Party media scolded the United States, exposing itself to a major problem of the Chinese Communist Party

On May 28, the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China (CPC), published “Epidemic Exposes Fake Human Rights”, one of a series of comments accusing the U.S. of democracy. The author cited the far-left media in the U.S. as an example and concluded that the epidemic was “out of control” in the U.S., showing that American-style democracy is inhumane and that some U.S. politicians have no regard for basic human rights.

The article is full of hatred for the U.S. and even criticizes it for “breaking the bottom line of human civilization”. However, the party media forgot to explain why this “inhumane” country is the most desirable for Chinese Communist Party officials and their families.

In fact, anyone who knows anything about the social situation in the United States would not accept it all. The reasons are as follows: First, the virus originated in Wuhan and spread to the United States. First, the Chinese authorities concealed the outbreak, then falsely accused the U.S. military of spreading the virus, and at one point threatened to control the export of medical supplies to the United States. These actions reflect the callousness and selfishness of the Chinese authorities, and the words that the Chinese Communist Party denounces the United States apply to itself.

Second, the U.S. has a large population base and began large-scale rapid testing early last year, plus the authorities do not deliberately withhold information as the Chinese Communist Party officially does, so its published data on infections is higher than China’s. This is not the same as saying that China’s epidemic is not widespread. This is not the same as saying that the epidemic in China is not as serious as in the United States and that the Chinese authorities are doing a good job of controlling the epidemic.

Third, the U.S. was the first to develop a vaccine and provide free vaccinations, and the American people were the first to benefit.

Fourth, from last year to the present, the U.S. government’s relief programs have directly assisted a large number of people who have been affected by the epidemic and whose income has been reduced. From proposal to implementation, these policies have been covered by the media and subjected to multiple scrutiny and commentary.

Fifth, some state governors and other dignitaries opposed the “one-size-fits-all” blockade and lifted it early, and the state not only did not lag behind in its preparedness and economic development, but outperformed some states that chose to close.

However, these facts have been concealed or avoided by the party media. People’s Daily’s tirade is a deliberately one-sided collection of evidence from the CCP’s position to achieve its goal. This kind of outrage is self-referential and obscures the full picture of the U.S. resistance to the epidemic. How many people will buy the Chinese Communist Party’s attempt to speak for the “world” when it is talking nonsense?

Why is the Party media calling out the United States at this time? Its real purpose is to divert attention and ease the passive situation the CCP is facing.

For one thing, recently, there has been a resurgence of viral tracing against the CCP, and the change in attitude of the U.S. side is of particular concern.

On May 26, Joe Biden (Joe Biden) asked U.S. intelligence units to release a report within three months to find answers about the source of the new crown virus. He said that day that U.S. intelligence agencies were analyzing two theories, including the possibility that the virus was leaked from a Chinese laboratory.

The next day, May 27, the U.S. called on the World Health Organization to conduct a second phase of its investigation into the origin of the new coronavirus, a Chinese communist virus, and asked that independent experts be given full access to the raw data and samples from China. The U.S. mission to the United Nations in Geneva said in a statement that the WHO’s preliminary study was “inadequate and inconclusive.

It is important to understand that the Chinese Communist Party is most anxious to get rid of its involvement with the virus. The only way to escape accountability and compensation is to get rid of the source of the responsibility. So, for more than a year, the CCP has been dumping the blame one after another, trying to pin it on the United States, Spain, India and other countries. It has also manipulated the so-called WHO experts, making them cooperate with the Party and issuing a specially-made report to clear the CCP’s name.

Now, the high-profile calls from the U.S. political class will drive more governments and medical experts to act and make more aggressive efforts to find the truth. This is a major blow to the CCP.

Second, on a macro level, during his four years in office, former President Trump led a number of Western countries in an unprecedented anti-communist front. At the economic, military, diplomatic, human rights, and cultural propaganda levels, Trump’s cabinet has taken measures to contain and counter the CCP, and many of these measures have yielded significant results. This anti-Communist direction is widely shared by both parties in the United States, and therefore has a direct impact on the current administration’s governance of China. In addition, U.S. actions are bound to play an important role globally and will help sustain and advance the global anti-communist wave.

The CCP’s move is intended to divert the attention of the domestic public and is expected to diminish the influence of the United States on other countries and deter the CCP on this issue. The question is, will it get what it wants?

The “Made in America Emergency Preparedness Act” proposes to establish a 9/11-style bipartisan commission to investigate the origins of the epidemic, according to a May 28 report in the U.S. media, in which Republican and Democratic lawmakers introduced two separate bills on the epidemic. The “International Never Again Prevention Act” calls for stripping sovereign immunity from the Chinese Communist Party and other countries that “deliberately misled the international community about the epidemic” and allowing families of epidemic victims to sue the Chinese Communist Party or related countries.

Simon Manley, the British ambassador to the UN in Geneva, issued a statement calling on the WHO to “conduct a timely, transparent, evidence-based, expert-led second phase of the investigation, including research in China,” as recommended by the expert report.

The traceability of the outbreak does not stop there; a deeper investigation will begin, and that is a nightmare that the Chinese Communist Party cannot hide from.