Xi Jinping presided over the Politburo meeting: the implementation of the three-child birth policy Netizen: the marriage is not married, but still have children?

On May 31, Xi Jinping presided over a meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee to consider the Decision on Optimizing the Fertility Policy for Long-term Balanced Population Development. The meeting said that the population has been aging in recent years, further optimizing the fertility policy, implementing the policy that a couple can have three children and supporting support measures. The news quickly sparked hot debate among netizens.

The news quickly triggered a large number of netizens hot debate.

Some netizens said: that we have to prepare three suites, continue for 20-30 years to support three students until graduation, for three children to prepare wedding costs, the future may have to help bring 9 grandchildren! What a scary money!

This comment was supported by more than 16,000 netizens in just over an hour. (As of this writing, the number of supporters has exceeded 20,000, and the number is still growing rapidly)

Some netizens laughed and said: this last sentence is the point.

There are also netizens who say: more than one reward a suite, school rewards living expenses, marriage rewards gift this is the minimum. This comment was supported by more than 16,000 netizens in a short time.

A netizen said: nannies, sister-in-law, toys, milk powder, diapers, childcare fees, kindergarten tuition, training fees, degree housing 。。。。 What do you want to award?

Others said: supporting policy should be free from kindergarten to university tuition is.

A netizen said: employers still dare to recruit unmarried women who have not had children? Companies will certainly consider the interests of the relationship

Some people say: marriage is not married, but still have children? Also three ???? (At present, this comment has been deleted, so can not be screenshot display)

A netizen also said: should first solve the problem of single ah …… single too much … like me …

Other netizens said: a child to me a million, I will give birth.