The bottom line is the bottom line and cannot be changed

A friend, ten years after she left her former company, still often dreamed of being chased by her past boss. Now that she is a boss and has the capital to “chase” others, she looks back at the road she came from and says that her former boss is definitely not the devil in Prada, or even a lady in Chanel in the eyes of others, and that her nightmare-like experience is really because she has just entered the workplace and lacks a bottom line, looking like a cucumber on a cutting board —Under shoot.

Emerson summed up the American talented and acted inappropriately barrister Webster’s life believes in the three principles of not: never pay any debt that may escape, never do anything that can be delayed until tomorrow, never do anything that can find another person to do for them. “It was these that led him to success. But he’s not at all like that with his own family.”

It’s a world where the “bad guys” are in charge. If you don’t know how to be ruthless at some point, then not only will success be far away, but even the less demanding comfort and blandness will be squeezed less and less, because you are not a cucumber that will be willingly slapped into a side dish.

“But yes, why can’t people be honest with each other?” The people who are disillusioned in the workplace and injured in love often ask with tears and blood. It is good to be honest with each other, but the more basic relationship between people is to test the bottom line. There are many people in this world who are offensive players, not everyone is worthy of your honesty, or rather, before the work of testing the bottom line is not completed, honesty is basically equivalent to “looking for a shot”.

Look around us, it is not difficult to find that some people have changed a number of companies, the role is always the aggrieved bag, some people have changed a number of boyfriends, the role is always a bitter heroine. Why is it that they are always the ones who meet the wrong people? The actress Zhang Jingchu, in response to the refusal of the overpriced escort incident, said profoundly: “What kind of aura you are, will attract what kind of people.” The so-called unlucky people, perhaps because your aura just attracts such people, or even stimulate the original good people’s hearts hidden deep a little bit of evil. Everyone is stubborn, and everyone wants the opportunity to bully others. This “someone else” just fell on your head, because you do not have the courage to say “never” like Webster or Zhang Jingchu.

Many people who think they have a bottom line change their bottom line as things change. A girl who has “cheated on her boyfriend” as the bottom line of a breakup is struggling with whether the man is drunk or actively losing his virginity, whether he is offering himself or someone else is bringing him to her door. A woman who says she can’t accept AA is shaken when she meets a man who claims to be a multi-millionaire but insists on paying the bill with her AA on a date, on the grounds that the man is too good and he might just be testing me. A person who can’t accept a friend’s betrayal regains his trust in the friend who betrayed him with a few words of wisdom, reasoning that it’s not easy to find a friend who knows his roots these days. We can always find many reasons to lower our bottom line if we want to, and they are good-looking reasons. However, you slowly become a person who no longer clearly understands what you need, and your bottom line and destiny are all in the hands of others.

The real bottom line means “never”, means unchangeable, means no “maybe” and “or”. The bottom line is the same as no bottom line. Prices are soaring, people’s hearts are not ancient, environmental pollution, the price of love is high, if not adhering to the principle of “never”, there will always be a variety of reasons to force us to lower their bottom line.

And really smart people, will not lightly reveal the bottom line, they show the bottom line, always a little higher than their real bottom line. “If you want 100%, then you’d better ask for 200%; if you only ask for 100%, then you’ll get 80% satisfaction at best.” This iron rule of business negotiation is appropriate for any life negotiation table.

The bottom line is a brave man’s game that often puts us in a deadly position. The pain of nirvana is as deep as the joy of rebirth, so many people would rather give up the bottom line and live in a cruel, but never forgetting world that attracts us with that little bit of warmth. The pain of giving up the bottom line and regaining what we want, even though it is not what we want, seems to be a little bit less than the pain of losing it instantly, compared to holding on to the bottom line. However, it is a long and endless suffering, a suffering that keeps falling into the abyss without seeing the bottom, a suffering that is destined to play a supporting role in life as a dull knife cutting flesh.

The bottom line will not make us happy immediately, but it will make us live with more dignity, and dignity is the ultimate joy in the long experience of life. When you learn to hold the bottom line, others can learn to stop before your bottom line and be willing to be tamed by you as a little fox or a rose. When you learn to stick to the bottom line, youth is coming to an end, when you look back, your hand will not hold a handful of bad cards that do not rely on.

The bottom line is that you don’t necessarily get all that you want, but what you get must not be what you don’t want.