New strain of virus found in Vietnam! Hybrid of Indian and British mutant strains can spread rapidly in the air

The pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic in Wuhan continues to spread and a new variant of the virus has emerged. According to the Vietnamese news website “VnExpress”, the country’s Minister of Health, Nguyen Thanh Long, announced today that a mixture of British and Indian variant strains was found among confirmed patients in Vietnam, which is more It is more contagious and can spread rapidly in the air.

“Vietnam Express” reports that the British variant is recognized as highly transmissible, while the Indian variant is both highly transmissible and difficult to be affected by the immune system’s neutralizing antibodies, while the new variant recently detected in Vietnam has the characteristics of both the British and Indian variant. Specifically, it is a mutant of the Indian variant and was originally derived from the mutation of the British variant”.

The new strain, which has not yet been named, is feared to be the main cause of a new wave of outbreaks in Vietnam and is highly transmissible, especially in the air, said Nguyen Thanh Long. He also added that the virus culture in the laboratory (Viral Culture) showed that the virus replicates itself very fast, which explains why there are so many new cases in different locations in a shorter period of time.

Seven mutant strains have been recorded in Vietnam, including British, Indian and South African mutants.