Can China produce its own masters?

The Chinese Communist Party has one of the best means of governance, that is, meetings. There are many meetings throughout the year, some meetings, nothing to find a reason to meet, the so-called “Kuomintang taxes, the Communist Party will be more”, in fact, the Kuomintang taxes are also the Communist Party said.

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party held a very long meeting called “the 20th academician conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the 15th academician conference of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the 10th national congress of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology”, and Xi Jinping instructed at this conference that efforts should be made to create a group of top scientific and technological talent with world influence. Cultivate more high-quality technical and skilled personnel, skilled craftsmen, and great craftsmen. He even asserted: “Our education is capable of producing masters, we must have this confidence!”

Scientific research and application of the “neck”, now to call for “masters”, late how late ah? It takes at least 20 to 30 years to train a master, not to mention that China does not have the soil to train a master.

Can the Chinese Communist Party produce its own masters? Just look at the number of Chinese who have won the Nobel Prize. In the generation of Yang Zhenning and Li Zhengdao, all the Chinese who won prizes were educated in the United States, and only in recent years, there was one Tu Youyou. Tu Youyou invented the proprietary Chinese medicine, artemisinin, which of course can only be produced in China. Her contribution is not primarily academic, but socially beneficial. Her research does not have the scope for widespread application like Yang Chen Ning and Li Zhengdao and theirs.

Tu Youyou is a successful scientist, but whether she is good enough for the title of “master” is open to debate.

The key to a country’s ability to produce its own masters lies in the education and academic system, and in the full freedom of the educational and academic environment. Respect for objective laws or subjective will, respect for knowledge or governors, respect for the quality of education or political requirements, respect for academic freedom or respect for uniform regulations, determines whether a system can produce masters.

In Chinese colleges and universities, university-level leaders are engaged in politics, department-level leaders are looking for money, and professors are pulling projects. A senior provincial Communist Party official once lamented that he spent five tenths of his time in political study, four tenths in maintaining stability, and one tenth in finding money. By extension, the same is probably true for school leaders in Chinese universities. Now that the whole country is learning the history of the Party, schools are more focused on brainwashing students, and the president and secretary spend five tenths of their time on political study, four tenths on relations, and one tenth on finding money, so how much time is left for academic research?

Education and scientific research are not blowing breath on the overnight, are to be immersed for a long time, generation after generation accumulation, laying a good foundation, popular in order to improve. The British and American countries have spent one or two hundred years on academic research, and all disciplines have a solid foundation to improve on the original foundation, which is the result of the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom. Without a strong foundation, the so-called education and scientific research are just towers on sand, mirrors, and self-indulgence.

Since the reform and opening up, the Chinese Communist Party has been eager to take shortcuts to overtake the world, instead of being down-to-earth and taking one step at a time. Academically, they learn what they can, buy what they can, steal what they can, and try to eat a fat meal in one bite, doing everything they can.

Because of the greed for more and faster, no real effort, greedy for cheap to save trouble, steal the scientific research results of others, change the face, become their own, turn out to brag to the nation, but in fact, no effort to build a good solid academic foundation. How can we produce academic masters on such a superficial and absurd foundation, when counterfeits and fakes have become a market and the sky is full of stars?

Since last year, the Chinese Communist Party’s expansionist ambitions and dirty tricks have been exposed by the United States and Western countries one by one, and Western countries have been on the alert, keeping their eyes on Chinese scholars and students. The number of Chinese students in the U.S. plummeted this summer, and the path of normal academic exchanges has not been smooth since then. With academic exchanges between China and foreign countries stifled, it is even more difficult to improve one’s education and academic standards.

Both education and academics need to be backed up by the national economy, and China’s economic downturn has become irreversible. With a poor economy and poor revenue, the government cannot spend as much money on education and research as it did in earlier years, and without money, it is hard to say how much enthusiasm experts and scholars will have for research as they lose motivation.

With the overall economic situation is not good, social consumption is low, private enterprises are suppressed, unemployment is serious, and in recent years, university graduates are unable to find a professional job in the right field. Many graduates from prestigious universities have applied for administrative jobs in city street committees, resulting in a large number of young people who are interested in the “lie flat” philosophy.

With the blockade of scientific research outside and the weak foundation of politics inside, it is really too early for China to train its own masters! The Chinese Communist Party always thinks that everything can be fixed through political study and propaganda brainwashing. If politics is the evil mother-in-law and academia is the young daughter-in-law, will masters fall from the sky in the long run?