Epidemic recovery linked to the Beijing Winter Olympics

Biden recently asked the intelligence community to provide a report on the traceability of Wuhan pneumonia within three months, while the European Union has again asked the Chinese Communist Party to account for the traceability of Wuhan pneumonia. As for the WHO, which has been secretly in cahoots with the Chinese Communist Party, experts are preparing a report on the origins of the epidemic for Tan Desai.

It seems that as the global epidemic tends to die down, the calls for accountability will grow louder and louder.

The Chinese Communist Party did a number of questionable things in the early stages of the Wuhan pneumonia outbreak, including urgently sending army virus expert Major General Chen Wei to Wuhan to take over the P4 lab. In addition, the Chinese Communist Party has cleaned up the seafood market in South China, and by the time Hong Kong virus expert Guan Yi arrived in Wuhan, the seafood market had lost all the evidence of the investigation. The virus is related to the seafood market, that is, with the market for sale of game, and game related, that is, it is possible that the P4 laboratory to do experiments on animals, once sold in the seafood market.

Major General Chen Wei to P4 aftermath, there must be a report, this report should be made public to the world. Seafood market cleanup, who gave the order, according to what reason, should also be explained to the public. In addition, the U.S. media reported that before the outbreak, there were three laboratory employees who were sick, who these three employees were, what disease they had, and whether they recovered afterwards, should also be made public. As long as these traces are clarified, the incident can be basically mapped out.

If the epidemic has nothing to do with the laboratory, why should the CCP cover it up? The Chinese Communist Party has refused to disclose the inside story so far, which means that it has ghosts in its heart, and the more it tries to cover up, the more it cannot.

Of course, the Chinese Communist Party will never cooperate with the international community, and expects WHO to help them cover up the truth. The WHO is under tremendous pressure from its member states, and Tan Desai will soon be out of office. In order to seek re-election, it will have to win the support of all countries, so whether the WHO is still colluding with the CCP will depend on subsequent developments.

The worldwide epidemic is still emerging, and countries have been hit hard by the epidemic, with incalculable human and economic losses, so countries will not let it go easily. There are calls in the United States to freeze the CCP’s assets in the United States for the purpose of making huge compensation.

The Chinese Communist Party also has to face the threat of boycotting the Winter Olympics. Next year’s Winter Olympics is a major performance project for the Chinese Communist Party, and it could have been done with all the power of the country, but since the Chinese Communist Party has been at war with other countries, the Winter Olympics seems to have become a hot topic, and calls for boycotting the Winter Olympics are coming from all over the world. Recently, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has proposed a bill to ban U.S. dignitaries from participating in the Winter Olympics, and another lawmaker has proposed a bill to ban commercial organizations from sponsoring the Winter Olympics. In other words, the U.S. government will not ban athletes for the time being, but only athletes, other activities related to the Winter Olympics, are not allowed to participate.

While the U.S. and its allies have little recourse to force the Chinese Communist Party to comply with the epidemic, Western countries have the autonomy to decide whether to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics. If things continue to fester, the Chinese Communist Party’s attitude is bad, and the pressure from the American public is intensifying, it is hard to guarantee that the U.S. government will not offer even hotter boycott measures, and in the end, no one knows whether they will refuse to participate in the Winter Olympics.

Will the Chinese Communist Party give in to the blame for the epidemic in exchange for leniency from the U.S. and the West, or will it refuse to account for the origin of the epidemic and the Winter Olympics be boycotted by the West? The choice is up to the Chinese Communist Party.

Another problem for the Chinese Communist Party is whether to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. The Tokyo Olympics are a much more important competition, so it would be a waste of time not to participate, but it would not matter if Japan participated in the boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics afterwards. Then Beijing is not the bottom to the meat? You have a hot face to go, people return you a cold ass, then Xi Jinping and how to balance themselves?

Once you and the whole village made a feud, each against you, not to give you a good look, each Yin you, hate you to suffer losses and disgrace, then you are not gathered around the wealth, is to blame for it.

The American people will not be so obedient stall, the Chinese Communist Party blocked the epidemic recovery, the United States on this count. The United States will definitely find a way to force the Chinese Communist Party to give in, and will be linked to the Beijing Winter Olympics, is the most logical thing. If you cooperate, I will cooperate, if you do not cooperate, I will not cooperate.

Now that the United States and the European Union, Japan, South Korea, India, and Australia have coordinated properly and are in complete agreement with each other, all that remains is the question of what common actions we should take. The Chinese Communist Party of Hong Kong is running amok in Hong Kong, brutally suppressing the democrats. The more ruthless the CCP is in Hong Kong, the more merciless the U.S., Europe and other Western countries will be in liquidating the CCP, so let’s see who stands and who falls in the end.