If the future is uncertain how much is the right amount to pay

I have been asked if I want to give if I don’t see a certain future.

I can only say that not every kind of giving is in pursuit of results. Sometimes in the way of giving, can harvest, is clear to see what they want, or do not want, which is not a valuable result. The fate will be generous to the gentle and sentimental people, better than a cold heart.

Someone asked me if I should go to a strange city for a person.

I can only say that sometimes you are not in love with a person, you just fall in love with a life, you want to fantasize about the life of such a person. So no matter which city you stay in, this life will always exist in your heart, and that person may have changed his or her name. Instead of saying you are doing it for a person, you are doing it for your own selfishness. Sacrifice always sounds great, but who can ask for nothing. If you see what you want, you will be able to leave in peace, and you will be willing to quench your thirst.

Some people ask me if I should wait.

I can only say that waiting is one of the most beautiful gestures in love. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. If you just stand still and become a monotonous and repetitive life, it will fail the meaning of waiting and become another selfishness, a laziness waiting to be redeemed, and lazy people never have the rich and peaceful life they fantasize about.

Someone asked me how I should spend my moments of loneliness.

I can only say that if no one can help you, then all you can do is to try your best to help other people. It’s a wonderful world, we always receive help from others by chance, and the giver is often stronger than the receiver. Become a person who gives more than you receive, and when you become powerful in some sense, loneliness will no longer be a torment.

Some people ask me why I can’t control my feelings.

I can only say that we are not born to meet someone, not to exist for a certain A B C D mood. We must have a deeper meaning in this world, even if we end up with a life of nothing, there must be a shining moment to see some revelation hidden in it. Perhaps the presence of certain people will briefly control your heart, but in a long life, these are only a brief fragment.

No matter what you ask me, no matter what I say, there is really no point other than to give you a slight sense of peace.

What a person is like, he or she was that way a long time ago, just you did not find it, no one will change overnight, all the results are the superposition of one self-choice after another.

And words are the most humble thing that can change nothing