Every step on the road to longevity

A messy home, eating without chewing a few bites to swallow, sloppy work, this is not only bad habits, but also affects the life expectancy of people. The British “Daily Mail” comprehensive 25 new studies and expert tips, summarized the amazing good habits that can make people live longer.

  1. Read a book upside down.

Dr. Marios Kyriazis, an American expert on aging, believes that: reading a book upside down stimulates the brain and promotes the production of new cells. Switching left-handed writing and listening to unfamiliar music has a similar effect.

  1. Do not touch the door handles of public toilets.

The door handles of public toilets are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, increasing the chances of illness. Hugh Pennington, Emeritus Professor of Bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen, UK, suggests that it is best to touch the lower end of the door handle with your fingertips when opening the door of a public toilet, or wrap your hand in a paper towel.

  1. Eat bananas often.

Bananas are rich in potassium, which has the effect of lowering blood pressure, preventing strokes and heart disease, and also helps to counteract the damage caused by excess salt in the diet. Experts suggest that to achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure, you need to consume 4.7 grams of potassium per day, which is exactly the amount of potassium contained in a banana.

  1. Practice deep squats.

Exercise physiologists believe that the squat can make the whole body muscle groups are exercised, the elderly practice squatting is the best exercise to prevent falls.

  1. drink tea every day.

Harvard Medical School scholars believe that the antioxidants contained in tea help protect blood vessels.

  1. drink yogurt when you are sick.

When sick, the body flora will be out of balance, increasing the chances of infection, if you drink more yogurt, the probiotics not only to maintain a healthy stomach, but also to strengthen the immune system.

  1. Floss every day.

Poor oral health can reduce life expectancy by 6.4 years and lay the groundwork for heart disease. And flossing every day has the effect of preventing diabetes and cognitive impairment.

  1. Practice breathing with a straw.

Spend a few minutes a day with a straw in your mouth, practice deep, slow breathing, can improve lung function and lung capacity, slow down the heart rate, lower blood pressure, slow down the aging process.

  1. home clean and tidy.

American psychologist Dr. Howard Friedman and Dr. Leslie Martin research found that: the majority of long-lived people seriously responsible for cleaning up their homes, because such people have higher levels of serotonin in the brain, which helps regulate eating and sleeping habits.

  1. Make healthy friends.

Healthy friends will give themselves good health habits. Published in the “New England Journal of Medicine” research shows: if the closest relationship with a friend suffering from obesity, even if he lives far away, himself suffering from obesity.

  1. love to plant flowers and plants.

Gardening work can protect cardiovascular, exercise muscle flexibility and strength, etc., 1 hour of gardening work is equivalent to a 5-mile walk (about 8 km). If the body is not suitable for physical exercise or bad weather, you may want to plant flowers and plants.

  1. eat onions every day.

Eat about 80 grams of onions a day to reduce the risk of colon, rectal, throat and ovarian cancer, the antioxidant content of which can prevent inflammatory reactions, but also to improve immunity.

  1. Do not put the fruit in the refrigerator .

If tomatoes, watermelon and grapefruit are left at room temperature, their beta carotene content is twice as high as if they were stored in the refrigerator, and the lycopene content is increased by 20 times, which can improve the health benefits of fruits.

  1. close relationship with parents.

Harvard Medical School study found that people who are not close to their parents, 91% of them will suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease or alcoholism in middle age, good family relationships have the effect of promoting physical healing and improving survival.

  1. no beer belly.

Waist circumference can show the amount of visceral fat, if lying flat with a beer belly, indicating that there is too much visceral fat, which will shorten your life expectancy.

  1. Sunbathing.

Experts recommend that people over 60 should take 10 micrograms of vitamin D daily and get 20 minutes of sunlight to improve immunity and bone health.

  1. grin.

Robert Provine, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of Maryland, believes that humor can increase the number of immune cells in the body. Laughing can increase blood flow by 20% and reduce the risk of heart disease. Even if you pretend to grin, the body releases pleasure chemicals that contribute to physical and mental health.

  1. Work hard.

Studies have found that challenging work, active hard work and a sense of accomplishment after completing tasks can promote longevity and prevent premature death.

  1. Dare to tell the truth.

Lying can make the heart rate and breathing speed up, reduce digestion, causing muscle and nerve fiber tension, while people who do not lie rarely have mental health problems (such as mental tension) and physical discomfort (such as sore throats and headaches).

  1. Cook with less salt.

Most people consume 9 grams of salt a day, 3 grams over the health standard. If you put less salt in each meal, the chance of having a stroke drops by 13 percent and the risk of heart disease drops by 10 percent.

  1. Couples appropriate mix .

A University of Michigan study found that couples who forcefully suppress their anger are 25 percent more likely to die prematurely, and can also cause high blood pressure, insomnia, heart disease and cancer. The appropriate tête-à-tête can instead release feelings and relieve stress.

  1. Chew each mouthful of rice 20 times.

A study released at the International Congress of Endocrinology shows that chewing less will make people eat more food, doubling the risk of type 2 diabetes, while chewing well helps digestion and absorption.

  1. twist the body.

Harvard Medical School psychiatrists found that even a small amount of exercise activities, such as twisting the body from time to time, but also to promote brain growth and prevent cell degeneration.