Showing off the food reveals the drug traffickers themselves

A drug dealer who “loves cheese” so much that he posted a photo of his hand with cheese on an encrypted website was jailed after police identified his fingerprints.

According to reports, the 39-year-old Carl Stewart (Carl Stewart), a drug dealer, was sent to jail for his fingerprints. The report says that 39-year-old Carl Stewart, who lives in Liverpool, posted a photo of his hand on a crypto site where he bought Stilton cheese. The encrypted site is a secret stronghold for criminals, and police began monitoring the site last year.

After police found the photo, they analyzed Stewart’s fingerprints on it and identified him.

After his arrest, he admitted to conspiring to supply cocaine, heroin and other drugs, as well as the transfer of criminal property. According to CNN, he was recently sentenced to 13 years and 6 months in prison and has already served his sentence. The police said that Stewart’s “love of Stilton cheese” got him caught.

The report introduces that Stewart is not the first “self-inflicted” stupid thieves. In January, two burglars were arrested in the United Kingdom because they accidentally dialed the phone in their pockets to call the police during the crime.

In 2016, two similarly unfortunate robbers robbed a McDonald’s in France, only to find 11 armed members of the local military force happened to be eating inside.

According to the report, Stilton cheese is originally from England and is a pricey blue cheese.