Heilongjiang female “god of learning” road test final stage was forced to stop to become “fat” collapse squatting on the road burst shouting

A woman in Heilongjiang took the driver’s license road test and missed the last bend, so angry that she slapped the private car that maliciously picked her head (left), and crouched on the ground crying (right). Screenshot

In the mainland to get a driver’s license is not easy, Heilongjiang Qiqihar City recently a female “god of learning” in the road test, she was just a turn away from completing the pass, a private car suddenly out of the pickpocket to force her car to stop, she became a failure, so angry that she rushed to slap the party car window, and squatted on the road crying, crying out “How hard it is to get a driver’s license, I’ve been taking it for 4 months.” The incident aroused the sympathy of many mainland netizens.

The incident occurred last Friday (28), when the female candidate driving the car, has come to the final stage of the road test, just short of the last curve to complete the test, the result was a private car out of the picket, she panicked under the fear of hitting other cars stopped in place, and as a result, she was ruled by the examiner failed, failed to pass.

Witnesses filmed the film shows that the candidate was mad with hands slapping each other’s windows, crying: “Do you know how hard it is to get a driver’s license? I have been taking the test for 4 months! Soon to be in position …….” Then squatted on the ground and broke down and cried.

Many netizens have seen the clip, are very sympathetic to the female “god of learning”, some people believe that the driver should be more tolerant of candidates: “private cars ahead of the line is legally allowed, but from a moral point of view, see the road test car or let let let a little.” There are also netizens for the private car drivers do, feel disgusted, “too immoral, is the road test over people, overtaking the private car what psychology?” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.