9 varieties of lychee evaluation who is the strongest king of the lychee world?

The good-looking skin is the same, the interesting soul of a million, the fruit of the lychee in favor of all accounted for.

Every year in June and July, it is a variety of lychee concentrated on the market moments of high light. Perhaps it is the coveted fruit of this one Lingnan, so that the lychee family “branches flourish”, its varieties of at least 200 kinds.

Different varieties of lychee, how big the difference? The lychee world “Hermes” reputation of Xianjin Feng, how does the taste?

Assessment of varieties

Fei Zi Xiaoxiao, white sugar poppy, Gui Wei, glutinous rice patty, black leaf, Xianjinfeng, Sophora, Yu He Bao, white wax

Evaluation indicators

Objective indicators: fruit weight, edibility rate, sugar content.

Subjective indicators: skin color, flesh color, flesh quality, flavor, juice, aroma.

Evaluation results

  1. in terms of fruit size, Xianjinfeng and Nuocchi were the largest, while Guiwei and Fei Zi Xiaoxiao were the smallest.
  2. Fei Zi Xiao, White Sugar Poppy, Gui Wei, Xian Jin Feng and Nuocchi were “small core”, while all other varieties were “large nucleus”.
  3. the edibility rate of Fei Zi Xiao, White Sugar Poppy and Xian Jin Feng was high, while the nuclei of Yu He Bao and Bai Hua were relatively large and the flesh of the fruit was thin.
  4. in terms of sugar level, Gui is the most “sweet”, black leaf, white wax sugar level is lower.
  5. subjective tasting evaluation, Xianjinfeng, white sugar poppy composite score is high, white wax reputation is not good.

The smallest kernel of Xianjinfeng, Guiwei and White Sugar Poppy have high sugar level

Tree after tree of red lychee, with the warmth of summer came slowly.

There are many varieties of lychee, early, medium and late varieties, including the most famous early lychee variety “Fei Zi Xiaoxiao”, named for the fragrance of osmanthus flowers “Guiwei”, meaning “like a poppy filled with sugar “known for its sweetness” white sugar poppy “and so on.

The test selected nine varieties of lychee, sourced from the beauty of the vegetable mall, box horse fresh, Baigouyuan, China Resources Vanguard, Aeon, Meituan, hungry, Taobao and other e-commerce platforms.

The Journal randomly selected five lychees of uniform size and disease free for each variety to evaluate their fruit weight, kernel size, and edibility rate.

Litchi fruit weight is one of the most intuitive indicators of consumer evaluation of the quality of litchi.

Evaluation results show that the average weight of 9 varieties of litchi single fruit is 22.1 g. Among them, the variety “Xianjin Feng” selected by the Agricultural Office of Zengcheng District, Guangdong Province The largest, single lychee weight of 27.6g, followed by the “crystal pill” known as In addition, white sugar poppy, black leaf size is also relatively large.

Relatively, Guiwei, Fei Zi Xiaoxiao two varieties of lychee size of the smallest, single lychee weight of 17.8g, 17.7g in turn.

Different varieties of lychee, the size of the kernel.

Evaluation results show that the consort smile, white sugar poppy, Guiwei, Xianjin Feng, mochi is a “small nuclear litchi”, Sophora, ash, black leaf, jade lotus bag are “large nuclear lychee”. Among them, the smallest size of the smallest kernel of the fruit, a single kernel weight of only 0.3 g. Yu Huo Bao, black leaf two varieties of lychee kernel is the largest, the weight of a single kernel is close to the seven times the weight of the smallest, the gap is very obvious.

Shell such as red bindings, film such as purple, flesh glistening white as ice and snow, pulp sweet and sour such as sweet cheese. “A thin skin, thick flesh, small nuclear juicy lychee to be called the lychee in the” fighter “.

Measurements show that the same “small nuclear” varieties of Fei Zi Xiaoxiao, white sugar poppy, Xianjin Feng can be the highest rate of edibility, respectively, 82.4%, 81.5%, 79.9%. Among them, the fruit of the consort smile is relatively small, Xianjinfeng’s shell is slightly thicker and tougher.

Unexpectedly, the “large nucleus” varieties of jade bag, white wax, acacia, black leaf edible rate is low, of which jade bag only 70.1%, indicating that its flesh less and large nucleus.

Litchi in the main sugars are fructose, glucose and sucrose, the sugar level directly affects the flavor of litchi, the sugar level can be measured by digital display saccharimeter.

Measurement results show that the average sugar level of Gui flavor is the highest, amounting to Brix19.4%, followed by white sugar poppy and consort smile. The average brix was lower for black leaf and white wax, at 16.5% Brix and 16.4% Brix, respectively, which may be less sweet.

The two lychee varieties with high call and very similar appearance characteristics – Xianjinfeng and Nuoji – were ranked in the middle stream in terms of sugar content.

Xianjinfeng, white sugar poppy tasting high evaluation

The magazine invited 10 tasters to subjectively assess the 9 varieties of litchi, evaluation indicators include skin color, flesh color, flesh texture, flavor, juice, aroma.

Evaluation results show that the Xianjin Feng subjective tasting scores the highest, white sugar poppy, glutinous rice patties also performed relatively well; white wax subjective tasting scores bottom, jade lotus bag, black leaf was also criticized more.

Xianjin Feng is a late-ripening lychee varieties, large, small, juicy, much favored. Taster evaluation of its “sweet and not greasy” ” high value, the fruit is very large a” “very juicy, a mouthful of satisfaction ” “No sourness and astringency” and so on.

White sugar poppy, also known as bee sugar poppy, Chinese red, is a variety of lychee from Maoming Gaozhou, Guangdong. The thin skin, juicy it also makes people shine, tasters evaluate its “round strength type player” “super thin skin” “sweet and juicy “small core”, etc.

The fruit shape of the mochi was heart-shaped, with a good sale and a moderate sweet and sour taste. Tasters commented that they were “very big and juicy” and “bright in color”. Bright color (shell)” “sweet then sour” “better balance of sweetness and acidity” and so on.

In addition, some other lychee varieties are moderate, such as Gui flavor “very sweet, a mouthful of granulated sugar in the mouth feeling” “a little more dregs, more fiber”; Fei Zi Xiaoxiao “very small “”The color is more red, this is already a ripe toffee smile “; acacia branch “red skin, flesh white, open is the feeling of red and white” “The sour taste is obvious”.

Black leaf leaf color is thick black, so called “black leaf”, its flesh inner membrane browning shallow, is usually used in the processing of canned lychee. Tasters pointed out that its “little peak tip, grow more ‘bald’ ” “fruit is not firm enough, very soft” “huge kernel” “sweetness is not outstanding, slightly sour ” etc.

Jade purse is named because the fruit is shaped like a purse and the flesh is like jade. Tasters said its “a little rough, eat out of the dregs” “a little sweet, too small to satisfy” “the core is so big ” and so on.

White wax is an early variety of litchi, but also is currently one of the more exported varieties of litchi in China. However, its subjective tasting score is the lowest, the taste is sour, not enough to please. Taster evaluation pointed out that “really as its name ‘white wax’, tastes like chewing wax “No aroma” “internal astringency” “sour and unpalatable “”The skin is a bit thick”, etc.