When a tumor patient lives in the neighborhood

After 7 months, there are still faint marks on the wall. An owner said, now, the unit building smoke alarm, every week will also be triggered by the hotel occupants three or four times, “the property can not control. “

The fully loaded elevator closed its doors.

Corner, there are several pairs of eyes measuring the last four people to enter, the line of sight fell on the wrist at the hospital logo wristband. A woman rolled her eyes, hummed a breath out of her nose, put a and its waist-high young boy tightly around, “Do not move! “

The 8th floor is here. When the elevator door opened, the colorful banner of “xx Hotel” came into view. Two elderly people walked out.

Since 2017, located in the Jinshui District of Zhengzhou, Henan Nie Zhuang relocation area, some “second landlord” will be residential The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Because of the proximity of Henan Cancer Hospital, Henan Chest Hospital, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, these cheap hotels have a steady stream of customers.

Due to the limited hospital beds, many patients with long treatment cycles and accompanying family members have become “familiar customers” here.

However, their arrival was also opposed by some owners.

In October last year, the conflict reached a high point, and some people even painted “Patients who live here! Sickness is not good,” “money hundred (white) spend” “Death” and other curse words in red and black paint.

After 7 months, there are still faint marks on the wall. An owner said that now, the unit building smoke alarm, every week will also be triggered by the hotel occupants three or four times, “the property can not control. “

A number of owners said that in this “supernumerary inpatient department” of patients and accompanying family members, the contradictions between the owners and hotel residents, still undercurrents.

“This place does not exclude patients”

How many hotels are there in the Niezhuang resettlement area? It is difficult to count.

Anyway, when you stand outside the building and look up, there are more white sheets and covers drying on the balcony than potted greenery.

The former Niezhuang resettlement area (hereinafter: resettlement area) was formerly known as Niezhuang Village, with a population of about 2,300 people, and was once a famous “urban village” in Zhengzhou, which was demolished in 2012. In 2017, the resettlement was basically completed.

The villagers who were given more houses than they could live in were taken out of trust. The people outside contracted down and transformed the house into a hotel. “A security guard in the resettlement area introduced.

According to an agent engaged in housing trust services in and around the resettlement area revealed that the resettlement area of the community, B, E area of the hotel “especially”, only last year handed over the house The E area, two units in the first floor to 7 floors, “almost all hotels. “

The above-mentioned intermediaries mentioned that the hospital surrounding the basic existence of the district hotel to accept “sick” situation. “This is a common problem. Property owners know this situation, but not to prohibit. “

Several owners of Niezhuang B area told Xinjing News, a conservative estimate, the small area, at least 30 hotels opened. The “cursed handwriting” appeared on a 33-story unit building, there are more than ten hotels, scattered in the building more than ten floors.

During the lunchtime and evening rush hours, men, women and children carrying buns and steamed bread, cold vegetables, fruits and vegetables, and fresh meat were seen walking through the settlement. Some people had hospital identification wristbands on their wrists, most of which had a letter D in front of their bed number, which means the patient was not hospitalized.

Fang Mei, a 57-year-old rural general practitioner from Zhumadian, Henan province, has broad cheekbones, a pair of small square eyebrows and a low, one-piece ponytail tied to the back of her head. In April this year, she took over a hotel in Niezhuang B from a previous “second landlord”, with 20 rooms spread over two floors of the 33-story unit. The business license is prominently displayed at the front desk, and the scope of business states: accommodation.

Similar to other hotels in the resettlement area, the rooms are divided into large bed rooms and standard rooms, with private bathrooms at a price of 60 yuan per night or more. In order to save money, the vast majority of “long-stayers” will choose to share the bathroom with others, about 5 square meters of large bed room, Fang Mei generally asked for 40 yuan a night.

However, this price does not include the cost of air conditioning. If you want to turn on the air conditioning, you need to pay an additional 10 yuan. Each room has a TV, but it can not be turned on, “is a ‘prototype’, do decoration. “A guest said.

In the electricity above, although Fang Mei is calculating, but allows guests to use the kitchen without charge. The kitchen is a small stove with a 90 yuan tank of liquefied gas. Every ten days or so, she calls someone to change a tank.

A “long-stay guest” mentioned that the majority of hotels in the resettlement area to use the kitchen, is to pay a fee, the average price of 5 yuan a time. In this regard, Fang Mei said, the use of the kitchen are basically “sick”, “they do not use much gas. “They can not use much gas. “

In the opinion of the guest Zhao Qian, 40 yuan a night room, but also to provide everyone with a free stove, “satisfied. “

Zhao Qian arrived from Shihezi, Xinjiang, less than a week ago, and on May 9, he brought his mother, who was hospitalized at the Henan Provincial Cancer Hospital (hereinafter: Cancer Hospital) across the street from the community, to have lunch. It was Mother’s Day, so Zhao Qian bought some fresh beef and planned to improve the food for his 67-year-old mother.

Usually, Zhao Qian’s father stays in the hospital with him while he cooks three meals a day at the hotel and delivers them to his parents. Zhao Qian’s mother is suffering from moderately advanced stomach cancer. Earlier this month, a family of three came by plane from Shihezi to seek medical treatment. Zhao Qian took a long leave to accompany his mother to seek more treatment possibilities for her. Whenever he comes across other tumor patients exchanging their conditions in the hotel corridor, he likes to go over and “learn from them”.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“Some of the hotels outside, some of them do not welcome patients to stay. ” Gao Yong, who accompanied his wife Li Li to Zhengzhou for radiotherapy, said they were from rural Heze, Shandong Province, and planned to stay at Fang Mei’s hotel for five weeks, “where patients are not excluded. “

Seeing a doctor is more important than accommodation

In the afternoon of May 7, about 5 square meters of partitioned room, 61-year-old Li Li flexed her legs and lay on the bed. In the late afternoon, she had just finished her ninth radiation treatment.

With her thick ears and delicate skin, Li Li looks like she’s in her early 50s. But her bare head and the hospital wristband on her hand reveal her patient status. On the wooden table inside the house, there is a bucket of protein powder, a carton of pure milk, an open box of cookies, and a pocket of dates brought from her hometown. Under the table, a self-contained electric pot held dishes and a handful of garlic moss in a blue plastic pot.

The right wall on the hook, a short yellow-brown wig hanging in the innermost, Gao Yong said, wig price of 1100 yuan, purchased in a wig store west of the cancer hospital, “the boss does not allow bargaining, said the real hair, but I think not. “This wig, Li Li just wore more than two months, it began to fade,” you see, now the yellow is not pure, brown is not pure. “

In January this year, Li Li was detected early endometrial cancer, she had surgery in the cancer hospital. February, chemotherapy she lost almost all her hair.

The hair left together with the savings of half a lifetime. The couple made a living from farming in the countryside, and Gao Yong had been “floating north” for four years doing renovations to save a little money for work. Most of it, or to the 28-year-old son prepared bride money.

Now, Li Li is entering the radiotherapy phase. From April 26, she only needs to “bake electricity” five times a week, seven minutes each time, even bake for five weeks.

Li Li mentioned that, unlike chemotherapy, during radiotherapy, hospitals generally do not allow patients to be hospitalized, “because after baking electricity can go, the treatment time is just a few minutes, plus the bed is relatively tight. “

Naturally, the patients and their families in the radiotherapy period have become the key “concern” of the bosses of the surrounding district hotels.

Li Li in the cancer hospital outpatient lobby met the solicitor Fang Mei, the other handed her the yellow card written, “long term / short term / daily / can cook, 24 hours hot water, wireless WIFI …… “

Li Li couple live in a partitioned room, the window is dark window, without bathroom. The couple is staying for a long time, so Fang Mei gave them a discounted rate of 40 yuan per night. It is 5 yuan more expensive than the bed fee in the cancer hospital.

One radiotherapy session, seven minutes, costs 1,300 yuan. That’s 186 yuan per minute. “Li Li said, nearly four months, her medical expenses have been more than 130,000 yuan. Among them, chemotherapy three times hospitalized for 25 days, it cost 59,000 yuan. The good thing is that the New Agricultural Cooperative has reported 60%, radiotherapy has not yet closed, I do not know how much can finally be reported. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

In Gao Yong’s opinion, tumor patients around the hospital to find cheap hotels, is also a desperate move, “who do not want to live in better conditions, but to see the disease is important, live so well to do what? “

Gao Yong knocked on the wall above the bed and said, this is plasterboard, not soundproof, “but than the hospital quiet. At least the accompanying family members can lie in bed and sleep. “

Curse words appear on the wall

Monday to Friday, every day, Gao Yong accompanied Li Li to the cancer hospital three times.

8 a.m. to 9 a.m., Li Li to play a dose of anti-thrombotic “belly injection”; 12:30 p.m. or so, the need for radiation therapy 7 minutes; 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., and then to At 8:00 to 9:00 p.m., she will have another dose of injections. On weekends, radiotherapy is suspended, and the injections are administered as usual.

Every weekday, the couple takes the elevator to their unit at least six times. Many radiotherapy patients follow a similar path.

So, during the lunchtime and evening peak traffic, the two elevators in the unit building with more hotels in the resettlement area were not busy at all. The elevator room on the first floor was crowded with people waiting to go upstairs. Among them, there are owners, tenants, hotel owners, take-away riders, and more patients and their families wearing hospital “Class D” medical wristbands.

In the crowd, the patients and their families were very well identified. Before the wristband into the eyes, often wheelchairs, hands on the back of the indwelling needle, hanging on the body of the urine bag, carrying in the hands of the hospital light film ……

“Many times, the owners themselves can not squeeze on the elevator, they (patients and accompanying family members) are stronger than you. Some people also smoke and spit in the elevator. “Miao Miao, the owner of the unit building where Fangmei Inn is located, said.

Miao Miao’s family moved back into the house in 2017. Miao Miao said, since that year, the district’s inn more than a year, the unit building smoke alarm to sound three or four times a week, many stairwells, fire escape day and night by the inn’s drying rod occupied.

“Basically, they are triggered by the hotel occupants, at first the child is very afraid, a ring to run out. Now do not run, get used to it. “Miao Miao said.

Last October, the unit building “famous”.

Overnight, the walls of the door building, elevator room, stairwell appeared in red and black paint: “dead” “Patients who live here! Sickness is not good” “Money hundred (white) flowers”.

Emotions jumped on the walls, all curse words.

“For this matter, many local media have come. “Miao Miao thinks that this is because some owners “really can not stand it ” to vent their frustration in this way, “but I do not know who made it. “

The first to complain to the property is the owner of the inn. “They are worried that such a mess, how else to do business. “A security guard in the district recalled that the handwriting was quickly erased by the property staff, but since then to date, similar handwriting has never appeared again.

Miao Miao’s neighbor Yang Shuai said that some owners have reflected through various channels “community hotel” problem, but still have not seen the rectification. The epidemic is not over, and now there are still so many patients coming in and out every day, without registration, without scanning the code, without taking the temperature, and some are hanging urine bags, in case there are infectious diseases? Security guards also do not care. “

“supernumerary inpatient department”

In the eyes of Nie Zhuang E area owners Xiao Zhuang, the community has become a few hospitals nearby “supernumerary inpatient department”. These patients come to stay in the community as if they were in no man’s land. Adults and children do not dare to go downstairs easily unless they must, not to mention running and walking under the cell. “

Xiao Zhuang also mentioned that the community is adjacent to (less than 3 minutes walking distance) Henan Provincial Chest Hospital, many owners worry that the free access to the community of “outsiders”, there are Patients with tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

Xiao Zhuang joined the “neighborhood hotel” rights defense WeChat group, the group of 32 owners regularly to the property, the village committee, the street office, the media, the mayor hotline complaints to reflect. The group’s 32 owners regularly complain to the property, village committee, street office, media and mayor’s hotline.

The mayor’s hotline, each time reflecting many problems, these problems involve public security departments, fire departments, health departments, industry and commerce departments, tax departments, etc., after the complaint, the hotline will be assigned to a number of departments to implement and investigate, and then according to the investigation and handling of the situation respectively to reply. “The group’s active owner Xiao Li said.

In recent months, members of the group have received responses from the mayor’s hotline, such as: the owners complained about the small hotels have obtained health permits, and acceptance of qualified, and also signed a laundry contract with the fabric company; the health department has verbally informed Niezhuang E district epidemic prevention and control, requiring hotel operators to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, requiring property owners to carry out disinfection work on elevators… …

“If the problem is only solved by regular disinfection, it is far from enough. “Xiao Li believes that the district is residential in nature, each unit building has only two passenger elevators, the hotel will be sick guests generated by the domestic waste into the garbage cans through the elevator to carry, to the residents of the risk of contracting disease.

In addition, in Xiao Li’s opinion, the community hotel use of cloth are not strictly disinfected, “only in the room, stairwell and fire escape and other public areas for cleaning and drying, not in line with the hotel health management methods. Also continue to complain. “

Xiao Zhuang mentioned that before this year’s Spring Festival, the district of a property owner because of the opening of a hotel affects the life of the former to find the boss “theory”, after the two sides had a physical confrontation, “also reported to the police. “Also reported to the police. “

The owner of a hotel in the E district of Niezhuang revealed that the hotel in the district is actually a “bed and breakfast”. “The owner really does not want to see the doctor to live inside. “It mentioned that the community has access control, access are required to swipe the card,” but follow the others (residents) to come in on the line, the security guards generally do not ask. “

The above-mentioned boss suggested that access to the community or need to pay more attention to avoid extraneous, “do not let the security guards see medical records, medical bills and wrists on the hospital ring. “

The two security guards within the settlement said that they are under the management of the property, but the property did not let it prohibit the hotel guests to enter. “Just do not worry about this idle. “A security guard said.

The Xinjing News reporter learned from Nie Zhuang B, E area of the property staff, since last year received complaints from the owners so far, the property has been communicating with the owner of the inn through the village committee, is still in coordination. “After all, we are not law enforcement, can not let people directly move away. “A property personnel said.

Another property staff mentioned, in the small area to open a hotel, some “is outside the people”, some are villagers. “Not very good management, this problem is not a short time to solve. “

Difficult to solve the problem

Inn wet sheets, covers hanging on the folding drying rack, part of the blocked in the stairwell, occupying the fire escape. Far from the window white, only slowly shade dry.

“Please help me collect photos like this, occupying the fire escape (of). “In the afternoon of May 14, the owner Xiao Li spoke in the community rights group,” everyone shoot when you remember the floor, if more photos like this is best, together with complaints . “

Gao Yong said, moved in nearly half a month, did not smell the smell of disinfectant water. The corridor is not, the room is not, the common bathroom is also not, “so many patients live here, in fact, should be disinfected. When living in the hospital, the cleaners at least twice a day disinfection. “

“Buy disinfectant water, shall not spend money? The owner also has to consider the cost. “Li Li said.

“Spray with alcohol, it does not cost much money. “Gao Yong does not think, ready to go to the hospital pharmacy one day to get a few bottles of alcohol back, their own disinfection of the room.

But health is obviously not Gao Yong’s primary concern, can have a cheap place to stay near the hospital, but also can cook, he has been “very satisfied”.

However, for the owners of the resettlement area, the community space is not unlimited, the hotel solicited a large number of outsiders, taking away some of the resources that belong to the owners, affecting their daily lives. “Patients should live where patients should live, not in residential neighborhoods. ” said one owner who has repeatedly spoken to the media.

According to local media reports, as early as September 2019, in order to eliminate safety hazards, Jinshui District Future Road Street Safety Supervision Office, District Fire and Rescue Brigade and the district police station had conducted a joint operation to focus on unlicensed small hotels within the Niezhuang resettlement area, and 11 small hotels were shut down.

In October last year, the property manager of Niezhuang E District said in an interview with Henan Radio and Television that the small hotels in residential buildings had been privately “converted to business” and had not passed the fire inspection and reported to the public security department. Fire inspection and acceptance and in the public security department to report, “because they are 100 percent is not in line with the regulations. “In this regard, the Jinshui District Urban Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of a law enforcement officer said, if the nature of small hotels to rent rooms to residents, the two sides signed a normal lease contract is allowed, but if you open a hotel to operate. “This is not compliant. “

May 21, the future of the Road Street Office of a staff member surnamed Li told Xinjing News, Nie Zhuang resettlement area belongs to the state-owned land, land planning nature for residential compatible business, “(open hotel) specific compliance still need to further understand to various departments. The situation is somewhat complicated, because it involves multiple departments. “

Street also have difficulties. Future Road Street Office of a staff member surnamed Geng said, “the street office often work overtime to check the health of the hotel, fire and other situations, to verify the license, but only to play a supervisory role, no enforcement powers. Just urge the (hotel) without a certificate to do the certificate. (Hotel) responsible for more difficult to find, the card is also more difficult to do. “

“In the residential building to open a hotel, certainly not appropriate. “Nie Zhuang village party branch of a staff member told the New Beijing News, in recent months, the village has been responding to the residents of the relevant complaints, and there have been business, fire, police stations and other units to the resettlement area joint law enforcement, inspection of the hotel opened in the residential building, is still being resolved. “For the time being, there is no result. “

“Governance is difficult. When you go to check, the inn (owner) said they have a permit. “Nie Zhuang village party branch of another staff member said that residential buildings are not allowed to open a hotel, but most of the hotels in the resettlement area have both a business license and a health license. “I wondered how (the license) is how to get down. Health, fire facilities, if you ask me, can not meet the conditions. “

The owner Xiao Li mentioned that through the platform of public review, beauty group, etc., you can book many hotels in the area, “we are also recently complained to these platforms reflect that these hotels do not meet the appropriate qualifications. “

Xinjing News reporter query found, “hanging in” the above-mentioned platform on the district inn uploaded business license shows that The “business type” is mostly individual business, in the “business scope: accommodation services ” followed by a supplement with brackets: “projects subject to approval in accordance with the law, approved by the relevant departments before business activities can be carried out “. The seal of Zhengzhou Jinshui District Market Supervision Administration (formerly Zhengzhou Jinshui District Business Administration and Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau) is printed after the license registration authority.

In this regard, two staff members of the Zhengzhou Jinshui District Market Supervision Administration told the Xinjing News that the business license of business households within the Niezhuang resettlement area is audited and processed through the Future Road Market Supervision and Management Office in the district.

A staff member of the Future Road Market Supervision and Administration told Xinjing News that if you want to open a hotel in Niezhuang resettlement area, you can enter the Zhengzhou Government Services Network to provide the appropriate information online application, “immediately after uploading the audit, without on-site audit. “

Future Road market supervision and management of the Yang surnamed director, according to the 2014 Henan Provincial People’s Government issued the “Henan Province to simplify the residence (business premises) registration procedures,” Article V, the registration authority to the applicant to submit proof of residence (business premises) use of the implementation of the formal review. “not to review the legal use of the residence (business premises) and the use of the function. “

“As long as the applicant submits materials in line with the procedures, now are submitted online for review. We are not authorized to go to the site to see. “Director Yang said the inn belongs to special industries, business license is only one of the basic documents engaged in the operation of the inn, obtain a business license does not mean that you can directly operate, but also need to obtain a health license, tax registration certificate, special industry licenses, fire inspection and other qualified opinions Related documents, “(the applicant) specific to do what, behind the permit unit to review. “

Director Yang also mentioned that if operating a hotel without a license, according to the “methods of investigation and punishment of unlicensed and unlicensed operations,” the operator has not obtained permission to engage in business activities, by the laws, regulations, decisions of the State Council departments to be investigated and punished, “before the street office has organized joint law enforcement, found that some hotels The license is complete, and some are not complete. But we (units) do not have the power to investigate and outlaw, just say with law enforcement. “

Silent response

Fang Mei’s hotel, opened seven months ago “cursed handwriting” had appeared in the unit building. Now, people can still identify individual fonts from the marks on the walls of door blocks and stairwells.

The pattern of the unit building is one floor four households, she contracted two floors, with a common kitchen floor, three-quarters of the space belongs to her, the remaining quarter, belongs to another homeowner. Fang Mei said, now, there are also tenants living there.

Just a few days after taking over the hotel, Fang Mei found that the tenants on the same floor always threw their garbage into the big green garbage can in the elevator room, which belonged to the hotel. She hurriedly put a handwritten “warm reminder” on the wall above the trash can: “XX tenants, please. “XX tenants, please do not throw garbage into this garbage can, this garbage can is the hotel special. If you throw again to catch a fine of 100 yuan! “

Tenants also “not to be outdone”, in their own front door of the spring couplet, glued a A4-sized print “notice”: “non-residents of this room is prohibited to enter, violators are found as theft, directly handed over to the police to deal with. “

Entering May, Zhengzhou gradually hot, Gao Yong in the room can not be bored, often wandering the corridor to breathe, he did not quite understand the contradictions between the boss’s wife and the tenants, but always away from that “notice “far away.

Now living in the inn patients and family members, most of them are new customers since this year, and do not understand the kind of intensified strife that occurred previously. Even when they notice the non-kindly stares from the owners, they respond in silence.

After all, the changes in their health and the expenses of medical life have taken too much energy. The unseen “war” is not only fought in the “supernumerary The “war” is not only fought in the “supernumerary hospitalization department”, but also in the patients’ bodies.

When he first met with Deng Xiaofang in the kitchen, Gao Yong learned that she was 49 years old, from Zhoukou, Henan Province, suffering from early-stage breast cancer, and had gone through several stages of chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, re-chemotherapy and re-radiotherapy. “You still have hair! “

During radiation therapy, patients generally do not bathe to avoid washing away the “target area” outlined by the doctor. “Look, the purple line. Li Li lifted up her shirt and pointed to the lower abdomen, where there was a clear cross.

Deng Xiaofang’s “target area” is near the clavicle above the left breast. “If you wash off, redraw, and have to pay. “

Before the radiotherapy xie, the doctor advised Deng Xiaofang, a little earlier in the hospital near the booking of a good hotel. Due to the limited number of beds, can not stay in the hospital. Before finding this hotel, she and her daughter had a few days in an old district in the hotel, 60 yuan a night, “no elevator, living in the 4 floors. Tired of climbing the stairs, dirty, but also more expensive than this. “

“There are all kinds of patients in the hospital, these patients come directly from the hospital every day, and you do not know what kind of disease. The owner Miao Miao is speaking with the Xinjing News, came to a man looking for a hotel, “Do you know there is a xx hotel here? “

Miao Miao stopped complaining and asked him calmly in dialect, “Do you have a phone? “

“I called, said the basketball court side up. “

“You ask the boss how many units ……”

(To protect privacy, Fang Mei, Zhao Qian, Li Li, Gao Yong, Deng Xiaofang and the owner’s name are pseudonyms)