In the foreseeable future, this child will have a difficult road to travel

Hengshui High School senior student Zhang Xifeng said: “I am a pig from the countryside, but also aspire to arch the cabbage in the big city! “Zhang Xifeng is the countryside pig, apparently not, Hengshui are just a pig, I do not know the county, fear not wild boar. The parents who pick up their children at the door of each vacation in Hengzhong drive a car that is basically not cheaper than 200,000. The majority of those who can get to the top of the Hennessy are the families that belong to the top part. This is just a chicken blood, Hennessy rich people do not want too much. The first two people have a suite of their own toys, and the latter one went to Tibet with people driving (not motorcycles) during the summer vacation in the first year of high school. Their mother group that a few either engaged in real estate or open beauty chain of rich women, the worst is also a county bank branch president.

After saying the family material, said the students, you think they are stupid to learn the last are learning to be stupid? It is true that there are two partial text will not be science, but they are fine to read the love of the cholera period, while discussing the plot while saying how to use the material. The few learners of literature from the Hunter’s Notebook to the common world and then to the stars and spring water and so on, the Ministry of Education to read dozens of famous books people have read down, seriously I have not read so many classic masterpieces, you think this is not a little family background people play up? This speech must not be taken seriously, this thing is the same as the leadership speech, is a language art, you take it seriously is stupid. They say they are a pig, just like the mother of Jia said their small family medium family almost, people are so a say you really believe it is silly.

The middle school students are young and emotional, in the three views shaping period, these inspirational speeches are very easy for them to internal ups and downs, indignation, resulting in a cynical mentality. I have often seen such motivational videos from schools like Hengshui, but have always been disgusted by them, they are like a pyramid scheme. I have no problem with Zhang Xifeng (the speaker in the title) himself, I’m just speechless at the format and content of this speech. Let them vow to work hard to overtake the city people in the future because they feel injustice? Make them feel extremely inferior first, then let them “know shame and then courage”? Is it education to distort the hearts of students and arouse their “desire for revenge”?

I have seen many people who come from poor backgrounds, and through their own efforts, they finally have a successful career and a little money, and then what? A lot of people have a problem! These people all have a common problem! I used to be poor, you look down on me, now I’m rich, I want to make up for my youth did not get all back! So they do not know what loyalty is, crazy cheating, playing with women. Live a life of paper and gold! In fact, they are not really rich, only in the new first-tier cities have a medium level.

The bull flying the plane said.

The foreseeable future, this child’s road is not good, because his life can not afford a little mistake, but his origin decided that he relies only on the skills to do, in addition to the family of origin can not give him the help of life road choice, then he faced the college entrance examination to choose a major, if not in 506 professional selection of computer such a human professional (of course, after he graduated computer is still not a human professional) It is not easy to say, finance his kind of family purely to go when the financial mineworkers), then when the time will only be another discouraging post, “985 engineering major is not as good as three law”, “why I do so good questions after graduation only three thousand a month”, “study useless theory” and so on, and then the child’s character will not be willing to accept the reality, go to extremes may also exist. In general, poor family of origin + personality radical + life several key road no one to point out the probability of stepping on the wrong point = this child finally 80% is a tragedy.

In addition, as said, the child received education and thought that he did not take himself as a person, nor the city cabbage as a person, in his eyes to raise their own Hebei is not worth staying is dragging his feet, the city is his imaginary enemy is a natural deficit to him, and yearning and hate. The city boys are his enemies and competitors, the city girls are the spoils of his revenge, the heart is extremely distorted and dark, very disgusted by this kind of people, exquisite egoists are said to be small

the author is very much in agreement with this view that

I don’t know if you remember his first speech, he said “one day, I want to let the opponents who despise me know that I want to let them say the three words themselves: you win! At that time, I thought he was very… I think he couldn’t let go of something, he wasn’t honest, he studied hard, but several of his speeches revealed a revenge mentality, he didn’t easily accept the worst results, indeed his eyes had stars shining, but the light Perhaps strength leads him not to see this land under his feet…

In the general Chinese context, “pig” and “cabbage “are commonly used in the relationship between men and women. So Zhang’s phrase gives a very uncomfortable feeling: women are used as resources. And the implication of this statement – even within resources – is that women in rural areas and small cities are inferior to women in big cities. So who are you to treat women as resources? What mistakes have rural and small city women made to be despised? What mistake did the women in big cities make to be mocked by you, a pig? So it’s no surprise that some people feel disgusted.

Want to change the fate of reading is just one part of the students who can study in Hengshui Middle School, the results should now be stable, but there are too many unknown options waiting for him, as long as there is a step wrong can not turn around, plus this student’s radical character may affect future decision-making, and family conditions if worse, it is easy to cause short-sighted, eager to pursue short-term interests. This is the experience of countless people with actual experience summed up, if you think this is full of nonsense, then you can continue to pour wonderful chicken soup, ignore those pragmatic and effective advice, in the network platform to vent their emotions.

This incident reminds me of about 2009, Peking University students, if you often hang out in the unnamed, you should remember a person called “agan (Agan)” ID. As far as I remember, this person was an undergraduate from a foreign university, and probably entered Peking University through graduate school. He seems to be a rural person in Hebei (Zhangjiakou??) I think he was from a rural area in Hebei (Zhangjiakou?), had no family, and then entered Peking University on a sleeper basis. When he came to Peking University and found so many beautiful talented women from well-off families, he probably had a complete breakdown of his psychological defenses, and often posted photos of his genitals on Peking University’s unnamed BBS. I don’t know why, seeing this Zhang students, I suddenly thought of that agan, so many years, I don’t know what he later went to