U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Top Republican: Rare earths, medical chips supply chain to be withdrawn from Communist China’s turf

The Washington Examiner reported on May 30 that in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where Michael McCaul (R-Texas) leads the GOP’s China Task Force, Mr. McCaul appeared on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday. ‘s China Task Force, Mr. McCaul, came on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday.

McCaul said, “I do think it’s more likely that the Chinese Communist virus was leaked from a Chinese Communist lab for several reasons. The first is that three lab researchers were hospitalized in November 2019 after they developed flu symptoms similar to the CCP virus, but this news was suppressed by the CCP. Second, starting in December 2019, the CCP suppressed and detained doctors who reported the appearance of the virus, when such information must be reported within 24 hours according to international health regulations. Then there is the fact that the CCP has destroyed laboratory samples of the virus and does not recognize human-to-human transmission. The CCP also worked with the WHO last January to fail to announce to the world that the Wuhan epidemic, was turning into a global pandemic. The above is what we have seen time and time again, the CCP’s cover-up of the origin of the virus.”

McCall called the CCP’s cover-up “the worst in human history, resulting in 3.5 million deaths and economic devastation around the world.”

McCaul concluded the program by stating that the Chinese Communist Party should be financially punished for its own cover-up during the pandemic.

The Republican said, “My response to this whole thing is to start with the supply chain. We’re going to pull the U.S. supply chain out of mainland China, whether it’s the supply of medical care or the supply of rare earth minerals. There is a bipartisan bill being discussed in the U.S. Congress, the Chip USA Act. From iPhones to F-35 fighter jets, advanced semiconductor chips are their brains, and if we can pull the chip supply chain out of Communist China’s territory, it will hurt the Communist China economically, and it will be very punitive.”