The father of Yu Huan, the subject of the “mother of humiliation murder case,” was released from prison

Today (May 31), Yu Huan’s father, the man involved in the “stabbing death of a mother in disgrace” (also known as the “mother in disgrace murder case”) in Shandong, was released from prison. Yu Huan’s mother and Yu Huan will be released from prison in 2019 and 2020. The “Shandong mother-of-insult murder case” has sparked a public outcry. The public outcry extended from condemning police inaction to attacking the Chinese Communist Party’s corrupt system.

At around 10 a.m. on the 31st, Yu Ximing, Yu Huan’s father, was released after completing his sentence. Yu Ximing was sentenced on Nov. 14, 2018, for illegally absorbing public deposits.

Yu Huan said the 31st was the day his father Yu Ximing completed his sentence and was released, and he and his mother Su Yinxia and sister Yu Jiale arrived a day early at the entrance of Shandong Provincial Prison to wait for his father to walk out of prison.

For today’s day, “very mixed feelings, after all, a lot of bad things happened before, we all want to forget the past and start over.” Yu Huan told Land Media that there are still outstanding debts at home, and he and his family will keep their promise to try to pay them off.

On April 14, 2016, Yu Huan and his mother, Shandong Liaocheng Guanxian female entrepreneur Su Yinxia, were harassed by debt collectors, verbally abused, covered their mouths with shoes, etc. One of the debt collectors, Du Zhihao, in front of Yu Huan, who was 22 years old at the time, flicked cigarette ash on his mother Su Yinxia’s chest and even took down his pants to defile Su Yinxia with extreme means. In desperation, Yu Huan picked up a fruit knife and stabbed Du Zhihao, Yan Jianjun, Cheng Xuehe, Guo Yanguang The next day, Du Zhihao died due to excessive blood loss.

On February 17, 2017, Yu Huan was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of intentional injury, Yu Huan appealed against Huan. The case aroused the attention of mainland society, and public opinion was almost overwhelmingly on Yu Huan’s side.

Under tremendous public pressure, on June 23, 2007, the Shandong Provincial High Court found that Yu Huan was overly defensive, constituting the crime of intentional injury, and commuted the sentence to five years in prison.

Su Yinxia was detained on December 15, 2016, on suspicion of forging a company seal, arrested on January 13, 2017, on suspicion of capital raising fraud, and sentenced to 3 years in prison in November 2018 for illegal public deposit absorption.

On December 14, 2019, Su Yinxia was released after 3 years of imprisonment. Su Yinxia, who was 49 years old that year, had all white hair. She said that the psychological pressure in prison is particularly high.

Yu Huan’s mother borrowed against who

The company’s owner, Wu Xuezhan, had borrowed 1.35 million yuan in usurious loans with an agreed monthly interest rate of 10 percent, and on April 13, 2016, Wu Xuezhan had his men defecate and pressed Su Yinxia into the toilet to force her to pay back the money.

According to the mainland “eye of the storm” bottom, Wu Xuezhan did not graduate from junior high school that wandered in society, and then entered the casino, following the casino brother “water”, and earned the first bucket of money, and then the real estate company to do the “veneer “The company is a real estate company, which relies on high-interest savings and high-interest lending to gradually grow.

China University of Political Science and Law Law School Vice President He Bing has cited Yu Huan’s father Yu Ximing’s article that Wu Xuezhan in Guan County, the local Public Security Bureau, the Procuratorate, the county hospital, the town government and other departments of people are in Wu Xuezhan through high-interest savings, disguised as bribes, acting as its umbrella, Wu Xuezhan or their fighter group and firefighting team.

Wu Xuezhan under the protection of the official, illegal fund-raising high lending, violent demolition of illegal forced construction, obstructing the rights of victims of medical accidents, illegal operation of gas stations, with overloaded cars to avoid inspection for profit, the bid did not win provocation to prevent construction, disguised bribery officials to build nursing home projects.