Wang Jingyu’s passport is suspected of being stolen, blocked from going to the U.S. and stranded in Turkey

Wang Jingyu, a young man from Chongqing who was “hunted across the border” for criticizing the Chinese Communist Party, was just released from the United Arab Emirates on May 27 and lost his passport in a Turkish hotel on May 28.

On May 28, Wang Jingyu tweeted that last night (27th) a Western-managed hotel was purposely chosen, and after he checked into the hotel, he had not gone out, but just had breakfast, and his passport was inexplicably missing from his room. He has alerted the Turkish police, who entered the room to search it and check the cameras, but did not find the passport.

The latest situation shows that the hotel destroyed the copy page of his passport on the grounds that the system had been updated.

Wang Jingyu told reporters, “Because this side of the application is also the European and American legal system, is the presumption of innocence, if you have no evidence to prove that this cleaner stole the passport, the police can not go to collect her home or to search her body, now this is the case.”

The loss of his passport has left him stranded in Turkey, “because his passport is missing, he can’t go anywhere, he can’t change hotels.” He said that for the time being, he has not considered exactly how to solve the identity problem, the approach may have several aspects.

“One aspect is the police to open a certificate of identity, in this country can go to stay in a hotel, but there is no way to go to the plane. If you take a plane, it is possible to get a travel document (travel document) from the U.S. Embassy. The best thing is to get your passport back, because this passport can’t be replaced, it’s a lot of trouble.”

Wang Jingyu also disclosed the following details when he was connected to the “News Talk”.

“After checking the CCTV footage, I just left the room, and then a hotel cleaner entered my room, her reason was to replenish my room with a few bottles of mineral water, and entered my room for about 10 minutes and left, and it was during this process that the passport was lost. It is assumed that she took it, but there is no proof. Resulting in me now being stranded in Turkey.”

“The police had two thoughts, either the passport was in the room or someone had stolen it. The security personnel as well as the police together searched every corner of the room without finding the passport, so now it is certain that someone took my passport.”

Wang believes that the person behind this is definitely the Chinese Communist Party, and the purpose is to prevent him from going to the United States. Since February, the Chinese Communist Party has been saying that they will “punish people wherever they go. When he was arrested in Dubai, the Communist Party’s official media advertised that he would be extradited back.

The company said, “If I am in Turkey, they may still have a chance, but when I am in the United States, they will not have a chance. This is a slap in its face, so it’s doing this to stall for time, because he doesn’t dare to move me now, and when the heat goes down, they’ll start messing with me, I guess so.” He said.

In June last year, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a fierce clash between Chinese and Indian troops in a valley in the Karakorum Mountains, where soldiers armed with sticks and stones fought each other for hours. A few months later, in February, the Chinese Communist Party admitted that the battle killed four of its own soldiers.

The CCP attempted to portray them as heroes of the garrison, while netizens questioned the cause of the incident and the military’s death toll. Wang Jingyu, who lives overseas, was arrested by Chongqing police after posting questions about the CCP’s concealment of the truth about the India-China border conflict. The local police arrested Wang’s parents, raided their home, and even forced Wang to return to China because of the safety of his family.

Wang Jingyu wants to speak out through the media, calling on the Chinese government to act according to the law, to follow the rule of law, and to protect everyone’s freedom of expression and human rights. “If you are a good country, you will guarantee everyone’s freedom of speech, and if a very good country, there will be different voices.”

He said, “The Chinese Communist Party brags every day, ah, China has 1.4 billion people, everyone has human rights, China is a very democratic country. In China, you can only see those who talk about China’s good, if you talk about China’s bad, it will come and arrest you.”

“I just want to appeal to the Chinese government, either you don’t say it, or you do it if you say it. I hope the Chinese government, since you said China is a democratic and free country, I hope China can do that. At the same time I hope that the Chinese Communist Party will not use such despicable and shameless means to treat me.”

Recognizing the CCP as a terrorist organization

Wang Jingyu’s trip to the United States had many twists and turns. On April 5 of this year, he purchased a ticket from Istanbul to New York in the U.S. While transferring in Dubai, he was stopped by two Emirati police officers who took him to the immigration office and threw him in a Dubai jail.

It was not until May 20, when he reached out to the media through various channels to speak out, that the outside world learned he was in prison facing deportation and a rescue effort ensued. The incident drew the attention of U.S. officials.

Dubai prosecutors’ charges obtained by The Associated Press said Wang was facing an investigation for allegedly “insulting the monotheistic religion. However, the Dubai Media Office initially told the AP that Wang was arrested for “non-payment of a hotel bill” and denied that he faced any charges for insulting Islam.

Wang told the media that while in prison, he was approached three times by Chinese embassies and consulates in the UAE to sign a document designed to get the UAE to deport him. Because the documents were in Arabic, Wang refused to sign them.

When he was released, he was put in a black hood, handcuffed and escorted to the airport, and had his U.S. green card, wallet, computer and other personal items seized.

There is still no word from his girlfriend, and their last phone call on the afternoon of the 27th indicates that police from the UAE and someone from the Chinese embassy went to the hotel to look for her. She came to Dubai from China in mid-April to help Wang Jingyu hire a lawyer, and Wang Jingyu stressed that she had not done anything illegal.

After all this, Wang has gained a deeper understanding of the nature of the Chinese Communist Party. He said, “The CCP is not just an evil party, but a terrorist organization led by the state, doing horrific and unconscionable things that are beyond human capabilities. Only a terrorist organization can do such a ridiculous thing.”

Wang appealed to the outside world to pay attention to his girlfriend, who may be in detention, and hopes that the international community will continue to appeal to the UAE authorities: do not have any cooperation with the terrorist organization (CCP).