BNO immigration to be calculated

Former Financial Secretary Leung Kam-chung in one breath for the 18-year-old daughter to buy a luxury Mid-Levels Royal Garden unit at 41,000 square feet, an area of 2,000 square feet, the total price of more than 80 million, the whole city uproar.

Property broker tycoon Shi Yongqing sternly pointed out that even if BNO immigrated to the United Kingdom, is it necessary to sell the property in Hong Kong? Hong Kong is the world’s most convenient city to eat, drink and play, real estate profits are the highest in the world, it is best not to easily give up the property in Hong Kong. If you immigrate to the UK and Canada, you have enough extra money on hand to collect rent in Hong Kong, and if you are temporarily an astronaut, the monthly rent is included in your spouse’s name (assuming the spouse is loyal and trustworthy) and you do not have to pay tax in the UK. Even if double taxation, Hong Kong property prices rise, far can recover the difference.

So I advised BNO people six months ago: think clearly and calculate clearly before exercising the right to immigrate to the UK. Must have enough capital, it is best to have more than two properties in Hong Kong, put on sale Hong Kong building A, to buy a landing place in the United Kingdom in cash, the remaining a Hong Kong property B to collect rent.

The proceeds from the sale of A can be used to buy two flats in the UK at any time. If you have children to follow you to study there, buy one for yourself, and the other in London to collect rent first, and wait for your son to graduate in the future and find a job in the UK, your son will go to a flat there first, and then start working. British university students graduate starting salary, the average London for 25,000 pounds to 27,000 pounds, but the rent is expensive, or rely on the father to buy a property, so that the children in the small win in the starting line.

Of course, because London rents are too expensive, the British government has a new building mortgage scheme to subsidize graduates to enter the first job in society, children can participate in another if they strive to be independent. But the quality and location of these houses, not necessarily have the same appreciation potential.

This is very important. Because the Sunday Times reported: China and Hong Kong funds have fully entered the London wild sweep of property, the Bank of China, the People’s Bank of China, Ping An Insurance and other two decades have been in London City Hall and the Financial City, such as the purchase of core properties, coupled with the Hong Kong real estate consortium have been in London, southeast of the Thames River southeast to reclaim property, Hong Kong BNO people in London must establish and consolidate their stronghold.

If immigrants know Grand Calculation, they will not be “Chanized” – that is, they will not have to order a bowl of wonton noodles in Chinatown every time they go there, pick up the menu to read the price and imply that the boss must send a plate of greens free of charge (petty calculating), psychologically will not be gradually reduced to “grain beggar community”.

Shi Yongqing said it well: the twenty-first century immigrants to foreign countries, strategy and mentality, must be different from the group of immigrants in the eighties. Life without worries that is, first-class citizens. Anyone who claims to have lived in a foreign country for many years and is still deeply addicted to Chinese social media and likes to spend the day with provocations and curses across the ocean must be a mentally empty person who is marginalized in a foreign country. If you are not in a normal state of mind, instead of waiting for a green card, you should first receive a white card from the Special Administrative Region Medical Network.

There is no racial discrimination against people of character and strength who live in foreign countries.