Female drivers squatting on the road crying: I took the test for four months ah! Just because the subject three test was don’t stop test failure

For normal working people, in order to take a driving license, weekdays off work to practice is very extravagant, can only take advantage of holidays to practice a few, if the sense of the car is not good, or start midway sudden situation, months of hard work may be wasted, but also continue to wait for the next test.

In the driving test, subject three mainly assesses the students in the normal road in the real driving skills and mentality, but also the most likely to have a problem with a subject. After all, it is driving on normal roads, and many situations are unpredictable, such as sudden pedestrian breakouts, lane changes in front of and behind the car, overtaking, etc.

The net rumor is that the woman was stopped in the third test

Emotional breakdown

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

In the online video, a gray car parked in the middle of the road, a woman in a tracksuit stomping her feet while patting the car window with force, voice sharp, quite emotional.

The woman questioned loudly, saying she had been taking the test for four months and was about to reach the end of the test. Thinking of their own practice is not easy, the woman squatted on the ground, buried her face in the arms, bawling, “ah ……”

The private car driver did not get out of the car throughout and did not have a conflict with the woman.

Prepared for many hours, but eventually became a bamboo basket, the woman’s mood is understandable, but just squatting on the road, it is dangerous.

Official response

Private car normal driving

Mr. Wang, a witness, said the incident occurred in the section of the test, the woman was close to the last intersection can end the test, but was a private car rob line, panic, the woman stepped on the brakes, afraid of knocking over other cars, the test failed. The woman then broke down and went forward to stop the private car that was jumping the line, slapping the window and questioning.

Mr. Wang revealed that he is also about to take the section three, after witnessing that scene, more nervous. The test vehicle is related to the sign, the car body has “test vehicle please yield” words. According to traffic regulations, as long as it is not illegal, overtaking is possible, “but morally speaking, or the let let a let.”