The Politburo asks for the blindness of the great foreign propaganda speaks for itself

The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held its 30th collective study on May 31 on strengthening China’s international communication capacity, and Xi Jinping emphasized the need to “tell a good Chinese story and spread a good Chinese voice” in foreign propaganda, saying he would strive to build a “credible, lovable and respectable” image of China. The Chinese image is “credible, lovely and respectable”.

“Credible, lovable and respectable”? This is an unrealistically high demand. Can it be credible to tear up the Sino-British joint statement? War wolf diplomacy, can it be cute? The epidemic dumping and framing, can it be respectable?

Seek advice from the silkworm master of self-violation

Politburo study session invited Fudan University professor Zhang Weiwei to explain. Zhang Weiwei did not provide deafening insights, but merely followed the CCP’s propaganda caliber, repeating some clichéd and rotten tones, such as grasping the keynote, being open and confident while maintaining humility, shaping a credible, lovely and respectable image of China; opposing unilateralism and hegemony; better playing the role of high-level experts, using platforms and arenas such as international conferences and forums, foreign mainstream media, etc. to make voices heard; constantly expanding the circle of international friends who know China and are friendly with China; and so on. The international circle of friends who know China and are friendly with China; and so on.

Can the prescriptions prescribed by Zhang Weiwei cure the current deadly disease of foreign propaganda? The fact that all senior officials of the CCP’s Politburo have to seek advice from Zhang Weiwei is more evidence that the CCP’s foreign propaganda has already reached a dead end.

Zhang Weiwei, who is known as an expert on international issues and has made a name for himself in mainland current affairs forums, is best known for saying, “The good thing is that our Chinese leaders have lived through the chaos of the Cultural Revolution, and we know how to deal with hooligans.” This is just shamelessly kissing the ass of the current Politburo members. It turns out that the Cultural Revolution has such a political legacy that the Red Guards were used against the U.S., and they knocked the U.S. to the ground?

In a program on April 4 this year, Zhang Weiwei talked about the China-US-Europe triangle and asserted that “the US is not united, the allies do not listen, and China does not believe in evil”, and he dared to say that the US could hardly pull together an anti-China alliance, and he had full confidence in the China-Europe investment agreement.

At that time, the two parties in the United States in dealing with the Chinese Communist Party’s position has been completely consistent, many bills involving Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, in both houses of Congress were passed with overwhelming votes, how can “U.S. disunity”? At the same time, the European Union and NATO countries have changed their attitudes toward China, and all countries have taken a clear position on Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and there are many voices opposing the China-EU investment agreement. As an expert on international issues, the deliberate distortion of facts is nothing more than a shameless attempt to please the top echelon of the Chinese Communist Party and an irresponsible deception of the Chinese people.

Is it not self-violating for the CPC Politburo to ask a “silkworm master” like Zhang Weiwei?

War Wolf Diplomacy Exposes the Nature of the Chinese Communist Party

The unprecedented failure of the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign propaganda is well known to all. Before that, the reason why the big foreign propaganda was once flourishing in the United States and Europe was mainly based on the general environment of freedom of speech in democratic countries, and also on the carelessness and tolerance of Western countries towards the infiltration of CCP propaganda, but this kind of cheapness is no longer sustainable in Trump’s hands. The Chinese Communist Party propaganda agencies were required to register as foreign agents and henceforth subject to government supervision; the Confucius Institutes of the Chinese Communist Party in various universities and schools have been forced to close down under pressure; the Western media bought by the Chinese Communist Party have also turned their guns because the dictatorial nature of the Chinese Communist Party has been greatly exposed. Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “Don’t look at what the CCP says, look at what the CCP does, so the big foreign propaganda has basically broken down.

It is fine to do a little public relations for one’s own country, but the problem is not to make it a cultural invasion and political infiltration, not to try to change the public opinion ecology and political system of other countries, otherwise it will be resisted and countered. What the Chinese Communist Party should reflect on is the wrong motives and initiatives of its big foreign propaganda in the past; more importantly, it is only when you are righteous that you are not afraid of the shadow, you have to get more help before your propaganda package is effective, and if you do more evil, it is impossible to turn black into white and deteriorate into good.

The Chinese Communist Party has been expanding externally in recent years, promoting the dictatorial China model, committing genocide in Xinjiang, trampling on the Sino-British Joint Declaration in Hong Kong, engaging in military intimidation in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, ignoring universal values, and even running roughshod over other countries through war-wolf diplomacy.

If the CCP gives up its foreign expansion and war-wolf diplomacy, the country’s image may be partially repaired, but as long as the CCP does not give up its dictatorial rule and insists on being an enemy of universal values, it will be impossible for the CCP to clear its reputation as a dictator and a traitor.