The Communist Youth League called for not “lie flat” was choked: no points in mind?

Recently, “lie flatism” has become a hot topic on the Internet. On the evening of May 27, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League issued a microblog, taking the medical staff in the epidemic, the soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army stationed at the frontier and the scientific researchers in the space center as examples, calling on young people to “live up to the mission and the country “The company’s main business is to promote the development of the company.

However, the comment section under the microblogging site was overturned, and many netizens asked the Communist Youth League “why do you have no points in your heart to lie flat”, and the comment section of the microblogging site has been closed.

The following picture is the microblog issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League.

The following is a spoof of the original text of the microblog.

Netizen spoof

A netizen recorded a video recording of the comments on the microblog before the comment section was closed.

As seen in the recording, some netizens said, “I have the right to choose to struggle, but also the right to choose to lie flat,” “tribute, but I choose to lie flat …… after all, has been the hospital resident sick. “

At present, the microblogging can still comment in the form of retweets, some netizens in the retweets commented that

China Digital Times collected comments from netizens.

gdpmj:Where’s the 8-hour workday and the double break?

Hu Chaozhi:first lie for respect, old man tm not rolled

Not willing to divulge the name of the indifferent citizens:Why lie flat heart no points?

Milk sweet soft dream: laugh pull, characteristic socialism = capitalism this thing so you know yourself ah.

CaesarAugustus2:Got it, it’s about young people sleeping standing up like horses.

Can’t drink beer watermelon: even comments are afraid to open, but also put aside this teaching beings? Why choose to lie flat heart has no points?

The years are still budding people: wages are not paid in place, they will also quit, this reasoning three youth group you do not understand?