G7 issued a statement without naming China to criticize the destruction of the trade system

The Group of Seven (G7) trade ministers held a video conference, after the meeting statement without naming China to criticize the destruction of trade rules, threatening the multilateral trading system.

The statement pointed out that member countries are increasingly concerned about non-market policies and operations, including huge subsidies, cover up government involvement in the economy and theft of technology, which is considered to distort competition and reduce trust and fairness in the global trading system.

The statement mentioned that some countries use the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules related to developing economies for their own benefit, and called on developed member countries that claim developing country status to make commitments in WTO negotiations, and that the WTO should amend its rules to prevent similar situations.

Although the statement did not directly mention China, but the United Kingdom and other G7 and WTO members, such as the past repeatedly criticized Beijing to subsidize enterprises and theft of intellectual property rights, undermining the competitive environment, but also questioned China has become an economic superpower, but still benefit from the provisions of the WTO developing country status.