World Vision issued a statement strongly condemning the Chinese Communist authorities for sentencing the brother of the President of World Vision to life imprisonment

The World Uyghur Congress (WUC), based in Munich, Germany, issued a statement on May 29 strongly condemning the recent sentencing by the Chinese Communist authorities of Dolkun Isa, the brother of WUC President in Xinjiang. The statement strongly condemned the recent sentencing by the Chinese Communist authorities of Hushtar Isa, the brother of WUC President Dolkun Isa, who is in Xinjiang. Hushtar Isa, the younger brother of World Vision President Dolkun Isa, was sentenced to life imprisonment. The World Vision said the Chinese authorities’ verdict was confirmed by Radio Free Asia on the same day.

Founded in April 2004, the Society is considered the leading organization fighting for the independence of East Turkestan, or Xinjiang. It has stated that it “does not support, encourage or exercise armed warfare for the independence of East Turkestan (Xinjiang)” and “urges the Chinese Communist authorities to respect the political affiliation of the Uighurs and to resolve their dispute through democratic means.

A press release issued by the WVCC quoted WVCC President Dorikun Aisha as saying. Aisha said, “It breaks my heart to hear this news, my brother is an innocent man.” Doricun Aisha also said that his brother was killed. Aisha also said that his brother’s heavy sentence was “entirely on his behalf. “He was punished because of my activities and work as a human rights defender.” Doricun Aisha. Aisha said this is the third year in a row he has received bad news that has broken his heart. He said he learned of his mother’s death in a detention camp in 2019; read about his father’s death in a propaganda-heavy newspaper in 2020; and now heard about his brother’s life sentence in 2021. “The Chinese Communist government is using hostage diplomacy to try to silence me and Uighurs abroad.”

Hustar. Aisha graduated from Xi’an’s Jiaotong University in 1996. He worked in a restaurant and later as an instructor at a driving school in Aksu, where he was arrested in 2017 for “inciting terrorism” and held in a detention camp for two years. Since then, his brother, Dorikun Aisha, has not heard a single word about him. Aisha has not heard any more about Khushtar Aisha until he heard about him. Aisha until he was sentenced to life in prison.

The World Vision press release notes that the Chinese Communist government continues to use retaliation to try to silence those protesting human rights violations in East Turkestan, as well as those speaking out for missing or imprisoned relatives. The World Council notes that 250,000 people have been sentenced in East Turkestan since the CCP launched its so-called “crackdown campaign” in 2016. From 2016 to 2018, the incarceration rate for East Turkestanis increased almost fivefold, which is also more than five times higher than the rate in the rest of China. Uighurs and Kazakhs are often arrested and jailed for vaguely defined charges of “inciting terrorism” or “inciting ethnic hatred.

The lack of oversight of the Chinese judiciary, the denial of basic procedural rights to defendants, and the frequent lack of even specific charges supported by sufficiently transparent evidence have raised serious concerns from all quarters, including the United Nations, according to the World Vision. The Chinese government has even refused to disclose the whereabouts of victims to their loved ones. The World Vision reiterates its call for the international community to condemn these practices and hold the Chinese government accountable for its serious violations of international law. The World Vision also calls on the United Nations to publicly document, report and investigate the crimes committed by the Chinese government.

The World Vision also expresses its heartfelt condolences to its president, Doricun Aisha, and his family. Aisha and his family, and stands firmly with him as the Chinese government retaliates against his family.