My three years at Hengshui High School

I am an ordinary person who has really experienced life in Hengzhong. I didn’t get top grades, I wasn’t smart, I was in a regular class, and I ended up getting a very average grade in Hengyong and going to a 211. but no matter how grateful I was advised to be, I couldn’t love the school. I think I’m the most grateful if I don’t hate it.

For three years in high school, I was sick from head to toe, and before that I was a person who almost never even had a cold. The first year of high school because people around me eat so fast, I also followed to become fast, if you can not make yourself fast, you are destined to become the last person to return to class, the class has a camera, the class teacher often eat when watching who returns first and who returns later, so you can only eat very quickly, run to run back, and then stomach problems came, eat a little to hold up, do not eat hungry, sometimes the stomach bloated class will make a burst of The first thing you need to do is to take a stomach medicine for three years, and you always have a variety of stomach medicine in your desk.

When running exercises accidentally broke his foot, a fall is a large, school uniform pants directly abraded, and a class running exercises someone fell is to deduct points, a deduction of one hundred, directly cool, the teacher is not known to say you see you are not kind, that kind of feeling is very uncomfortable, broken foot the most horrible is to eat slowly ah, we all run to, and then there is easily can not take a running exercise leave, broken foot or to follow the run, nearly a whole The feeling of being forced by the so-called collective honor is really too unbearable.

As a girl, menstrual irregularities, an average of less than three weeks once, each time menstrual pain, every day at school simply do not have time to take medicine to regulate, to the university are not good, graduated to eat a lot of medicine also can not regulate, ultrasound shows cysts, the university has graduated, or the same, Western medicine herbal medicine have eaten, just can not get better.

The teacher at the time was very kind and caring and never said I was slow to walk, slow to move or anything, because we can all imagine that it’s hard to move when you have a herniated disc, the most uncomfortable time is when you can’t get up from bed, the nerve compression, very sensitive. The nerve compression is very sensitive, and when you are nervous about doing problems in study hall, your legs will shake and your hands will shake, and you will always do fewer problems than others in a class.

These are relatively large, there are a variety of small, often headaches and low fever, little time to wash their feet or something, a whole nail purple half, or only found on vacation, because at that time the night back to the dormitory basic lights out, take off socks for socks are secretly in the quilt dry, on vacation to take a good look at their feet, then already very painful. Hengshui’s haze is serious, and when it’s foggy, my throat hurts.

These are not the biggest impact on me, the biggest impact is the neurosis, not easy to fall asleep at night, and have to get up at 5:30 in the morning, every day extra anxiety, because the results are not good and extremely do not believe in themselves, especially care about the comments of others, feel guilty, even eat an apple feel guilty, not to mention snacks. Because all material pleasures are not promoted, you should only have one thing in your life, study. This feeling and emotion still affects me deeply until now, five or six years later, I am still afraid to go into the supermarket to buy something, and I always feel that any material enjoyment seems to be sinful. I try to persuade myself, of course, understand that it is nothing at all, but once in that scenario, will still be flooded with strange feelings. I don’t believe I look good, and I always feel awkward when I wear makeup.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. I lost my desire for life, failed in my exams, had a hard time believing in myself, and was fussy and extremely procrastinating. Every day, I cursed myself and had no motivation every day.

Now I’m looking for an ordinary job as a drifter in the north, and I’m not too young to have all kinds of problems. I sometimes wonder if I would have tossed myself into this if I hadn’t gone to Hengyuan. I think at least I would have been happier, I wouldn’t have fallen into depression, I would have looked forward to life, I would have studied in graduate school, I would have found a good job, instead of thinking about just living.

I don’t want to remember those three years, the four-digit rankings, the reprimands in class meetings, the physical pain, the hopes of my family to enter school, but I couldn’t learn good grades and made them always worry. I tried as if it was a fake effort, a formalistic effort, my grades fell, I couldn’t get into the experimental class by placement, and I felt I was a liability.

My classmates were all very nice, but each of them was carrying a lot of pressure just like me. Even the students in a dormitory rarely communicated with each other, and with the once-a-year class placement, I didn’t even have a close friend after three years. At that time, even if someone is willing to listen to you, they dare not, because other people’s time is equally valuable and cannot be wasted. I also met very good teachers who cared about me and were willing to listen to me cry and give me good food. Teachers are also under a lot of pressure and have quantitative assessments. I’ve also heard teachers cry. At that time I really didn’t understand what was making us all so miserable. But a strict classroom teacher who happens to be one in three years is a nightmare. The teachers said I knew how to behave, obedient and hardworking. I often thought that if I didn’t listen like me, I wouldn’t be so miserable, and I was hardworking, but I still couldn’t get the desired grades. I always got the questions wrong and couldn’t finish my math and science exams.

I never want to experience that kind of life again. I know that Hengzhong is very powerful, and there are many people who are very grateful to it, many people got to the top5,985, but I also know that they will be under more pressure, and I am depressed like a few, I have the same disease, but also many people have, especially stomach problems are almost the common disease of Hengzhong students.

If I could get married and have children in the future, I would never let him experience this.

A Hengzhong, let the whole of Hebei into this state, no way ah, the high score section is monopolized by Hengzhong, the whole province must step up, or you can not go to a good school. Hebei, the whole of Hebei, only one 211, and actually in Tianjin. Those of the province’s good school preferences, no, because there is nothing good about the school. The whole province’s education seems to be stricter than every year. Such a situation, think about it makes people sad. Many families in Hebei are not rich, and the hopes of the whole family are betting on their children, plus the high intensity of education and the high score line. I don’t like Hengzhong, even though I know that education is one’s way out, a so-called springboard, I don’t like it because it carries the whole province with it, and education is deformed. It pulls up the score line of the whole province, monopolizes the high division, and a lot of good kids from other schools are far away from their dream schools.

I don’t know when I’ll get out of it, I just want to live in peace now and not drag my parents down and get rid of my nightmare soon.

Fat killer whale:

The company’s main goal is to provide a better understanding of the marketplace, and to provide a better understanding of the marketplace. The actual school did not have a single thing to do with this.

The speech video that went viral yesterday was supposed to be a promotional activity to package the core selling point of the college entrance exam, but it never expected to be overturned.

What to do when the car is overturned?

You immediately saw a hot search # Hengshui middle school class teacher dressed as Harry Potter to help students relieve stress #, the host is pear video, and then many media forwarding, to help distract the topic and shape the image of love students like children.

Today also on a hot search began to fight back against those who scolded it # from the countryside need to be inferior #, the host is Lychee News, also a lot of media follow up forwarding.

Discovered no, this school has been doing underhanded things, while seizing the moral high ground, do not believe you let him list the parents of students who can enter its education group, publish the financial statements, see how many rural students can enter their school? How much is the annual tuition? The average student in rural Hebei can afford to go to school because of Hengshui Middle School or can’t afford to go to school?

Who ruined Hebei’s education? Who killed the fate of the poor children of Hebei?


The company is registered in Hong Kong as “First High School Group Hong Kong Ltd. The main body of the listing is “First High School Group Hong Kong Limited” registered in Hong Kong, and the main body of the operation is “Changshui Education The actual controller is Zhang Shaowei, who personally holds 65.25% of the voting rights.

This private high school group, which claims to be the third largest in the country, has 19 schools with more than 25,000 students. Of these schools, all but four of the private high schools have “Hengshui” in their names, with the exception of four high school tuition schools. The word “Hengshui” is used in the name of Hebei Hengshui High School branches all over Yunnan, Inner Mongolia and many other cities and states.

How lucrative is it? First High School Education Group (FHS.US), listed in the U.S. in March 2021. It currently reports 2020 revenue of $446 million and net profit of $80.92 million, a 155.72% increase in net profit over 2019. How good are the shareholders? $85 million in dividends paid in 2020 and a debt ratio of 115% from 86% (U.S. stocks originally allowed such dividends, which can be divided until insolvency, very eye opening).

Should we make money or not? Several of the schools are registered as non-profit organizations, but through the Cayman Islands offshore company holding the British Virgin Islands offshore company and then holding the first high school registered in Hong Kong this VIE structure, to the listed company to channel benefits. Non-profit institutions should not be mounted under a for-profit listed company, we are not legal professionals ha, we do not know.

As for the listed company in the end and Hengshui have no relationship? But I found a male article, picked quite clean

The company’s core staff is from Hengshui Middle School, and how many of them have become shareholders of FHS.US. As a public school with public funds, is it really just to help the poor by giving its name and teaching resources to a privately held private school?