U.S. lawmakers on a military plane to visit Taiwan, legislators: military significance is not trivial

Three U.S. federal senators arrived in Taiwan aboard a U.S. Army C-17 transport plane on the 6th and announced that they would donate 750,000 doses of vaccines to Taiwan. In addition to helping Taiwan through the vaccine and expressing the inadmissibility of the Chinese Communist Party’s suppression, the U.S. military plane’s route is an important ally and military partner, sending an important positive signal, which is of great significance.

U.S. Senators Tammy Duckworth, Dan Sullivan and Chris Coons came to Taiwan on board a C-17 military aircraft on the 6th, which is also the first time since the C-17 entered service and landed in Taiwan, arousing extra attention from the outside world.

The first is the announcement of the U.S. vaccine distribution plan. Among the first 7 million doses distributed to the Southeast Asia Pacific, Taiwan will be allocated 750,000 doses, which is a timely and significant help, both in terms of quantity ratio and substance.

Second, in political terms, the U.S. and Japan have stepped in one after another, representing the world’s liberal democracies that do not allow the Chinese Communist Party to suppress and threaten Taiwan, Wang said. The Chinese Communist Party has blocked Taiwan from obtaining vaccines in international markets and has also threatened Taiwan with military threats. He believes that for free and democratic Taiwan, “we have to protect ourselves”, but Japan and the United States free and democratic countries are willing to step in, which is one more point of protection for Taiwan.

Third, the congressman visited Taiwan aboard a C-17 military aircraft and parked it at Taiwan’s Songshan dual-use airport, which, according to Wang Dingyu, is “no less important than a vaccine, no less important”.

He explained that this time the U.S. C-17 transport aircraft, from the United States, to Maldive, Japan, South Korea and then fly Taiwan, the route through the United States is equal to the important allies, military partners in series, especially the military aircraft carrying elected members of Congress, and came to Taiwan’s civilian and military airports, Song Shan, President Tsai Ing-wen also met in the Air Force Song Shan command, the military significance is quite significant, is an important positive signal.

The U.S. is willing to help Taiwan to prove that Taiwan is on the right path of goodness

The first batch of vaccines to be distributed to Asian countries under President Biden’s vaccine donation program is 7 million doses, and Taiwan has received more than 10 percent of the 750,000 doses, the first country to give the exact amount after the donation program was announced. The U.S. and Taiwan have been enjoying good relations for the past few years.

Lin emphasized that Taiwan has been suppressed internationally for the past few decades, but Taiwan has not lost its will or been a partner in evil, instead it has assisted other countries with good intentions, and the whole world has seen this, “Now it is Taiwan’s turn to be assisted, and the good image we have accumulated over the years is beginning to pay off, proving that we have chosen the right path. .