A general science fiasco caused by the closure of the number

With a Weibo “V” certified science writer ” Ent_evo”, earlier posted an article to refute the online article “human body 70% water content data from 731 experiments The result is that a large number of mainland netizens are unhappy, and believe that this move is to whitewash Unit 731.

Ent_evo and the “Science Squirrel Association” to which it belongs issued an apology, and the latter even indicated that it would permanently shut down its account.

Ent_evo said in a rebuttal article that the water content of the human body was known in the 19th century, and the earliest known literature was in 1863, when research was done using cadavers for dehydration. Ent_evo concluded by saying that Unit 731 had already committed enough atrocities, and that there was no need to add to the list with rumors, which would be disrespectful to the real victims.

Ent_evo’s statement drew a large number of mainland netizens criticism, pointing out that the experiment is not realistic does not mean that Unit 731 has not done, that Ent_evo is stealing the concept, to whitewash Unit 731. Subsequently, some mainland media shared the documentary released by the Russian media at the end of last year, “Japan’s secret Unit 731 – where biological warfare was conceived” (Japan’s secret Unit 731 – where biological warfare was conceived). (where biological warfare was conceived), the documentary interviews most of the Japanese veterans who worked in Unit 731, they recalled that Unit 731 used women and children for experiments, including the mummification of living people, sent to the laboratory to steam dry and weigh, thus seeking to prove the water content of the human body.

The incident drew great attention, and even official institutions such as the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japan Memorial Museum and the Chinese Ministry of Public Security have spoken out.

Ent_evo issued a statement of apology on Friday (4), explaining that he had not checked more historical data, and that he had dismissed the experiment on the basis of his impressions only from the perspective of its flawed design, and that “this mistake lies entirely with me personally and does not represent any organization to which I belong, and I take full responsibility for the impact of it. Ent_evo emphasized that he has never been to Japan and has never and will never be motivated by profit to defend Japan’s crimes. In addition, Ent_evo said that in order to correct his own misconceptions, he is going to visit patriotic educational bases such as the Heilongjiang’s “Exhibition Hall of the Criminal Evidence of the Seventh Trinity Unit of the Invading Japanese Army” to receive patriotic education again. Ent_evo said that he was going to visit patriotic education bases such as the Seventh Trinity Army Crime Museum in Heilongjiang to receive patriotic education again.

Ent_evo is a member of the well-known science writing group “Science Squirrel Society”, and criticism from mainland netizens has also been directed at the society. The Squirrel Association for Science also issued an apology on Friday, saying it was strongly outraged by the inappropriate comments made by individual members and had removed their names, while announcing that it would remove all past content from the association’s official microblog and permanently shut down the account.