Let go of the three children I have immature small suggestions

1, it is recommended to delay retirement to 70 years old, Dink retired at 70, then have a child 5 years earlier, two children 10 years, three children 13 years, four children 16 years.

Calculate a ladder price, after all, you do not give birth to let the country lack of labor, then let you make up for yourself.

2, can I suggest, “Each family has the right to have three children, and then I only have one, rich families want to have 567890, you can buy my quota, a 500,000, to ensure that he was born until the male. At the same time to promote social economy, shorten the gap between rich and poor!

3, I suggest that there are two children, the high school entrance examination plus 10 points, there are three children, the first two babies each plus 20 points. Previously, it was a special student plus points, but now it is a “special student” plus points. There is no more pressure to study, and the family atmosphere is more harmonious. The love of the hand and foot is not divided, only the cumulative points.

4, the state allows two children for so long, many men are not interested, said the pressure. If the state allows marriage to the second house, you try, each is the strength of the faction, smashing pots and pans also have to marry, the birth of children also use your country to worry about, the second house is not harder than you?

5, or open a wife and husband it, three children three dads, we all reduce the burden of it

6, a man: the birth of three children, oh, I am still a spare tire!

7, the concept of three children have any stocks?

White wine ah! You give birth to a child shall not be invited to dinner, invited to dinner shall not drink?

8, ZF think, I do not buy Rolls-Royce, because of the purchase restrictions?

9, I said I can not afford to eat, they said I can eat three bowls of rice. When I am hard, the policy is even harder than me. Now the policy is soft, I am even softer than they are.

10, “If you look at this as a business, constantly hitting the old users, it only means they can no longer find new users.

Shame, we had treated that way in previous years, that visionary hero, returned his 7.48 million to people.