Under the roasted white, should be padded with plum or sprouts

26 years ago, my father went out to study medicine, before leaving my grandmother borrowed some money from neighbors, bought two pounds of meat from the vegetable market, and made my father a meal of roast pork. My dad later always recalled that meal of meat, said that he was the best taste he had ever eaten roast white, and then he came home from his studies, and asked my grandmother to make a few roast white, he tasted every time, and finally shook his head and said: “still a little short of flavor. “

My father loved to eat roast pork, he was studying medicine in the north, two or three months to get a restaurant, where the menu “roast pork” called The menu there is the “baklava” called “button meat”, later we talked about this at the dinner table, my father’s mouth just wrapped in a mouthful of baklava, said. “The northern roasted white beneath the pad of plum vegetables, our side of the pad is Yibin sprouts, plum vegetables which is better than sprouts, chewing up soft, not as crisp as sprouts, but also not as sweet sprouts. The bao bai below is to pad sprouts is right, the meat and vegetables together into the mouth, and soft and hard, and comfortable miserable well. “

My grandmother listened, squeezed him “I cooked for you that year, the use of roasted white is not Yibin sprouts, is my own pickled mustard, so many years you are not saying that the meal roasted white is the most delicious, and now say Yibin sprouts is the most delicious. “

My father is eating mouth full of grease, listen to this, laugh out of a face fold, said “that is not the same, the home pickled certainly more delicious than the outside sale, I said so just an analogy. “

My grandmother only laughed at this and stopped talking.

Before going to college, my grandmother also made me a roast white. The meat was chosen from the best piece of meat on the belly of the pig, and the sprouts and pickles put in were specially pickled by my grandmother for a long time.

I would later eat this roast pork together as a family, but when the meat was brought to the table, there was only a small bowl. My grandmother said to me: “This roast white can only you eat, we have to watch you eat it all, when your father went out to study before, I also watched him that bowl of meat to finish. “My dad also said next to me: “Your grandmother specifically made only one person’s share, I’ll see if you can eat the taste that I ate back then. “

I picked up a piece of meat, put it in my mouth, I think it is not much different from the usual home made. After the bowl of meat, my dad asked me how I felt, and I said there was no difference.

He laughed and said, “When you go out you will know, then you will know what this bowl of roast white is a taste. “

Before getting on the bus, about one of my best friends, we went to a restaurant. In the street randomly selected a ramshackle-looking restaurant, on his closest to the station, we went to the meal time, we squeezed in a group of construction workers, sanitation workers inside, all around the sound of talking, but a word can not hear clearly, can barely hear clearly, but also the waiter aunt pointedly reported the name of the dish. In that twenty square meters of space, only my friend and I looked at each other speechless.

We ordered two dishes that day, and with the two steaming dishes, we ate up two bamboo buckets of dry rice. One of the dishes was bai bai, we both like to eat bai bai, we respect sprouts as king, if we came across bai bai without sprouts, we would jump up with bowls to go to the boss to argue “you a Sichuanese why do not put sprouts in bai bai? “

But that day we ate the bai bai with no sprouts underneath, all salty, not at all crunchy, not at all sweet. If it were usual, we would have put down our chopsticks and left. But that time we dawdled for half an hour, and no one complained that the baiji was not good.

Finally, my friend pushed me and said, “It’s not like we’re never going to see each other again, it’s so depressing. “At that time, the restaurant was noisy, I did not hear, let her say it again. She almost roared out the words in a somewhat sad atmosphere, I suddenly felt some funny, she saw me laugh, also followed the laugh.

I said, “Let’s go! This rotten burned white, point are not good, and thanks to you to eat so long. Have not gone yet, the tastebuds have defected to this extent. “

She said: “I’m just giving you a break, if I hadn’t said that, you might have tears in your eyes right now. “

“Get out! “

She sent me to the train station, before we got on the train we hugged, said “keep in touch”, turned around I went into the station.

The first time we contacted each other, we slowly became less talk. The two of us did not see each other again when we went home during the summer and winter. Now I go to the restaurant, eat roasted white when, will also think of her.