Chinese disease control personnel broke the news: vaccination of domestic vaccine Hebei people now serious abnormal reactions

A new wave of the new crown outbreak in Guangzhou has yet to show signs of easing, with CDC personnel revealing to the station that the ban is the only means of prevention, and that officials are covering up the fact that the vaccine is ineffective and has serious side effects, resulting in physical damage to vaccinees. Guangzhou has suspended appointments for the new crown vaccination, and officials are now trying to develop a new vaccine to remedy the situation.

In the past 24 hours, Guangzhou has seen 11 new confirmed cases, two of which are asymptomatic infections. Tests sorted show that the recently discovered infecting virus in Guangzhou is an Indian variant and is showing rapid transmission and high viral load.

The new outbreak of New Crown has led to a strain on medical resources in Guangzhou, and the city government has announced that appointments for New Crown vaccinations will be suspended in order to free up more medical resources for nucleic acid testing and screening.

Mr. Fan, who is in Guangzhou, told our reporter that Guangzhou is actually in a semi-closed city, with several streets in the Liwan district, where the cases are concentrated this time, blocked off, and other areas with restrictions on the flow of people.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. If you leave Guangzhou, you need a negative nucleic acid test report within 72 hours.

Mr. Fan also pointed out that because of doubts about the effectiveness of domestic vaccines, many people try to choose to vaccinate with Pfizer and Modena vaccines but there is no access. The official import of 100 million Pfizer vaccines was also never made public to the community.

Mr. Fan said: the suspension of the first shot of the vaccine. How effective is not clear, the side effects are not very clear. I’ve always had no confidence in this vaccine. If there was a Pfizer vaccine, I believe I would have gotten it, but now, I don’t know where I can get this Pfizer vaccine or any other vaccine in the United States.

In other provinces and regions, the situation is just as bad. Ms. Lan, an insider from the CDC, told our reporter that there was a serious vaccination incident on Tuesday (1st) with the domestic adenovirus New Crown vaccine provided by the Hebei Provincial Gymnasium. Three days ago, a citizen in Ningjin, Hebei died within five minutes of receiving the New Crown vaccine; two other vaccine recipients were sent to the ICU ward of Shijiazhuang Third Hospital for serious reactions.

Miss Lan revealed that the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) has now released to the public that the adverse reaction rate of the domestic New Crown vaccine is 11.86 per 100,000 doses. But this information is only official to the WHO, the actual rate of adverse reactions is much higher.

Miss Lan said: health care workers to measure the antibody again, but the general staff certainly do not give you a test. Now to be clear, the WHO is asking for this information from China. The gymnasium that (adverse reactions) is just happened, now Hebei Province has died one, Ning Jin, played five minutes, died. And there are two seriously ill in the third hospital, has ICU, the morning hit the afternoon ICU.

Ms. Lan also said that she has a number of friends after the vaccination also had separate accidents.

Ms. Lan: people around me, ah, after the injection, all have high fever, dizziness, nausea, and then three days in a daze. There is a friend is 20 days. The provincial gymnasium that just happened. My mother wanted to go to fight, I showed her the one of rejection, which is not to go. I gave you the information you see, is 11 per 100,000, the CDC released on May 28th. In fact, it should be more than this, the Chinese government out of you still do not know? So I have not been playing well.

Our reporter called Shijiazhuang Third Hospital for this purpose, the hospital sources said that they and the Hebei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine are among the designated hospitals, but now the government does not provide direct relief for adverse reactions to the new crown vaccination, so even serious allergic reactions now require patients to pay for themselves.

Shijiazhuang Third Hospital: I just asked you, is it the one that was inoculated in the gymnasium, right? It is, and the cost is just self-care. It is unified treatment, but now the hospital can not give advances, all have to be their own (bear), that is to say, then ask the CDC ah can not give reimbursement. I just asked, not the official advance.

The reporter called the Hebei Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Command again, but the agency has refused to answer the phone.

CDC Ms. Lan’s revelation that the benefits of the domestic vaccine are in doubt was also corroborated by Mr. Chen of Hubei Province’s epidemic prevention work, who said that the domestic vaccine is ineffective against the new variant of the virus and may have serious side effects.

Mr. Chen said: that the virus has mutated, the domestic production (vaccine), that is, for the mutated useless, temporarily stop vaccination, to re-examine the new vaccine. Guess what, that is, the vaccine is not effective ah. However, it did not say, because now many places are still continuing to play the vaccine, said afraid of the impact is not good. I did persuade my dad not to get it, but in our area, most people got it, and it was the placebo effect.

Officials in China have been tight-lipped about the serious consequences caused by injecting domestic vaccines, and units just keep pressuring employees, urging them and their families to all go for the vaccination.