they don’t believe in domestic vaccines and don’t have confidence to take up domestic vaccines, they have the privilege to enjoy imported vaccines and have the privilege to drive people to take domestic vaccines, they don’t care about the lives of the people at the bottom, they let people be experimental mice and let the mice die first.

See the media report: On April 22, Yonhap news agency said that a Korean expatriate living in Shanghai, China, died at home on the 22nd after being vaccinated with the Chinese Communist virus vaccine developed by a Chinese pharmaceutical group at a hospital in Shanghai on the 19th.

On April 15, a netizen named “Yamashita Hananozi” said that his 28-year-old brother (a soldier with no medical history) died on April 15 after receiving an inactivated vaccine against the Chinese Communist Party’s virus at the Shenzhen Binhe Avenue Women’s and Children’s Social Health Center.

A Twitter user broke the news that a worker in the workshop of Beijing Sany Heavy Industry was injected with Kexing vaccine on March 21 and died on March 23; another user said that someone in Tianjin No. 1 Hospital was vaccinated and died suddenly 2 days later.

Wang Dajun, a 43-year-old villager from Lingxi Village, Guiyunhua Township, Zhuanghe City, Dalian, Liaoning Province, died on the day of vaccination. The family asked for an explanation and was threatened by officials.

In addition, there are many other news about side effects after vaccination with CCP-made vaccines, such as cases of pimples, red rash, fever and headache all over the body, but these were deleted soon after they were sent out.

Officials have not only failed to report a single confirmed case of vaccination or death, but are also arresting netizens for posting cases of vaccination-related deaths.

On April 20, the microblogging account “Nanjing Net Police Patrol Enforcement” sent out a message saying that a Nanjing netizen, Pan Moumou, had recently posted comments on a short video platform about vaccines causing deaths and was administratively detained for 7 days.

Poison on the ultimate purpose of the CCP

As we know, the ultimate goal of communism is to destroy human beings, but the tyranny of the communist parties in various countries has provoked human beings to awaken and resist, leading to the sudden collapse of the communist camps in Eastern Europe in the 1990s, while the Chinese Communist Party was lucky to survive temporarily, so the burden of the ultimate goal of communism to destroy human beings naturally falls on the Chinese Communist Party.

But the cunning Chinese Communist Party changed its past strategy of openly destroying people by force, and quietly developed super-limit warfare while hiding its light, and finally in 2019, with the opportunity to retaliate against the U.S. trade war, launched this biological warfare against the U.S. and humanity, pushing humanity into a viral pandemic, in a vain attempt to destroy humanity. Imagine that an evil Chinese Communist Party with the evil purpose of destroying mankind would develop any vaccine to save mankind at this time? It probably would like to see the human race die faster and more often.

Although the Chinese Communist Party is trying to destroy human beings with biological warfare, it is controlled by the heavens, which is used to counteract the Chinese Communist Party and dismantle it, so that the Chinese Communist virus is targeted at the Chinese Communist Party.

Some people ask, if the CCP’s vaccine is a poisonous vaccine, is the vaccine developed by other Western countries also a poisonous vaccine? No, because the Chinese Communist Party collects the residual virus from the patients with the virus to make the vaccine, which itself has the virus, so it is counter-productive, side-effects and destructive to the vaccine recipients, while the vaccines of the Western countries are far superior to the Chinese Communist Party in terms of technology and formulation, which is the essential difference between the two. Even so, vaccines from Western countries are not fundamentally effective against the CCP virus. We are not denying the efforts of the scientists who developed the vaccine, but we are talking about the fact that there are cases of adverse conditions and deaths of vaccine recipients.

Then what is the fundamental effect on the Chinese Communist virus and on the way out of the virus disaster? It is the truth! Only the truth can save, and only by abandoning the CCP can we be rescued. Therefore, in a pandemic, which country, government and people can understand this truth, that country, government and people can survive the disaster.