A good man protects three villages

What is the little fool’s name, I still do not know. He is much older than me, I guess he is a student at the level of his elder brother and sister. I know him because he is a good fighter known far and wide. Those years in the north of the road around, do not know the little fool of the people, almost no one.

Little fool first not small, second not stupid. The reason for this name is that when he was very young, he had a reputation in the northern rivers and lakes, known for his bravery and fierceness. Because fighting without life, fighting like a fool, so called the little fool. As for his official name, no one mentioned it and it was gradually forgotten.

Little Fool’s debut was an accidental event. At the age of fourteen, his sister took him to see a movie. At that time, there were no formal cinemas in the area of Taihua Road, and they were all watched in the factory auditorium. A few round wooden piers with a wooden board nailed to them was a bench, which could sit seven or eight people. The auditorium was full of such short benches, men and women sat mixed to watch movies.

The little fool’s sister may be a little good-looking, the movie has not yet started, a scoundrel on his sister. The scoundrel’s name is Jin Bao, a street gangster of some fame. At the moment, Jin Bao leaned towards the little fool and his sister, and the people originally sitting on the low bench, hailed away.

The little fool did not know Jinbao, but could sense that this scoundrel was not an idle person. He stood up and pulled his sister to go, she just got up, Kimball pulled her hand. The little fool went up and pushed him, telling him to let go. Jinbao suddenly jumped up, just a foot, and kicked the little fool to the ground. And then no longer care about him, just on the sister’s hands and feet, the movie theater chaos.

The little fool got up in a daze, turned around and went out. Then he came back with half a brick in his hand, Jinbao let go of his sister, turned around and said: What? You little egg kid still dare to hit me?

He about to see the little fool is a child, it does not take it seriously, a little careless. The little fool jumped up high, jumped up and smashed a brick on his head. The force is so strong that Jinbao did not even say a word and fell to the ground.

Kimball did not come alone, a few of the boys see the situation is not right, they came over to hit the little fool. The little fool did not hide, riding on Kimball with a brick hit his head hard, the boys had no choice but to knock him unconscious to finish the job.

This is when the picket militia came, a understanding of the situation, each beat 50 big board, each see each person’s illness.

The little fool is not too big a deal, Jin Bao sent to the doctor, admitted to the six hospital, which is the only municipal hospital in the north of the road.

The next day, the little fool is at home, outside the courtyard stirring, the alley came a few people tall guys, clang clang smashed the little fool’s door, parents were terrified. The little fool went into the house and grabbed a watermelon knife, went out of the house and pulled open the courtyard door, and cut the head.

He is not to put on a show to scare anyone, he is really cut, to the death cut. A knife light and blood, several young men were cut to blood, clutching their heads and running. So the alley appeared a ridiculous scene: a 14-year-old boy wielding a knife, chasing several adults. The alleyway is full of blood.

That’s not all.

In fact, last night back, the little fool knew he had messed with the wrong people. Big brother and brother know this matter are scared half to death, because the other side is the East Road, Ziqiang Tongjiaxiang railroad new village around the famous villains, there are more than a dozen brothers under his command, the East of Beiguan leisure (read han) people are let him. The little fool family is honest, can not afford to mess with this shrew. So the two older brothers were scared. But Xiao Fuzi is not a coward, he grew up with the famous saying: nothing to cause trouble, something not afraid of trouble – he was not born to be afraid of trouble.

The little fool chased the offenders to the entrance of the alley, watched them scatter, he stood at the roadside for a while, thought, and went to the six courtyards with a watermelon knife.

The little fool carried a bloody watermelon knife, in the hospital ward by ward to find, the noise of the whole hospital alarmed. Jinbao is lying in bed, heard the commotion and got up to look at the probe, and his soul flew away. He ran away from the hospital, the little fool in the back, chased two streets, countless people saw the former mighty big brother’s head wrapped in gauze, was a half-grown child chased down the street in a bad way.

Jinbao managed to escape back home. He did not rest at home for an hour, the little fool came to kill again, with a knife and directly broke into the door. Jinbao look at this child’s face full of murder, know that is not a joke, so jumped out of the window to escape again — ass again by the little fool cut a knife.

It is said that after Jin Bao’s knife escape, his brothers yelled to gather people to exterminate the little fool’s family. Jinbao smoked for half a day, sighed and said: forget it.

The little fool became famous in one battle. Then he went to school with his backpack.

No one dared to mess with him in school before, and after this, no one dared to mess with him in school. Just because no one messes with him at school doesn’t mean no one messes with him on the street. But the little fool although never trouble, as long as the end of the war opened he went crazy, what can get in his hands is what, as for the possible consequences, never thought and no time to think about it, fight then.

Once in the village on the South Guo, he took on four people alone, holding a stabbing iron sticks, the other side beaten head bleeding, and fled in defeat. He hated Judea, the iron stick into the slowest guy running waist, the iron stick finger thick, the tip like a cone, the poor guy with a black iron stick running straight to the six yards, the injury is not fatal, the infection almost killed him.

The little fool is most talked about is the only guts, the rafters are particularly hard. He also has a famous saying: people do not walk on the road. He never called for help, not to gang up on the courage, regardless of how many people on the other side, single-handedly do it. Once he was beaten by a group of people, the other party is also ruthless, after knocking over the little fool, with a shovel directly shovel his head, the little fool’s scalp was shoveled open, witnesses said they saw the white skull gradually seeping blood, and then red. The shoveled scalp drooped, and the little fool got up and continued to fight like no one else. The other side collapsed and conceded on the spot.

Henan people have a saying: a spin of fine, two spin can, three spin fight without life. The little fool is three spins on the scalp. He also straight hand lines, is the palm of the line from the index finger to the little finger, a pass to the end. This kind of hand lines, hitting people do not know how lightly.

Gradually, the road north began to spread the rumor that there is a small fool, fight to the death. In the past, from time to time, there are still gangs to the alley around looking for trouble, but as soon as they heard that the little fool lives here, the gangs immediately disappeared without a trace. Moreover, nothing is lost in the alley anymore, even if anyone’s door is open, no thieves dare to come.

The little fool has gained the high respect of the neighbors. Mother to son, even his parents, felt the different attitude of the eastern neighbors and western houses. However, even so, he really is not the material to study, did not finish high school and went into the factory. In fact, at that time, secondary school students graduated to the countryside, the little fool two brothers went to the countryside, he went into the factory as a worker.

In the jungle, the little fool is notorious, but no one in the factory knows that he is the little fool. He was assigned to the front spinning room, the little fool is quiet, work hard, and discipline and obedience, is a rare good workers, the director likes him very much.

One day at lunchtime, everyone had a lunchbox, happily eating and chatting, two young workers did not know why they had a conflict, first arguing, then pushing and shoving each other. Little fool was a little annoyed, so he got up to persuade. Because he had just joined the factory, the workers were concerned about seniority, so the two young workers treated him like nothing and did not listen to him. The little fool has a bit of fire, he took out two sharp machetes from his canvas bag, one in the hands of the two. The youth workers froze.

The little fool: damn ×, play two ball miles two? Come on, cut, cut to the head, cut a dead one count one!

The workshop was silent for a while. Two young workers holding machetes hands straight shiver. Little fool: shame on you! Cut or not? Not to cut the mouth shut, which is a big bowl can not block the mouth? Damn ×, how many eight big dog miles? Eat!

He roared, the two young workers threw the machete, obediently squatting down to eat their own food, are honest.

Soon the group knew: he was the little fool – the little fool who fights to the death.

The workshop director did not know how to manage the little fool: say it is not, do not say it is not, like holding a hot potato. The little fool went to the director’s office, he said to the director: I am a worker, which should be how to make what to make. The director said we are all comrades …… little fool stopped the director not to let him say more, incomparably sincere statement: which put a hundred heart it director, as long as the factory door, I can not give a little trouble.

The little fool workshop has a female worker named Zhaodi, is the original factory capitalist Mr. Feng’s daughter. She has been very good to the little fool, everything to take care of him. Little fool called Zhaodi sister. One day he saw that Zhaodi was unhappy, so he asked Zhaodi: Sister, what’s wrong with you?

At first, Zhaodi did not say. In the little fool repeatedly asked, said the truth.

As mentioned earlier, Zhaodi has a younger brother named Xiaodi, who was studying in the factory school, but transferred to the city in high school. Little brother in the factory school, no one because of his family composition is bad to discriminate against him. But when transferred to the city high school, because the father is a capitalist, school teachers and students are bullying him, so little brother cried and wanted to transfer back to school. Little fool asked: how to bully him? Zhaodi said to beat int. The little fool asked if the fight was strong? The little fool asked if the fight was strong.

The little fool did not say anything, patted his buttocks and went to work.

In the evening, Zhaodi was doing needlework at home when someone suddenly knocked on the courtyard door, snapping and snapping. When he came out to open the door, he saw that it was the little fool, and he said, “What do you want?

The little fool said, “Sister, is little brother home? Let me take a look at him. The first time I saw him, I saw that he had injuries on his face and forehead. He said to Zhaodi: “Sister, you go back to the house, I and little brother to say a few words. The first time I saw him, he said, “I can’t listen to what he has to say. Little fool said: really can not let you listen. Sister you think I will harm my little brother?

So Zhaodi went back to the house. Through the window, she saw the little fool and little brother muttering half a day. When Xiaodi returned to the house, Zhaodi asked him, but Xiaodi refused to say anything.

The next day at work, the little fool nimbly finished the work at hand, and the director said that there is something at home, to take time off to go back. The director said back to it, do not come in the afternoon, to take care of the family business.

The little fool carried a canvas school bag on the factory door, on the bus. When he arrived at his little brother’s school, the concierge peeked out from behind the desk and asked who he was looking for. The little fool did not say anything, and came straight in on his own, and when the concierge rushed out, he saw him pull out a bunch of chains from the canvas bag, chained up the school gate, and then locked it with a lock.

The doorman stomped his feet and shouted: What are you doing? Little fool ignored the concierge, straight to the school building, while walking from the canvas bag pulled out three feet long wrapped in rubber iron bars. Each iron bar end has a screw bolt, one has a screw buckle, the little fool to three iron bars combined into one, and then tighten. At this point, he has gone up to the second floor, walked to the classroom door of Xiaodi’s class, pushed the door and went in.

The teacher is in class, saw the little fool asked: What are you doing, is the class int. Little fool took two steps forward and pointed at the teacher with an iron bar: stand still. I did not give the word, you dare to move I break your legs.

The class is scared silly, the atmosphere dare not come out. The little fool turned around and shouted at his younger brother: Who hit you? Point them out to me one by one. Little brother looked at his classmates and pointed out one by one. The little fool said: point out who, all stand up.

The students looked at each other, but did not move. The little fool swung an iron bar on the podium table, the table fell apart with a crash. Those students who had beaten Little Brother were stunned and stood up straight.

The little fool said: little brother, go over to slap the mouth, one person ten mouth.

So Little Brother went over and slapped them one by one. The classroom was silent, only the sound of a crisp slap. The teacher could not stand it: how can this be? He said he was about to walk off the podium. Little fool put the iron bar on the teacher’s neck: I told you to move?

The teacher did not dare to move. Little fool pointed to the teacher and asked little brother: He has beaten you?

Little brother hesitated for a moment, shook his head: hit me is the labor propaganda team. Little fool thought about it and said: this matter later. You have not finished fanning, then fan.

At that moment, the classroom door opened and several grown men were about to barge in. The little fool hit the door with a stick with a loud bang: want to die all come in! A few people were too scared to go inside, just outside the door and watched the little fool overseeing the little brother slapped mouth.

Little brother finished beating, looking at the little fool. Little fool asked: do you still want to fight? The little brother shook his head. The little fool said: that’s right.

He turned around and asked the students who had been slapped: Still bullying or not? The students said they didn’t dare anymore. The little fool took out a knife from the canvas bag, and when he raised his hand, the shiny knife flew to the blackboard, trembling slightly. The little fool said: next time you hit someone, which hand to hit, I cut off your which hand. Did you all hear that? The students covered their faces and said in a loud voice that they heard.

The little fool then called out to the little brother: where is the labor propaganda team? Take me there. He put the iron bar on his shoulder and led his little brother out of the classroom with a big swing. The men in the hallway, involuntarily leaned against the wall and flashed a way.

The office of the Labor Propaganda Team was at the west end of the building by the stairs. Hearing the commotion, three men wearing red armbands came out to see what was going on. The little fool took the iron bar off his shoulder and gestured: “Go in, go in, all go in. The three men looked at each other and obediently entered the house.

The little fool asked the little brother: Which one is it? The little brother pointed to a man with white hair at the temples. The little fool stared at the gray-haired man, without looking back and said: you two, get out. The two men ran away in a panic. Little fool handed the iron bar to the little brother said: you also go out, close the door.

Little brother carried the iron bar and walked to the hallway, the students gathered around the teacher clattered back a long way. Not long after, the little fool came out, he carefully and carefully closed the door, the expression is like a teacher just reprimanded students. He took the iron bar from his little brother and carried it on his shoulder, said little brother I’m leaving, you go to class.

The building is silent, the little fool before going downstairs, looking at the slogan on the wall, read it out loud: study hard. The day up.

This incident passed without a sound. It is said that after the little fool left, the public security came, listened to the teachers and students how to say, and listen to the little brother how to say. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Little brother until high school graduation, the school did not have a student dare to scold him a word.

At that time there was also an incident, the former spinning workshop director, the director of the little fool in the factory office meeting, pouring boiling water, a inadvertent table of Chairman Mao plaster statue touched the ground, clattered into pieces. The director’s face was white with fear, immediately bowed and apologized, and scrambled to clean up the mess. No one in the meeting room dared to speak. Tian factory director is a loyal person, said loudly that we all saw all can testify. This is an accident, accidentally not intentionally, we continue to meet.

The matter also passed.

Although most people in the factory are kind-hearted, but the forest is big what birds have, a few former rebel backbone heard about this, also do not know and the director has a personal vendetta, or ulterior motives, want to take the opportunity to make things, anyway, gathered a dozen people, shouting: “sworn to defend Chairman Mao” slogan, came to the front spinning catch the director, to parade the street criticism. They came rushing to the director’s office.

The door opened, the little fool carrying a machete in one hand, slowly walked out. The rebels froze, stood afraid to go forward, and did not shout slogans. The little fool stood like that, the machete in his hand shining. The workshop quieted down, as if the roar of the machines had disappeared.

The little fool said: I only count to three. One, two, ……

Just heard a clatter, people are running away.

Later, the little fool married the director’s daughter Xiaohui. And then later, Xiao Hui was pregnant. When Xiao Hui was in labor, the little fool and his sister used a tricycle to pull Xiao Hui to the factory staff hospital. The staff hospital is located on the west wall of the factory against Taihua Road. There is a car room there, for the convenience of the car specially repaired a steel fence gate. The little fool was pedaling three wheels, heard a clamor outside the iron fence gate, turned his head to see, many people running. One of the factory workers shouted at him.

Xiao Fuzi asked what was going on outside? The employee said: more than a dozen people beat Hesheng miles, do not know, beaten to death miles.

He Sheng is a workshop worker of Xiaoyuzi. Little fool jumped off the tricycle, said Xiao Hui I can not care about you, there is our sister in you are fine.

He flew over, jumped over the iron fence gate, and disappeared in a flash. When the little fool ended the battle and then rushed to the hospital, his daughter-in-law had already given birth, gave birth to a daughter.

As the saying goes, “If you walk by the river, you can’t get your shoes wet. The little fool who never wins eventually met his Waterloo, and it was because of a matter that he had nothing to do with the eight poles.

The daughter of a factory worker, working in the eastern suburbs of the national defense plant, the national defense plant has a military representative, the girl got pregnant, but the military representative has a wife in the field, so they do not admit it. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The poor girl had no choice but to find the unit leader to complain. The military representative in the national defense plant, the leadership not only did not give the girl support, but gave her a dismissal from the plant to stay on probation. The daughter could not think, drank dichlorvos at home, but fortunately found in time, the staff hospital and near, is considered to have picked a life.

The little fool heard this incident, his daughter is four years old, he loves his daughter, so although he and looking for the death of the girl’s father basically do not know, not to mention friendship, but he felt that the girl and the girl’s father must give an account.

The little fool, single-handedly, went to that defense factory and found the military representative. He went with an iron bar and a knife. But he ran into an unusual opponent.

The military representative was a scout, and he was not a master of his craft. Not only is he not the same as a street gangster, but the military representative is brave and resourceful.

He said to the little fool: you want to fight me alone? Okay, a man, put down those four or six not set of guys, the two of us in front of the crowd downstairs to see a high and low.

The little fool said: okay.

I did not witness the top fight, but I have listened to countless eyewitness accounts of the scene.

The little fool and the military representative were practicing under the office building, and there were hundreds of onlookers. It is said that the two of them fought for more than an hour, with the wind howling and the flesh flying. While they were fighting, the rain poured down. The two men fought in the mud and turned into two bloody and muddy men.

The little fool eventually won, and he beat the military representative into a vegetable.

As he staggered and stumbled out of the defense plant, thousands of people stood on both sides of the road, silent, watching him go.

The little fool was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. It would have been much worse for him. Because of the status of the other side, the military demanded that the case be court-martialed, however, the local judiciary strongly disagreed. The prosecutor’s office reasoned that if a soldier was prosecuted, he would naturally be court-martialed, and since the defendant in this case was a civilian, a court-martial would not apply.

In those days, the legal system may not have been sound, but the law enforcers still had a heart for fairness and justice. Had the little fool been court-martialed, he would have ended up eating an iron peanut.

After Xiao Fuzi was arrested, Xiao Hui stood in front of the workshop and said loudly to her sisters: He was in jail for ten years, I waited for him for ten years, he was in jail for twenty years, I waited for him for twenty years. If he is shot, I, Xiao Hui, will be his person for the rest of my life.

Xiao Fuzi spent nine years in Weibei Prison. According to his contemporaries, he was a big brother in the prison, and the prison warden spoke politely to him.

When I saw him again, he rented a counter in the Tangcheng Department Store on East Street to sell down jackets. At that time, I took a down jacket in my hand and was about to bargain with the vendor when he looked up and I recognized him.

I could recognize him, he did not know me. The little fool said with a smile on his face: I’ll give you a discount, the original price of six hundred, you want to buy to four hundred and eight on the line.

I said: on six hundred it. Little fool looked at me a little surprised, said: can be cheaper, can be discounted.

I said: I’ll take it, just six hundred.