The justice of God is hard to deceive when one owes one’s life to sickness.

No one knows where Zhang Jujun is from. At that time, there was a man named Xu Jishan, who had been ill for a long time, so he purified his heart and made a vegetarian sacrifice to Mount Tai to ask for enlightenment, and he prayed day and night.

Suddenly, one day, a divine being descended and asked him, “Who are you? Why are you here praying bitterly to heaven and earth? Heaven has sent me to ask you, so you can tell me truthfully.”

Xu Jishan said, “I am Xu Jishan from Pinggu in the southeast, I have been ill for three years and have no medicine to cure me, I do not know what kind of sin I have committed, so I have come to Spirit Mountain to tell you and ask heaven to decide my life and death.”

The divine being said, “I am the immortal Zhang Jujun. I know the way of the I Ching, and I can tell where your misfortune comes from.”

Xu Jishan then worshipped the immortal again and asked, “I am grateful to the immortal for coming, and I would like to listen to his enlightenment.”

Zhang Jujun read Xu Jishan’s trigram and met the “Heng” trigram of “Zhen”. “Nine”, “six two”, “six three” three lines have changed. Zhang Jujun said, “You are a person who acts ugly and has no good thoughts, how can your illness be cured?”

Xu Jishan said: “Please explain the immortal for me.”

Zhang Jujun said, “You once traveled with a guest, and in order to avenge your father, you took that guest’s life, threw him into an abandoned empty well, and covered the mouth of the well with a large stone. This person went to the heavenly government to sue you, so the heavenly government used this disease to punish you.”

Xu Jishan said, “I have indeed committed the crime of murder.”

Zhang Jujun said, “Please tell me, why did you do such a cruel thing?”

Xu Jishan said, “My father had been bullied by someone and was ashamed of it for life. At that time I was going to take revenge with the guest, but then the guest turned against me and wanted to tell my enemy about it, so I killed him.”

Zhang Jujun said, “The truth in heaven and earth cannot be deceived; you should practice diligently, and I will ask for your life after I return to the Heavenly Palace.”

Since then, Xu Jishan gradually recovered from his illness.

Later, Zhang Jujun passed on the art of divination to Xu Jishan, who thus became good at the variation of the I Ching, but he did not learn Zhang Jujun’s secret formula to become immortal.

(Source: “The Legend of Dong Xian”)