Guangzhou blocked 38 communities mutated virus invaded Foshan many districts were blocked

Guangzhou City entered a universal epidemic prevention phase, and the city announced 38 closed management areas to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. In addition, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Foshan have also adjusted their epidemic prevention initiatives. Among them, the area south of Foshan’s waterway is under closed management, with daily essential items distributed by local street offices.

As the epidemic continued in Guangzhou, authorities closed some areas since May 31, and from 11 p.m. that night, people leaving Guangzhou had to show proof of a negative nucleic acid test issued by the local testing department within 72 hours.

Ms. Cai, a resident of Guangzhou’s Liwan district, told Radio Free Asia the same day that nearly 10 million people in Guangzhou have been vaccinated against the new crown, but there are still people infected with.

“Guangzhou residents are required to have a nucleic acid test 72 hours in advance if they leave the city. Many people doubt whether there is any protection after the vaccine is given.”

The Guangzhou Health Commission informed this Tuesday (June 1) that there were 10 new confirmed cases in Guangzhou, all of which are local cases. The youngest is 16 years old and the oldest is 85. There are two other cases of asymptomatic infection.

Ms. Cai, who lives in Liwan District, said the neighborhood she lives in has been cordoned off and is only accessible.

“Now there is nothing on the streets of Guangzhou, causing great inconvenience to everyone’s life, now you can only order take-out at home, and you can’t go out to buy food, the blockade bureau sub-city now, the epidemic has signs of resurgence.”

Residents fear signs of a resurgence of the epidemic

This Tuesday (June 1), Guangzhou City announced 38 closed management areas. Among them is the entire seven square kilometers of Zhongnan Street in Liwan District, where nearly 8,000 people were asked to stay at home and enforce closed management.

Mr. Wu, a Guangzhou resident, told the station that the authorities have sealed off the communities where the outbreak has occurred.

“The entire population of Liwan is required to take a nucleic acid test. On the Tianhe side, from May 31 to June 2, all of the 10 or so street communities will be tested for nucleic acid, and now the virus is mutated and very contagious. It is estimated that the wave of the epidemic will rise.”

As of 16:00 on May 31, Guangzhou city has accumulated 13,136,600 doses of the new crown vaccine, 10,111,100 people, the city has a total of 3,252,200 people completed the full immunization. From now on, Guangzhou suspended the social vaccination of the new crown vaccine and concentrated its manpower on mass nucleic acid screening. Li Ming, vice mayor of Guangzhou Municipal Government, said that starting from May 30, on the basis of the completion of the expanded nucleic acid screening in Liwan District, the scope of the full-scale nucleic acid testing was further expanded to cover 48 streets in 5 districts. At present, the Guangzhou nucleic acid screening test samples 304.93 million, found positive 11 cases.

According to the WeChat public number “Foshan release” news, May 31, Foshan City, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command issued a notice that recently, Foshan City, there are confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia and asymptomatic infected 2 cases, in order to quickly and effectively stop the spread of the epidemic, Chancheng District, Shiwan Town Street Green Ming Yuan district and Nanhai District Guicheng The street west of Yongan Road and other places, the implementation of closed management measures to ensure that “without leaving home”, the daily necessities of the street distribution by the local. The authorities also closed the wholesale market and entertainment venues, bars, bathing centers, etc.

Zhuhai for 14 days from the high-risk areas in the travelers, need to take the initiative to report to the community committee in advance. At present, Hengqin port, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Zhuhai highway port are the implementation of the “cooperation inspection, a release” clearance mode.