The best sound

The Voice of China, a variety show that has been famous in China and the global Chinese language community for many years, will soon be banned and put to rest.

This is a good thing. Because this program, in the form of a complete copy of America’s Got Talent, not only the production style, music, judges see the talent when the amazed unbelievable expression, the audience cheer emotional manipulation, camera close-ups, pan and zoom, has been exactly the same with the American brand-name program.

The only difference is that AGT is an American show with global appeal, and the talent involved is a mix of colors from all over the world, while “The Voice of China” has all yellow Han Chinese on stage, not to mention the 50,000 black Africans living in Guangzhou alone, and Africans can play drums and dance. voice? Is it that the talent of black people in China is limited to performing the skin bleaching magic of drilling into a washing machine during a laundry detergent commercial, and other performances are not recognized? Or is there not a single Uighur or Tibetan talent?

Some are concerned that this nationally popular show should be cancelled because of the cheap and impromptu consumption of this kind of show, which tends to create an idol effect. Others are worried: sweeping away such programs is paving the way for the comeback of the revolutionary model show.

First of all, General Secretary Xi pointed out sternly during his visit to Hunan: the cultural industry has both ideological and market attributes, but ideological attributes are essential attributes. We must firmly grasp the correct guidance, adhere to the righteous innovation, to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the cultural industry.

The Revolutionary Model Theatre is a model of “correctness and innovation” of mainland culture after 1949. The United Kingdom and the United States have not done so, but completely their own innovation. There was no copying from the United States or the United Kingdom, the combination of Chinese music and ballet, the piano half of the Beijing opera, and the correct theme, the female lead did not have a Fan Bingbing like a pink sculpture with low breasts and jade legs and eyebrows, and the male lead did not have a fresh meat boy like Wu Yifan.

At that time it was the Japanese who came to copy you. Even the Japanese ballet dancer Matsuyama Shuko, also greatly admired, the model play White Maiden moved to Japan, himself playing the main character Xi’er, become a good story of Japan-China goodwill cultural roots. This is the model of “keeping righteousness and innovation”.

“The Voice of China” is copied from the United States, but it is vulgar, low-end, shameless, and stupid. For example, people called Talents, not limited to singing, magic and acrobatics can also be. China is called “good voice”, the market line will be greatly narrowed. That is, if the poor countryside of western Sichuan in case of a five-year-old Zhang Baosheng second, can take things from the air, fly the wall, there is no chance of success.

Moreover, once Shake Sound is popular, good voice, good body, good looks, can be listed directly in the handheld phone screen, by the people directly with a click vote, without having to go through Na Ying, Eason Chen, Jay Chou, Wang Lihong those elite judges condescending rating, all to eliminate the risk of insider corruption dealings. cut out this establishment privilege of judging the warring classes, as in Taobao shopping, no need for shopping malls, the In the future, the owner of the show, the price directly have access to a private appointment face-to-face.

“Good sound” from now on no sound, for some cities, the best sound, is not any sound. The ear is quiet to reduce a lot of noise.