The CPC Political Bureau meeting decided how many children to have?

The Communist Party’s Xinhua News Agency reported that on May 31, the Politburo of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held a meeting to hear a report on major policy initiatives to deal with the aging population and considered the Decision on Optimizing Fertility Policy for Long-term Balanced Population Development, deciding that a couple can have three children.

Such an absurd and ridiculous decision is unprecedented in the world. In the 5,000 years of Chinese history, which court or emperor would have discussed such an unpleasant topic? The Chinese Communist Party has been in power for almost 72 years, and now it is trying to make a big deal out of the so-called 100th anniversary of its founding, not only to keep the Chinese people as cattle and horses, but also to continue to decide whether a life can come into the world.

The leaders of the CCP claim not to believe in God, but they regard themselves as masters above all. If the Chinese Communist regime really dominates the world, it will inevitably also decide whether the people of all countries will live or die, and whether children of all colors will be born.

The Chinese Communist Party, fearing that more people will compete for food, once decided that a couple could only have one child; after discovering that the labor force was decreasing, it had to liberalize the birth of two children; now, seeing that the number of people is actually decreasing, it is forced to allow three children again, but it dares not admit that the population is decreasing, but only admits that the population is aging.

At the May 31 meeting of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, it was said that dealing with the aging population is a matter of “high-quality economic development, maintaining national security and social stability.

The Chinese Communist Party has never cared about the well-being of the people. The top brass of the Communist Party has always been worried about the continuity and stability of the regime and whether personal authority will be threatened. Too many elderly people cannot improve productivity and become a social burden, not to mention serving as cannon fodder for human tactics and possibly causing social unrest, so the CCP is naturally concerned.

The CCP Politburo meets roughly once a month, and while there are many internal and external problems in mainland China, the CCP media only reported that the meeting studied the aging of the population and decided to allow the birth of a third child. This shows that the Politburo does not care about the livelihood of the people, but is always concerned about their own security.

At the press conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry on May 31, spokesman Wang Wenbin did not answer any questions about allowing the birth of a third child, and directly passed them to the so-called competent authorities. He should also feel speechless.

The CCP not only wants to control the life and death of the people, but also the thoughts of everyone and how everyone lives.

On May 31, Xinhua also reported that the magazine “Seeking Truth” published an important article by Xi Jinping, “Learn the Four Histories, keep the original heart and mission forever”. According to the report, “guide the general public, especially young people, to figure out why the CPC is ‘capable’, why Marxism is ‘feasible’ and why socialism with Chinese characteristics is ‘good’ and other basic truths, and to firmly establish the principle of ‘good’. good’ and other basic truths, and firmly listen to the Party and follow it”, “to grasp the learning and education of young people”, and “to let the red gene …… be passed on from generation to generation “.

The Chinese Communist Party is trying to decide whether a person can be born or not, and after birth, to control a person’s mind and create “Red Guards” who will become the ruling tools of the Chinese Communist regime. In the eyes of the Communist Party’s top management, the Chinese people should only be considered tools, and the birth of a family is treated by the Communist Party regime as a product of a factory, which can only be done according to instructions.

Now that the CCP is openly trying to dominate the world, the black hand of evil has reached into Hong Kong. Having deprived Hong Kong of its democratic freedoms, the CCP may next decide the life and death of Hong Kong people and their thoughts, just like mainland China. The Chinese Communist regime is infiltrating and eating up the whole world in a grand manner. If people in different countries do not want to be determined by the Chinese Communist regime on how many children to have and how to live their lives, confronting the Chinese Communist regime is the most urgent task. If Chinese people still want to live like human beings, the right to freedom depends on everyone to fight together.