The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China discusses the opening of the third child and lying flatism

On May 31, a piece of news caught people’s attention. The official media reported that the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a meeting on May 31, which pointed out that the purpose of further optimizing the fertility policy, implementing the policy that a couple can have three children and supporting measures is to “improve the demographic structure of China, implement the national strategy to actively cope with the aging population, and maintain the advantages of China’s human resource endowment. “.

And just before that, on May 13, netizen economist Ren Zeping has already done the public opinion pavement. He said, the seventh census data shows that the aging, less children, not married to accelerate the arrival, the liberalization of childbirth can not be delayed, it is not possible to first liberalize the third child. He also suggested: implementing differentiated policies on personal tax deductions and financial subsidies; increasing the supply of childcare services and raising the 0-3 year old enrollment rate from the current 4 percent to 40 percent; further improving the protection of women’s employment rights; strengthening the protection of equal rights for non-marital births; and increasing investment in education and medical care to reduce the direct cost of raising children.

It seems that the CCP authorities are really anxious, otherwise they would not have discussed the issue of having children at the Political Bureau of the CCP Central Committee, knowing that the opening up of the second child in 2015 was only a decision of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, and now they can’t wait to hold the Plenary Session, they are shooting the board in a small circle of two dozen people in the CCP, which undoubtedly shows that there is indeed a big problem with China’s population, and what directly stimulates Zhongnanhai should be the results of the latest census.

Numerous analyses have long pointed out that the possibility of falsification of the contradictory census data is very high. The CCP statistics claim that the population in 2020 will soar by 11.73 million compared to 2019, a 151.2 percent increase that has not been seen since 2000, and when compared to the local authorities’ announcement of a decline in the population in 2020 compared to the previous year, it makes one wonder where the new population is.

Another overseas source quoted internal Chinese Communist Party sources as saying that the actual population growth in 2020 was more than 7 million, and that the Communist Party’s top brass had changed the figure to make the data look good. The enigmatic number of new elderly people and the inexplicable 30 million newborns tell the world that the census data is full of holes.

It is bold to speculate that the real figures are so appalling that the Communist Party’s top brass couldn’t wait to launch the policy of allowing three children, after all, one of the advantages of China’s rapid economic development was its abundant labor force. But in recent years, as the population ages and does not get married, more and more enterprises have encountered problems in recruiting suitable young people, which is undoubtedly a big blow to the economic development of the CCP.

One problem is that it has only been six years since the liberalization of the birth of two children in 2015 and now the liberalization of the birth of three children. Why have the fertility intentions of Chinese people, who are traditionally believed to be blessed with many children, not gone up with the CCP’s policy of liberalization? Official data show that after allowing for two children, the new population reached 8 million in 2016, about 7.37 million in 2017, and dropped sharply to 5.3 million in 2018, and only about 4.67 million in 2019, less than the level before the relaxation of the fertility policy. Following this trend, how plausible is it that the population will skyrocket by 11.73 million in 2020?

The above trend also means that the young labor force is getting smaller and smaller, while the proportion of elderly people who need to be supported by the whole society is getting larger and larger, and the pension gap is widening, coupled with the inadequate health care system and pension system of the Communist Party of China, and the high social pressure, such as high housing prices, difficulties in employment and child rearing, young people are naturally not willing to get married and have children. Society is gradually moving towards a vicious circle.

Undoubtedly, the Chinese Communist regime, which never sincerely serves the people and takes their well-being into consideration, is the culprit that prevents young people in China from having children. As long as the status quo of Chinese people struggling to have children under the CCP’s rule cannot be changed, there will be no universal response to the CCP’s opening up of the second or third child, or the full opening up of childbirth.

The majority of posts on official media microblogs announcing the opening of the third child were negative, with some saying, “The problem is that none of them want to have children,” and others pointedly asking, “Will you help raise them?” Some also chortled, “Does the ZF think I’m not buying a Rolls Royce because of the purchase restrictions?” As for those supporting initiatives proposed by Ren Zeping to encourage childbirth, one is that most of them will never work in the short term, and one is that it is hard to say whether they can be put in place, so it is doubtful to what extent they can encourage more births. If the CCP really wants to solve this problem, it might as well lower the price of housing significantly and provide free health insurance and pension insurance, but can the CCP do that?

Just before the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo launched the policy of opening up to three children, the “lie-flat doctrine” became popular on the Internet. In a web article called “lying flat is justice”, the author, “good traveler”, wrote: “more than two years without work, all playing did not feel anything wrong”, life pressure mainly comes from the comparative competition. It is reported that his monthly consumption control in 200 yuan, work one to two months a year, the main work is to Hengdian Film and Television City lying, playing the role of a corpse. He is not idle on weekdays, will exercise, travel, adhere to the low consumption and slow-paced lifestyle. This philosophy of life is called “lying flatism”.

As soon as “lie flatism” was launched, it was favored by many young people, who emphasized not to buy a house, not to buy a car, not to get married and have children, not to consume, to maintain a minimum standard of survival. Some people bluntly said, “Why bother? Paying such a high cost, you can only get the same, or even worse, experience as the original!” And behind it is not the dissatisfaction and silent protest against the chaos of the current Chinese society? Mainland netizens also understand this very thoroughly, saying “The Chinese Communist Party allows people to mock themselves as losers and leeks, but they are not allowed to say lying flat. The fundamental reason is that lying flat admits to experiencing social injustice.”

Although, “lying flatism” soon became the object of the Chinese Communist Party’s official media, after all, “lying flat people” has a lot of adverse effects on economic and social development, because China’s elderly consumption is seriously insufficient, if young people do not consume, facing the United States and Europe to decouple from it and need The Chinese Communist Party, which relies on domestic demand to boost its economy, will not be able to play anymore.

Faced with the “lying flat” people do not get married and have children, do not consume and even negative protests, what is the use of opening up the third child? The Chinese Communist Party, which does not want to cure the root cause, is just taking a placebo for itself, and the time has finally come to taste the bitter fruit it has brewed.