How to live in hard mode

As an acute, grumpy, quick-witted emergency physician, I am going to talk about slowing down and listening to life today.
Eight years ago, I was transferred from internal medicine to emergency medicine and was busy in the resuscitation room when 120 ran in a high school student. He died suddenly on the bus on his way to school. Fortunately, there was a retired doctor on the bus at the same time who gave him CPR. Later, the child still died, only 14 years old. This incident showed me that sudden death can happen to such a young child without warning.
Last year, still in the resuscitation room, 120 sent a middle-aged patient, business appointments in a five-star restaurant tea, chest tightness and dizziness symptoms, the waiter called over a lecture, emotional, collapsed and died suddenly. 120 arrived at the scene has been respiratory and cardiac arrest, there is no way back. This let me know that unwarranted accusations can cause such tragic consequences.
This year, a city girl fell in love with a rural boy, the parents do not agree, in order to clear the will, the girl drank paraquat, gradually appearing multiple organ function damage, the girl eventually died. I have said to many of my friends that destroying yourself is not an exchange for love, so don’t be foolish.
From the time I saw that 14-year-old, I knew I had to be good to myself, so, you see, the side effect of being good to myself is that I am now so fat. I started to appreciate every detail of my life and started to change my attitude towards life.
The first thing that changed was: not to count. Colleagues want to change shifts, then change, I work his night shift, he returned my day shift. When I go to a restaurant to eat, I don’t care about the slow speed of the food, if I want to be fast, I will buy a bread and eat it while walking. My daughter told me that the glitter pens brought to kindergarten were all taken by classmates, I told her, don’t count on it, you have to suffer the inevitable loss if you want to be pleased.
The second thing that has changed is the attitude towards children’s education. My childhood was full of joy, and now I look at the children really poor, my daughter kindergarten class, homework is already within 100 addition and subtraction. Last year in middle school, I could see children of the same age playing in the community garden after dinner, but now I don’t see them anymore, they are busy doing homework and English lessons. I have repeatedly suggested in the school’s parent contact book that homework should not be given, but to no avail. I had to help my child with her homework without her father’s knowledge. I respect my child’s opinion and have only enrolled her in art and soft pottery classes.
The last thing that has changed is the attitude towards work. The problem is that I don’t have the time or interest to spend time in the lab, and I would rather think about how many patients have urinated in 24 hours, or even how many patients have urinated per hour; I would rather think about what the causes of each of the three bowel obstruction patients are today. If I want to write these clinical experiences into an article, my working years are still short, and I need more time to summarize, accumulate, practice and verify. In the future, I will write this clinical knowledge into a booklet, retail price: $0. Any doctor who wants it, feel free to take it and spread it as you like. This is what I will do!

Lin Qiaozhi to now, it is estimated that she retired honorably in the position of attending physician, her life without SCI, but she is a good doctor who deserves our respect all the time. The reason why Lu Xun gave up medicine and started writing was not to save China, but the lack of SCI.

After the leaders found that I was no longer keen on writing various project plans, they decided to send me to the United States for further training and re-education in capitalism. However, the leaders missed the mark. In the United States, I learned two things. One is that medical and scientific research can be separated or combined, different systems! The second thing I want to focus on is that the Chinese do not recognize family happiness as success. I lived in a Chinese family in Washington, D.C., and after I got acquainted with the neighbors, I began to understand the average American family. The old couple next door had been working on the deck behind their house for a whole summer and still hadn’t finished it. The wife had a UTI and the husband donated a kidney to her. The couple’s dream was to have tea on the deck behind their house, so they started building it. They told me that there was no rush, that the building process was full of fun, and that every board would be a memory in the future.
The house at the end of the road has a beautifully manicured lawn and blooming moonflowers. The wife does not work and has two children. According to the domestic mindset, I think this family should be middle class, right? Later, when I saw the big yellow car, I realized that the man is a school bus driver.
Well, after I came back from the US, I decided to work hard and live casually. After lowering the demands on myself, my happiness level skyrocketed. Every day I went to work and left work with a smile on my face. And, I started to notice the little bit of happiness in my life and pay more attention to family happiness.
Some of the real warmth I encountered at work is also unforgettable.
There was a rural couple. The wife suspected lymphoma and had a lymph node biopsy in the emergency room, which was repeatedly done three times, but she just couldn’t get any evidence of lymphoma. For more than two months in the emergency room, the husband bought his wife a different kind of meal every day. Every day I arrived at the hospital before 7:00 a.m., and I always met him with a rice bowl to buy breakfast. When he saw me, he smiled coyly. Later, he was finally diagnosed with lymphoma. Once I saw them walking around again, hand in hand. The husband still smiled shyly when he saw me, and the wife also showed a rare smile. Love is not difficult, but the hard part is the dullness and perseverance in difficult times.
I particularly love an American drama, Dr. House. I love this show because Dr. house is mean, high on drugs and alcohol, but has a particularly kind and delicate heart. That’s what makes this show so hot.
With that said, I realize I’m getting off topic. I don’t even know where I’m going with the slow life and what the necessary connection to my content is. It’s like living life in HARD mode, living life without a positive mindset. So, like me, I have no heart and no lungs, self-adjustment ability is very strong, especially do not care about the eyes of others and self-sufficient self-reliance of the system of women, is simply biological evolution of the survival of the fittest and the survival of the fittest outstanding representative of people. I also hope that the people here and I can do the most real self, show the most real side. Life is supposed to be colorful.

Before going online, I still have time to sunbathe at home in the daytime and dry naturally after taking a shower. After going online, there is no time to even daze. This was my mistake, and after giving this speech, I told myself I had to adjust. I hope everyone is as happy as I am, happy every day, knowing what I want and not going to work for nothing.