I don’t want to go down the same road as my parents

It was supposed to be time for a lunch break, but I couldn’t hold it in to give you all a little insight
For as long as I can remember as a child, my parents chose to lock me in a house, equipped with water and food, and went to work
In those days, it was not uncommon for children to fall from their beds and die, and there were countless children who were foolishly wasted by an epidemic
I was lucky enough to make it to the unit’s nursery and then to kindergarten

So my parents’ generation had a lower standard of living, but enjoyed the benefits of the state
On the other hand, my generation had to do everything to raise their children
From the moment my daughter was born basically said goodbye to normal human beings, do not think about anything

My parents asked me, “Don’t they have a childcare center? A nursery? I didn’t even know where to begin to answer
This was a time when even going to the toilet was an accusation of paid shitting
This was a time when even lying down to rest was accused of “you’re lazy, so you deserve to be poor”.
This is a time when triple pay on holidays has been abolished in favor of irregular work hours.

It is not the children but the pet dogs that bring joy to parents in their old age
Children are useless, useless, not as good as a pet dog
Times have changed, adults

My mother, who was laid off, became a full-time housewife at age 30
My father became the backbone, in the era when writing articles could still earn money for writing
My father, who had a regular job and made money from his spare time, became the most enjoyable person in the family.
I watched my mother work hard for the family, even to the point of preparing my father’s food for dinner.
When my father came home, he went into enjoyment mode
Who to watch, read the newspaper, write, drink, and bring my mother to drink with him
My father beat me when he was not happy, and the couple beat me together when they were happy
On Saturdays and Sundays, my dad would sleep until dawn, get up at noon, eat, and then sleep until afternoon.
My mother’s day after the double break is the daily cleaning, cooking, tanning, repeat work

Why do I have to talk about this part because when my mother became a mother-in-law from a daughter-in-law
She felt that she should let my daughter-in-law enter this stage and ‘know the rules’
After all, “her son earns the money, the daughter-in-law has to do more work, and the mother-in-law has an obligation to supervise”.

I don’t envy my father’s treatment, although my father and I are on the same path
Only he writes articles for magazines and I write articles for Weibo and public websites
But I come home, do the housework, hold the kids, wash up and go to bed, and only late at night do I get on the computer to take care of business
I do not expect or want my daughter-in-law to be like my mother, rather I am afraid of it
Even if the daughter-in-law’s salary of 3,000 a month, to find a mother-in-law with children to 4,000 a month, I will not let my daughter-in-law home.

So my parents often lament that I can not calculate, not smart, not resourceful
And my parents think I’m not hooked on the soul, the daughter-in-law in the end have those good
My mother has said more than once that she does not agree with the marriage, that I found this woman myself, and that I deserve all the consequences

I don’t think my parents are evil people, but it’s hard to ask them to reflect on themselves when they’re 80 years old.
My father took on the burden of the family finances, can write to earn money to support the family, even now is also high people, brain cells in the crawl grid died how many? He enjoys some at home is just poor and happy.
And my mother after being laid off, full-time housewife, oiled up, confused, she vaguely knows something is wrong but there is no way to resist, she hopes to return to society, but there is no opportunity, when she faces her daughter-in-law, her malice, precisely the reflection of inner fear.

More than once, my close friends around me reminded me that I would eventually follow the path of my father’s knife and repeat the tragedy
More than once, I also warned myself that later, and later, I could survive for a day, my father’s path, there is a certain amount of truth and temptation, but it is the other half of the soul that consumes, and she is innocent.

So in the face of marriage, my daughter-in-law and I had not an easy time, and with a little life, it was a constant challenge
My mind is always awake, facing my parents’ route, to draw a clear line between black and white, their path I do not take and will not read, I must challenge a route not envisioned by the men in the family in the past.

For example, my mother used to wait for my knee-jerk call in the old house, and as a result, my daughter was three years old about to enter kindergarten
My mom knew there was no way she could wait for a call of surrender from me with my daughter-in-law confessing her mistakes and begging them for a helping hand
And my father, after seeing my daughter-in-law and I struggle to survive without relying on them, knew that the prestige of parents in the past was not worth mentioning in front of the financial independence of their children.

All of this is that I clearly understand that the biggest bottom line for my daughter-in-law and I to bear is one child
One more child, I will have to beg my parents on my knees to come over to help, and my daughter-in-law will be depressed, or even go crazy
And my parents, will complain why I did not listen to their package, it is our fault, and they are the victims

The choice of a second child, be careful and careful, and now that I hear about a third child, I explode


Three-child birth policy is here

Suppose a woman that
Graduates from college at 21
falls in love at 22
Married at 23
Pregnant at 24
Has one child at age 25
One child in kindergarten at age 28, pregnant with second child
Have second child at 29
31 years old, first child in elementary school
32 years old, second child in kindergarten, third child
Age 33, third child
Age 35, second child in elementary school
36 years old three children to kindergarten
(Not to mention that the average person cannot keep up with such a fast pace)
Do you think it’s over?
No, the army of accompanying exams is coming!

39 years old, the first child to junior high school, the third child to elementary school
40 years old, a child in the middle school exams
42 years old one child to senior high school
43 years old, one child in June after the college entrance exams, the second child in September to junior high school
44 years old, the second child in the examination
46 years old, the second child will be a senior high school student
47 years old, the second child finished the entrance examination in June, the third child will be a junior in September
48 years old, the third child will take the midterm examination
50 years old, the third child to senior high school
51 years old, the third child senior high school entrance examination

After repeatedly experiencing three exams for the secondary school entrance exams and the high school entrance exams
(In between, you have to take care of elementary school homework and extracurricular tutoring)
By this time, you have gone from being a college graduate to a middle-aged woman who is over 100 years old (no career and no self)
Do you think it’s over?
No, a wonderful later life awaits you!

4 senior citizens, 9 grandchildren, 27 grandchildren waiting for you to take care of!