This time not Tesla? The land media reported that the car burst into flames not nominated netizens hot comment: domestic “God” car it!

On the 28th, a new energy vehicle burst into flames while charging in Heyuan, Guangdong. The media did not mention the brand of the vehicle in the report, which is very different from the recent reports about Tesla, triggering tens of thousands of netizens’ hot debate.

According to land media reports, at around 16:00 on May 28, a new energy electric car in Heyuan city, Guangdong Province, suddenly smoked while charging, and the owner immediately unplugged the power supply to stop charging and called the police for help. About 90 minutes later, the scene was disposed of, the accident did not cause casualties. According to the owner, the car burst into smoke and fire an hour after charging, but fortunately the fire did not affect the vehicles around the scene because of timely fighting.

Unlike the recent Tesla-related reports, there is no mention of the brand and model of this new energy electric car in the whole report. The news sparked heated debate among netizens.

Netizens satirized the media for deliberately avoiding the brand of the vehicle, “not Tesla, do not deserve to have the name”

Other comments said: look at the title to know that it is not Tesla.

Some people questioned: why Tesla out of a little something is Tesla what’s wrong what’s wrong, other brands are to cover it up?

A netizen said: according to the title I can conclude that the editor will not write the words “Guangqi Chuanqi”

Another netizen said: If it is Tesla, the title will be written like this: Tesla problems frequently, the brakes failed and then the battery spontaneous combustion!

There are also netizens said: why no name, I guess it is a domestic car!